‘It Would Have To Be The Right Time, The Right Place For Heavenly Sword 2 To Happen’: Ninja Theory

Product development manager Dominic Matthews says the studio “loved making” the original.

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49. Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

Even though Ninja Theory is working on Hellblade, releasing on the PlayStation 4 first in 2015 and developed using Unreal Engine 4, there is still a place for Heavenly Sword in the developer’s heart. However, the stars would really need to align in order for there to be a sequel to Noriko’s quest according to product development manager Dominic Matthews.

If Sony were to go up to Ninja Theory tomorrow and ask to work on Heavenly Sword, would Ninja Theory give it a shot? Matthews replied that, “You know, we loved making Heavenly Sword, it was fantastic. I think the main way to know that is how we still look to that as a benchmark for what the team has achieved.

“That said, it would have to be the right time, the right place, the last situation…all I can say is, we love making Heavenly Sword. It’s their IP, and it would be up to them, but we loved making that game, and we’re very proud of it.

Matthews further affirmed that Heavenly Sword 2 would have to be a game that the studio was motivated to make, give its design process. Would you be interested in a sequel to Heavenly Sword? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Lara Croft

    I would like that a lot.

  • andy

    The original game was amazing because it ran on their own game engine built from the ground up on PS3. Its amazing that a game that launched in 2007 on the then highly unoptimised PS3, still blows away anything put out on 360 today.
    Then they released their next game Enslaved on the disappointing and generic looking Unreal 3 engine, putting out a game worse looking than Heavenly Sword, 3 years later.
    Would be great to see what these guys can do on PS4 on a proprietary game engine.

  • Shawn Nevers

    They need to make another heavenly sword it’s been seven years since the first one and there are plenty of questions they didn’t answer that would allow the creation of another heavenly sword to be well desired. Sony and ninja theory don’t let the fans and players of the righteous game unsatisfied you have the resources to make this game so there to question you need to know about what’s stopping you and why not? Sony If I don’t recall not to long ago you created another sly cooper a game that was out at least 10 years ago

  • HSuits

    I have been itching for a sequel. It remains to this day my favorite game, bar none. The dynamic gameplay with the canons and arrows was by far one of my favorites features, and the cut scenes are gorgeous.

  • Jeffrey Kuntzelman

    Although I’ve not played through the whole game or watched the whole movie, I’d pay good money for a sequel. It is kick-ass!


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