Killer Instinct Dev: Anything That Hinders 60 FPS is “Removed or Optimized”, Praises Xbox One Cloud

The Cloud is good for ‘validating design decisions.’

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killer instinct
We recently got a chance to interview lead producer Michael Willette and design director David Verfaillie from Double Helix Games. Double Helix are developing Killer Instinct which is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be running at a slick 60 frames per seconds.

On being asked how difficult or easy it was to run the game at 60 FPS at 1080p, the duo replied: “Technically we are running at 720p and 60 FPS. 60 FPS is another pillar of the project. Anything added to the game that doesn’t allow us to run at 60 is removed or optimized. Nothing would be more frustrating than need pixel perfect accuracy at anything below 60. It would feel sluggish and unresponsive.”

We also asked their thoughts on Microsoft’s claims about the power of Cloud and how the Xbox One will eventually become more powerful as developers find intelligent ways of using it.

“We can gather tons of telemetry data on how people are playing the game which is good for validating design decisions. We can also let players upload and generate their own video content using the GameDVR feature which is a fantastic tool for sharing new game tech with the community.”

Are you looking forward to Killer Instinct and what are your thoughts about the Xbox One and the Cloud? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Snake eyes 211

    Love KI 🙂

  • Deadmeat

    Lol 720p



      Only on Xbone 180 ☺☺☺

    • Jason Boyd

      Might want to go take a look at how many PS4 games are running at 720p 😛 or sacrificing framerate to get 1080p. Would rather 720p 60fps over 1080p 30fps any day of the week

    • Darkus

      So why don’t play on a good PC?
      1080p @60fps would be a piece of cake for a good machine.

      Play multiplataform games on PC and the rest on a console of your choice.
      Be happy, and pay less for good games. =D

    • Jason Boyd

      If I were single then yah, a gaming PC it would be, and a well outfitted one at that. But since I am married with young children consoles suit the family’s needs better than a gaming pc, the less techy the better. My wife is actually looking forward to the IR blasting stuff with the Kinect lol..she hates remotes.

    • Cuntfish

      Why teach children these days?!?!?

    • Jason Boyd

      My children are fairly adept at electronics, but I have 4 of them 8 and under. It’s not about teaching them how to use a gaming PC, it’s about the ease that a console provides, they also like Kinect games. My wife wouldn’t even bother trying to set the kids up on a game on a gaming pc, so they wouldn’t play anything unless I am around. Some people just prefer consoles over PC’s.

    • Dino

      I’m getting the Xbox One for the exclusives. So far, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Destiny, and Fable Legends. Instant switching, instant recording to the cloud. A 500 dollar console for the next ten years, with games that will be with me during that lifespan. I’m down.

    • joe mot

      The ps4 not only has twice the gflops on the GPU it has DDR5 ram instead of ddr3, this will help the APU tremendously due to the lack of dedicated Vram. Vram is generally used for storing high resolution textures, so yes it matters a lot.

    • guest

      wow… Playstation ponies are terrible at math and totally lack tech knowledge… in terms of raw GPU power, 1.8 teraflops is not twice of 1.35 teraflops… go back to first grade.

      and it’s not all about raw power, it’s about efficiency in attaining performance. the 360 had a deficiency in raw power but its architecture was more efficient and that’s why most multiplatform games ran better on the Xbox.

      the main point for having high bandwidth is to keep the GPU fed with data. because if the GPU is waiting around for data, it’s not doing anything. What keeps the GPU fed on the Xbox One is the ESRAM which is responsible for pulling data from regular system RAM. You don’t need max speed of the system RAM. In fact, Microsoft demoed tiled resources where they were pulling 9 GB of data into an artificially created 16 MB graphics card (that’s right, 16 MB) and the graphics were running at full speed in realtime and they kept zooming in and in to the point where you could see the rivets on the plane. pretty amazing.

      and lets not dismiss latency. Good memory controllers with DDR3 can get you ~40-50ns. GDDR5 is 300-500ns. 8-10 times worse.

      Don’t forget that the Xbox One has DirectX11.2 and a core subset of Windows 8.1. PS4 is running FreeBSD (a variation of Unix) with OpenGL. Now, what’s easier to port and optimize: from Windows/DX11.2 to Windows DX11.2? or from Windows/DX11.2 to UNIX/OpenGL? hmm… the next-gen game, The Crew, is having the PC as the lead platform with the studio also handling the Xbox One duties. A secondary studio is handling the port to the PS4. They spent over 6 months just porting the DirectX code to the PS4. not optimizing. not extending. just porting.

    • LOL

      All paupers have low IQ.

    • Calum Sutherland


      You absolute moron, 50% more powerful doesn’t mean double PMSL

    • Jason Boyd

      ?? He didn’t say anything about it being double. He was replying to Joe mot, who said that it was double the flops.

    • fact

      then why is ps4 running multiplat games 1080p 1920×1080 30 fps and oh xbone is on a lower res of 1600×900 running 20fps seems like ps4 is going better at this rate

    • guest

      bogus article with no cited games or attributed sources. we’ll see when the games come out. then ponies can’t hide behind fake articles.

    • fact
    • Jason Boyd

      Multiplat games haven’t been shown on X1 hardware, and the ones that were shown on PS4 hardware was not looking so hot (BF4) it was 720p, and they later said final res would be higher than that, but that it wouldn’t be native 1080p. No X1 game is running at 20 fps either lol, With a username like fact you sure spread a lot of FUD

    • Matthews John

      xbone is not currently running any game at 20fps moron.

    • William Kautz

      ” The Crew, is having the PC as the lead platform with the studio also handling the Xbox One duties. A secondary studio is handling the port to the PS4. They spent over 6 months just porting the DirectX code to the PS4. not optimizing. not extending. just porting.”

      Where did you hear this from? Trust me if this was the case the indies like ( Zombie Studios, Johnathan Blow, etc etc.) Would be having a nightmare working on PS 4. Because The Crew is being made by Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Reflections. Which they are both working on Xbox One and PS 4 because it’s a co-developed game.

    • guest

      read the Eurogamer article talking about the PS4 porting process. The Crew for PS4 is not being made by the primary studio. The main studio is making the PC and Xbox One versions.

    • ThePokeMaster

      Then you might want to rethink your stance on that, with Xbone exclusive games like Ryse running in 900p @ 24fps:

    • Jason Boyd

      My stance was based on a fighting game, not Ryse, and that video is months old, what exactly is the point of posting that? Ryse is 900 upconverted to 1080p

    • ThePokeMaster

      “upconverted” to 1080p?
      I’ve played lots of 720p games this current gen that were also upscaled to 1080 and they didn’t run @ 24fps.

      You say you were only talking about fighting games, but you did bring up PS4 games that run @ 720p. None of which were fighting games.

    • Jason Boyd

      Yes, upconverted, a scaling process that converts one resolution to another.

      Every X1 game that isn’t native 1080p will be upconverted to 1080p, and not many people are going to notice a difference from proper viewing distance.

      And Ryse isn’t 24fps, you posted a video about framerates from June, that isn’t even close to indicative of what the fps will be when it ships, infact when they confirmed it was 900p they also confirmed they had hit 30fps.

      Regardless of what Ryse is at (which is just 1 game), FPS should still be paramount to 1080p, so my original statement still stands, I would rather play ANY game at 60fps, instead of 1080p if I had to choose one or the other.

    • Matthews John

      based on what an old e3 video of an unfinished product running on unfinalized hardware? lol

    • LOL

      Anything better than $0n¥ PauperStation 4.

    • michaelfered

      And the funny part is how FRUSTRATING it was to run at 60FPS!!! XDDD!

  • Calum Sutherland

    Soooo… They praised statistics and not the cloud it’s self? -__-

    • jb223

      That’s been par for the course so far, if you read all of the official statements on the cloud, none of them flat out say that it will make any kind of graphical improvement, but they always mince words so it sounds that way…cloud can do some light physics work and a few mp tricks, but at this point there’s not much it can do to increase horsepower or performance in any significant way….if these consoles do have a ten year life cycle, maybe we will see a small difference, but it’s not going to cover the difference on first party games between ps4 and the Xbox at that point it doesn’t seem…I personally like Sonys approach to the cloud better, utilizing it for things it can do today rather than using it to cover inadequacies or making promises on what it can do tomorrow…game streaming is far more useful to me personally than better matchmaking in multiplayer, but I’ve never been an mp kind of guy personally, too many mouthy twelve year olds for my taste

    • Jason Boyd

      Game streaming sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately will probably be hindered by slow internet speeds and bandwidth limitations.

    • jb223

      I guess it’s all down to the tech and the games they target, I could see ps2 era and backward streaming fairly easily, but ps3 era stuff might get a little tricky, also there are the licensing issues to consider, will only first party Sony games be available or will they be able to hit a lot of the third party stuff as well…it will definitely take some time to get right for sure

    • Jason Boyd

      Yeah, licensing is a big deal, and yeah PS1/2 games will probably be able to be streamed relatively easier, but PS3 games I can see causing problems for people.

      After the backlash about X1 being online and people saying internet speeds/bandwidth wasn’t ready for that I am surprised no one said anything about Gaikai for the same.

    • jb223

      you do have a point, i suppose that theoretically sony’s cloud could be looking at the same issues as microsoft’s in a lot of cases, it’s really all down to implementation though. I think the main issues w/ the x1’s cloud was just down to the fact that the box would become almost functionally worthless if that system isn’t connected at most all times…i’m more of a singleplayer kind of gamer myself so if Sony’s utilization of the cloud amounts to nothing more than being able to stream some classic games and brush up on ones i never experienced than that’s more of a boon to me than microsoft’s multiplayer functions of its cloud…but by most accounts mp gamers would be better served w/ an xbox one at this point…i’m personally going to give it a year before i commit to either one, but at this point i would definitely be behind the ps4 because they have the first party games that i’m excited to see continue…after a year i think both cloud services will be tested and out in the wild so gamers can get a better handle on what they are capable of. The best thing ms could do this gen for me personally is focusing on getting more first party devs and growing more new exclusive ip’s

    • Jason Boyd

      Cloud tech is definitely the future and it’s pretty big in the IT world, I hope both cloud services grow and get better, will be better for consumers and the industry overall. I like that MS took a different approach to indies, hopefully it will encourage growth of some great games, it is all about the games at the end of the day after all.

    • Calum Sutherland

      It’s only video streaming though… the only problem is lag but Gaikai was renowned for having very little lag at all, and that was with current gen games. I’m confident that Sony has only built on this (what else would they do?). As for video streaming, I don’y have any problems with 1080p YouTube videos… do you?

    • Jason Boyd

      What is only video streaming? Gaikai is a game streaming service. After the outcry about internet density and broadband speeds/bandwidth caps with the X1 and it’s internet policies I’d say that people care. I don’t think PS3 games would stream great on anything under a 6 or 3 mbps connection. And while you or I may not have problems with YT, I am sure there are countless others that do.

    • Calum Sutherland

      Yes, but then I have pretty shitty bandwidth with around 5Mbps, that’s BITS. 0.625MBps. And it is video streaming. All processing is done on the server side and it’s only the already rendered and compressed game footage that you recieve. And your button presses are upload, and are you telling me that the internet can’t handle a few button presses a second?

    • Jason Boyd

      >.> you think your internet connection is going to provide instant command return? If all the commands are being sent to the server, processed, and then the game is streamed back to you, then you will suffer from latency issues, and most defintely a large amount of input lag, have fun with that.

    • usrev

      nearly 100% of “zomg cloud” claims for xbox one has ended up being “yea we have dedicated servers for our game yay cloud” dedicated servers have been present in many games this gen, and even last gen. BF2:MC on the original xbox and ps2 had servers, as does every other battlefield game on console. MAG has dedicated servers as well. the cloud BS is pathetic because so far, it’s basically just dedicated servers.

    • Calum Sutherland

      You’re right… And when hundreds of games are out 300k servers will be taken up very quickly. Well, unless they just spin up more virtual ones but then that decreases the power of the whole system.

      Cloud computing availability will be chewed up too, with different games fighting for resources in the cloud eventually.

      It’s quite silly really, and the performance boost will be utterly tiny, and won’t make up for the performance gap (unless you’re crazy and think >500GFLOPS can be made up through Azure) but it does have some small advantages. Namely that the Azure network is vastly widespread so low PING almost everywhere, but bandwidth bottlenecks everything.

  • Anon the one

    So a game like killzone shadow fall, renders a shitload more characters, backgrounds, whatnot more and having fucking better textures + articles runs at fucking 1080p@60fps, while this piece of shit which has TWO characters and a background needs 720@60fps?? Is there a huge amount of fucking joke behind this? 720p is fucking disgusting 1280×720. not even near a fucking 1920×1080
    Thats a huge amount of waste, KI. And a fucking disgusting move from the devs. Did they eat shit?

    God praise the PC. No idiotic restrictions. Those limitations are disgusting.

    • Jason Boyd

      KZ:SF will only run 60fps in MP, SP is 30FPS

    • Jed ‘Papa Doc’ Arain

      Where did ya hear this? Can you provide a link?

    • Obambush The single player mode will run at 30 fps, Guerrilla Games have confirmed. 30 fps allows developers to push the visuals on consoles.

    • Jed ‘Papa Doc’ Arain

      Ty for the reply and the link! =] I’m not a big multiplayer fan, so that kinda sux with the game only being 30fps in SP. But as you said and as I read in the article, it was done for the sake of the visuals… So yeah, I can understand that. No matter what the game will be great, I’m sure. I have so much confidence in Sony nowadays than I ever have had b4… 🙂

    • usrev

      KS:SF in multiplayer still looks much better than killer instinct, if this was titanfall we were talking about 720p 60fps would make more sense but it’s a fighting game….

    • Obambush… The single player mode will run at 30 fps, Guerrilla Games have confirmed. 30 fps allows developers to push the visuals on consoles

    • Ben Kuyt

      Do you know for a fact that KZ Shadow Fall runs at 1080p 60fps? Hell, the developer of KZ has lied and used prerendered for their demoes before, so how do we know they aren’t lying? Also, it’s been proven that most people can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. So yea, wait for the fucking shit to come out.

      And yea, PCs are only as limiting as we make them, thankfully.

    • Jason Boyd

      They haven’t hit 60fps locked yet, just said they were trying for 60fps in MP last I heard. 30FPS confirmed for SP

    • Ben Kuyt

      Yea, that’s been confirmed since this. 30 FPS in SP cause of the detail of the maps, slightly less detail in MP at 60 FPS.

      Or so they say.

    • Matthews John

      kz doesnt run at a locked 60 fps even in multiplayer.
      it actually does drop to near 30 fps.

  • go PC or go home

    Lololol, truly next gen!
    Meanwhile, I enjoy 1080p 60fps since 2008 or so.

  • brandongll

    is this real?

  • Phil Balliet

    Killer Instinct is looking badass fuck what you tell me.

  • Shango Thomas

    the game looks stupid already and its running 720 p fuck you microsoft this generation is dumb, nonesense.

    • LOL

      NO, FUCK YOU $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAG!

    • Shango Thomas

      ive got a xbox 360 i love the 360 cause it was a true next gen console when it came out its sad cause xbox one doesnt impress me a bit all the games just look de ja vu, already and now they wont run 1080 p thats stupid your defending stupidity, fifa 07 on 360 looks better than fifa 14 on xbox one.

    • Jason Boyd

      What are you talking about? X1 certainly can run 1080p, Forza 5 is native 1080p locked at 60fps, and every game will be upconverted to 1080p anyways. There won’t be much discernable difference from a suitable viewing distance.

  • Shango Thomas

    I think the industry is doing a tap kind of business where they give you something less powerful today and close the tap to save something more powerful for tomorrow, well unfortunately computer hardware technology arrives on the market at a very lower pace this days, i wonder when things like graphene processors and resistive ram and more stacked memory technologies that have already been discovered developed and manufacturable by normal industry machinery will start rolling up on the store shelves, i think consumers have had enough with polygon counts and frame rates in games all this graphics talk needs a revolution!

  • johnholmes

    why would someone chose 720p @60fps over 1080p @30fps. 30fps is good enough and you will be receiving a higher quality picture and gameplay. seems people forgot what the next gen was all about. the graphical increase in games! ill be going with ps4 this gen cause they have naughty dog and many other first party devs that actually know how to create a beautiful looking game almost comparable to pc @30fps

    • SilkyTheFairy

      Resolution doesn’t “make the graphics better”, it’s a sharper image for sure, but nothing really changes. However in a fighting game were animation and fluidity is king, 60fps makes all the difference.

      Trust me if you played every game at 60fps then transitioned to 30fps, it would piss you off to no end.

  • crohnie

    this is so sad, an old pc can run 1080p easily. This is supposed to be the next generation? what a joke.


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