inFamous 2 makes fun of Halo: Reach and others

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inFamous 2 is turning out to be a rather fun game, in more ways than one.

Already looking really promising, the game seems to be one, who’s not shy of making fun of several others, all in good steed.

After taking a digg at the Xbox 360 in one neat little easter egg, another one has emerged, which shows it, taking a digg at not one, but several popular franchises, even some PS3 exclusives.

As you can see in the image above, several popular game titles have been tweaked to make them sound ridiculous. The most funny one, according to us gotta be Hey Low Reach.

There’s plenty more in it, including, No Need for Speed, Assassin’s Need, Little Big Unit, Epic Hickey, SLY! and Latch IT and SKANK.  We hope you can make out which are the games, they’re trying to wisecrack at. We wouldn’t tell you all of them, ourselves.

Let us know which, you’ve found to be the most hilarious out of the lot.

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  • joe

    i like no need for speed lol.

  • I find epic hickey the funniest 😀 this game is so day-1 buy for me

  • Has gotta be ‘Latch it and skank’, classic!

  • GB

    Surely that’s just referencing, hardly making fun of.

  • lol

    that is hardly making fun of, that is simple referencing

  • I love how every game has a funny spoof but their own “SLY!” lol

  • I doubt they’re making ‘fun’ of these games. To me, looks like a homage instead.

  • Assassin’s Need (Love Too)? LOL, that’s brilliant.

  • I don’t get how this is making fun of Halo Reach…on the otherhand, in Duke Nuken Forever, theres a master chief helmet and armour you can pick up, but when you try to do so, Duke says “armor is for pussies”. As you can see, Duke made fun of Reach, not this piece of shit

  • No Need for Speed = No Need for Speed
    Assassin’s Need = Assasin’s Creed
    Little Big Unit = Little Big Planet
    Epic Hickey = Epic Mickey
    SLY! = Sly Cooper
    Latch IT and SKANK = Ratchet and Clank

    I would have preferred Infant Mouse 2 or Call of Puny!

  • I remember in a video of the beta a guy pointed out a sign that said ‘Call of Booty’.

  • hahahahahah latch it and skank:)

  • lolz, the developers must be having a time off XD

  • I find it funny how (Almost) all of those on the list (That I played) were far superior in gameplay than the first. I can’t compare to the second because I don’t have it.

    Infamous < Halo: Reach
    Infamous < Little Big Planet
    Infamous < Assassins Creed
    Infamous = Ratchet And Clank

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