inFamous Second Son Dev on Competing with Titanfall: PS4 Is Doing Well, Hopes for Good Attach Rate

“We wish Titanfall luck, it’s a great game. So people who own the Xbox One will be able to buy it and have a lot of fun.”

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infamous second son

Undoubtedly there is a lot of pressure on Sucker Punch to deliver with inFamous Second Son. Being the first AAA budget exclusive title  post PS4 launch and competing directly against Xbox One’s Titanfall can give rise to a lot of expectations. But according to Sucker Punch’s Brand Development Manager Ken Schramm they are ready for the challenge.

Schramm admits that the pressure is there but it also gives them the opportunity to prove themselves. He also hopes that the game sells well because the PlayStation 4 is doing great on the retail market.

“Of course you will always feel pressure but at the same time with pressure it’s the opportunity and excitement to be able to go and do this. We are a small company, just 110-120 people and we make one game at a time. We get this opportunity to be in this position so we are going to take it, we are going to go. We wish Titanfall luck, it’s a great game. So people who own the Xbox One will be able to buy it and have a lot of fun. But PS4 is doing quite well in sales, so we are quite happy with that, we [hope to] get a good attach rate with it and we are going to prove ourselves right too.,” he said in an interview with Dealspwn.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments section below. inFamous Second Son releases on March 21, 2014 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. For more on the game check out its hub page here.

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  • LupineMP3j

    DO IT, Sucker Punch! 😀

    • Oscar Portillo

      Got my copy reserved; and can’t hardly wait to play it.

  • Psionicinversion

    will be funny seeing as its the only game alot of PS4 ppl are looking forward to this year… ppl moaning about watch dogs so i guess thats off the list and alot of other stuff is delayed till next year so, 1 game per year not bad!!!

    • Oscar Portillo

      Not the only AAA title as you are forgetting several, specially The Order 1886.

      And Drive Club will be a Blast with the Sony VR headset.

    • Psionicinversion

      the way things are going ya could expect the order to be delayed as well, witcher 3 is delayed till 2015, wonder what else

    • Oscar Portillo

      Highly doubt it as they need the Christmas sales.

    • Psionicinversion

      pends if the studio thinks it needs more time

    • Oscar Portillo

      They had almost 3 years to get it right.

    • Psionicinversion

      well ya never know what may crop up before release

  • Psionicinversion

    how are they competing with titanfall? its on a different system Infamous has 0 competition on the PS4 so people will buy it cus theres nothing else to get

  • Steph

    It will sell well as it has no competition on the ps4 being the only major release. Even people with only a little interest might buy it for the sole reason that there’s boing else out. It is always like this in consoles early months, once a console has been out and is stable with games, that’s when games have to start worrying, but when there’s no competition it’s always going to sell.

  • Me

    Here completely different games. Titanfall is cod with wall running and infamous is about being a hero/villain.

  • JimmyNice

    I see we still have trolly trolls a’ trollin’ … too funny! 1st big AAA release since launch… put money down on it today to pick up next week. Pulled in too many directions with too much great stuff to play. “Outlast” scared the crap out of me and “Don’t Starve” has eaten at least 70 hours of my life. Love the indie stuff but it’s always good to dive into a nice full disc console exclusive from one of the systems best developers. Come on March 21st!!!

  • incendy

    I hope it is great. My PS4 is starting to collect dust : (. I am getting it digitally after the reviews though. The gameplay I saw looked interesting but pretty repetitive and the character spawning to land when he hits the water is not excusable in a next gen sandbox game

    • Guest Vote

      So because it isn’t as good as you’d hoped you’re going to more MORE for it digitally? hahahahahaha

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