Is This The Dream Lineup For The Xbox 720?

A couple of days back, we had published a similar article on the PlayStation 4. So it only made sense to do one on the Xbox 720. In our continuing quest to shed light on the future of gaming, we now turn our sights to the Xbox 720. Rumours abound that Microsoft’s next gen hardware will sport a variety of augmented reality features with Kinect 2.0 at the centre of it all, but new features like this live and die based on the games that support them.

If we are to believe the rumour mill though, it doesn’t seem like Microsoft will have much trouble finding games that will use its hardware in new and creative ways. We’ve rounded up ten titles that we think constitute a dream lineup for the Xbox 720’s software library for your reading pleasure.

For more interesting top 10 lists and cosplays, please click here. What games do you want for the Xbox 720? Do you want brand new video game franchises or more sequels? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to for more news and updates.

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  • Kevin Mercado

    Am all in love the line-up.

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  • BeastOfShadow

    Calling Cyberpunk 2077 a steampunk game *facepalm* The clue is in the name lads CYBERPUNK, like Deus Ex.

  • BigSky

    not totally very exciting … not varied in styles (need race, plateform and strategy game) . Fortunately this will not that.

  • PaulH82

    I wish there was a new Perfect Dark that was anywhere near as good as the original!

  • Dan Laine

    If you love Timesplitters go check this out

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