It Seems That The Order: 1886 Has 16 Chapters According To This Video

But the big question is how much will each one of these last?

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The Order 1886 (1)

A few days it was rumored that The Order: 1886 will have 24 chapters, however it seems that the game will have 16 chapters according to the video below. We are not sure how long each of those chapters will last but given that this is a single player only game, gameplay time is expected to be around 12 hours.

The Order: 1886 releases next week on February 20th, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. What do you reckon about the video below and are you going to pick up the game? Let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding The Order: 1886 including our full review next week.

For more on the game check out our hub page here or check some recent coverage on the game here, here and here.

Update: Added a GIF just in case the video is taken down.

Thanks to our reader Daniel for the tip.

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  • jacksjus

    Hopefully it plays out like The Evil Within where the chapters could range anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. If I recall Chapter 10 on The Evil Within took a few days.

    • Scott

      The thing with evil within is that chapter length could be determined by play style. I remember my friend having a longer play time but he died less than me because he played at a slower pace. I also recall parts that I would get stuck on for awhile due to lasck of ammo, proper upgrades, health, or just not knowing the proper strategy. That is a game that on a second playthrough would be closer to 10 hours but it took me 18-20 on my first play

    • Scott

      Perhaps a better example is Metro. I’m currently playing metro redux, right now 2033, and the game is only 6 chapters. That doesn’t sound very but each chapter will take atleast an hour each, typically longer. I don’t know if I can check game time but I have to be atleast 8 hours in as a near the end of chapter 4.

    • macebiblo

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  • Shawn

    i beat this game in 6 hrs on normal on hard now which will last 8-10 hrs… game is mediocre but it’s a great game to start a new franchise …

    • jacksjus

      Wow so you’re willing to play a mediocre game back to back?


      Sounds like a waste of time.

    • John Doe

      That is because he hasn’t played the game.

    • kreator

      Waiting for all the damage controlling on this post.

    • John Doe

      You should probably go outside and get a life then.

    • kreator

      Yes. them maybe take ya girl out for a night. Oh wait you still a virgin right?! 🙂

    • Dadrixx

      I beat this game in 13h in Hard mode, and it was pretty great to be honest.

    • John Doe

      He hasn’t played the game.

    • Dadrixx

      That actually was the point of my comment.
      We all know there are some The Order copies in the wild now, so there are a few that played it and are playing it.

      But every idiot will upvote what he or she wants to hear from anybody who claim he or she played it.

      What proves he played it ? What proves he didn’t ?
      What proves I played it ? What proves I didn’t ?

      Stop trying to seek for this kind of information before release for they are almost always fake. Haters will hate, fanboys will fanboy, and so on.

      His comment is about as ridiculous as the “OMG masterpiece 9.5/10 so good” comments I read on some articles.

      Let’s just let the game release and make up our own minds about it, rather than take random comments on Disqus as an ultimate truth.

      The Order seems to deliver on everything that was promised, some will love it, somme will hate it, just like with every other game in history.

      It just seems so be trendy to bash it (“durrrrrr cinematic = bad hurrrrrr”) since it’s the first big exclusive this year.

      If Quantum Break released this month instead of The Order, it would be the same, only the other way around.

    • John Doe

      You didn’t need to type all of that.

    • Dadrixx

      Yes, I’m interested in how long the game is. When I talked about “this kind of information”, I was referring to the comment I initially replied to.

      So, not really a contradiction here.

    • John Doe

      You obviously haven’t played the game judging by your idiotic comment.

      Ready at Dawn debunked the 5 hour rumor so you’re saying 6 hours. You can’t beat the game in 6 hours especially on a first play through.

  • kreator

    Like I said 6-7/10

    • Dadrixx

      I’d say 7.5/10.

      It’ll deliver, it’ll have a good story, good characters, an interesting setting and a huge potential as a franchise, but it’ll be flawed (just like almost every new IP).

      My biggest problem with the game is the “cinematic” approach. Not that I’m against it, I just think involving the player in “cinematic” moments is useless. Yes, it’ll allow the player to interact with characters/environments during cutscenes, but will he or she be immersed in it ? I’m not sure. Because the player won’t “play” anymore, for a few minutes.

      Cutscenes are okay in a game, but I don’t think we can merge gameplay and cutscenes, they both come from genres that are way too different in their mechanics.

      The problem with “cinematic” games is that they rely on codes, a “grammar” that’s specific to cinema. It doesn’t necessarily work in games.
      But since RaD wants to try something new and try to merge both genres in order (see what I did there ?), it might turn out to be pretty good, but to be honest, I’m a little sceptical. And even if it works, they’re trying something new, so there might be problems.

      We’ll see I guess, I personnally know I’m going to love it, but from an objective point of view, it won’t be a masterpiece, neither it’ll be mediocre.

    • Scott

      “it might turn out to be pretty good, but to be honest, I’m a little sceptical. And even if it works, they’re trying smething new, ”

      I was thinking this the other day. Some people have been bashing Ready at Dawn due to the cinematic approach. Maybe it completely fails, maybe it turns out to be extremely innovative. My guess is some will love it, others will hate it, and there will be those that are indifferent but atleast RaD is trying something unique here.

      A problem with this industry is that fans and critics are so contradictory. I’ll here people say graphics don’t matter. Yet a lot of the criticism for this game has to do with the widescreen aspect, the resolution (is it truly 1080p), and frame rate. Then I here people complain that videogames aren’t innovative enough, it’s all the same rehashed ideas. So Ready ar Dawn tries something a bit different and people rip it apart because “cinematics and games don’t belong together.”

      I’m atleast glad to see a game coming out that does try to mix up the formula a bit. It is why I am intrigued by the game. If it fails then maybe it proves this idea isnt meant for games. If it succeeds then we will have a lot of companies taking new approaches to games. But at the very least we should give RaD credit for taking a chance.

    • Dadrixx

      I completely agree.

      They tried something, and they shoul get credit for that.
      And I’ve seen a bit of the game (there’s a bunch of copies around, and gameplay videos on YT), it seems to work pretty well.

      Anyways, I’ll get my copy Day One, and I must admit I’m pretty hyped.

    • Scott

      I’ve been trying to avoid videos and any kind of spoilers so that it is all fresh when I start playing but I’ve been getting hyped over the past week. It’s been awhile since a new third person shooter game released (evil within comes to mind) and the order looks like it will scratch that itch.

      Evil Within wasn’t bad but I’m looking forward to playing a game a little more fast paced and action based. I enjoy horror games but the slower pace and tension enduced from Evil Within made it difficult to enjoy at times.

    • kreator

      I can live with that.


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