Killzone 3 versus Crysis 2: HD Video Comparison

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Killzone 3 and Crysis 2, when you hear about these games the first thing that pops in your mind is that both are visual benchmarks for the platforms they are being released on.  Guerilla’s managing director, Hermen Hulst, has stated Killzone 3 will use close to 100% of the PS3’s power. And that is true since Killzone 3 does look a notch ahead of Killzone 2. On the other hand we have Crysis 2. A behemoth in the visuals department, the game is said to surpass the original game graphically and have we have noted that combat in the game will be “catastrophically beautiful”.

So how do these beasts compare with each other? Lets do a video comparison to find out. We have divided the comparison in two videos. The first video takes a look how the games hold up in Single Player and the second video compares the Multiplayer aspect. Take a look.

Single Player

Multi Player

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  • Jacl

    Crysis 2, all the way.

    • WTF this is a killzone 2 screen shot, ive played Killzone 3 beta and i can tell u honestly that it romps on crysis 2

  • lol

    that’s the one of the worst killzone 3 screens ever

  • blah blah blah

    I don’t know, Crysis 2 looks significantly better than Crysis, and that is saying something. It looks awesome, but I, somehow, find Killzone 3 to be the better looking of the two… but then again, that’s just my opinion.

  • Dr. Cool

    No. the first Crysis looks better which is pretty much confirmed? theres a few ”in depth” comparisons too.

  • You got to keep in mind that Killzone is running with 3d, which requires two 720p screens, and also move support. They both uses the power of the cell processor which is key to the ps3’s graphical display. Therefore, Crysis should look better but it is an unfair comparison (2d vs 3d)

    • well crysis 2 has 3d as well…….. and those are likely 360 pics, so the ps3 version is going to look better than that, because there optimizing the engine for every console

  • Leo

    I think they can’t be compared, crysis at that graphic level can only run on a 3-4K dollars PC, and a ps3 costs 300 bucks. My 2000 bucks PC can barely run crysis 1, and no it’s not old, it’s newer than the ps3, so go figure.
    Even then, KZ3 stands it’s ground and doesn’t look too far behind. It’s the best graphics on a console by far.

    • they said crysis 2 will have lower requirments than ther first and still look better- they optimized the engine.

      and you dont need a 3-4k pc to run crysis, i can play it on very high on my five year-old 300$ pc. well i did upgrade it a bit (around 100$) but it still around the same price as the ps3 on release….

    • Leo, if your 2000 bucks (newer than PS3) PC can “barely run Crysis 1”, then there must be something wrong with your PC. Or your PC was not designed from the ground up as a dedicated gaming PC. I could build a HTPC that costs even more than yours, say, 4000 bucks, and install a cheap budget graphics card that doesn’t allow me to play modern 3d games at “PS3-Like” graphics quality.

      A PC costing far less than yours should easily be able to run Crysis 1. You may not have it on High detail settings, but the game should run fine. If your 2000 bucks “gaming” PC is newer than the PS3, then your games should give you at least PS3 quality picture or higher, regardless of whether or not you are able to max out Crysis 1.

      Bare in mind that most PS3 games are not even rendered at full HD resolutions. The PC games you are playing are all rendered at full HD or higher than 1080p natively with no upscaling. This is why PC games always look sharper even when playing at “console resolutions” on the same TV as your console. That’s the difference between native HD and upscaled HD to a person with HD-ready eyesight. Also, the advanced AntiAliasing on PC graphics cards also sharpen up the picture further.

      Try playing any recent multiplatform game on your PS3 and PC connected to the same TV and compare the difference.

      Anyway, comparing the PC version of Crysis 1 versus the PS3 exclusive of Killzone 3 is pointless.

      It makes far more sense to compare the full released game of Killzone 3 versus the final full game of Crysis 2 on the PS3 in order to see which game is better optimized and pushes the PS3s somewhat outdated and limited hardware the most.

      However, I would imagine that Killzone 3 will look better on the PS3 than Crysis 2 on the PS3 simply because of the fact that Killzone will be using 100 percent of the PS3’s hardware potential, and also the fact that Guerrilla Games are totally focussed on the optimization of one (developer-unfriendly) “unique” console platform.

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  • Hard to say. Both of those games look great, but in the end Crisis 2 graphic looks more radiant especially on PC specifically.

  • I would say that Crysis in terms of raw graphical power is just a tiny notch better. However Crysis 2 doesn’t seem to be using that power very much in terms of artistic style and set pieces. Meanwhile Killzone 3 just blows you away with set pieces, epic environments, and a killer gritty artistic style. Crysis 2 sadly is looking like another game-length tech demo.

  • This 2 games are very good in terms of graphics but the crysis is the best and… the killzone screenshot is of killzone 2 and the crysis screenshot is of crysis 2 beta!!!

  • I have a pc which has 6GB dedicated graphics and i play crysis 2 in full resolution mode .Crysis 2 is the best in graphics.its soo realistic!
    I love Crysis 2!

  • dude first of all i own both of those games
    second killzones mutiplayer and campain are better
    third crysis 2 graphics are shit to killzone
    and seriously just because you dont like PS3 DOSNT MEAN THE GAME SUCKS take a look around people personally i hate xbox but i like gears of war thats why i have one second ps3 has a quad prossesser in graphics killzone 3 is not at ps3’s maximum preformance xbox has a tri prossesser in graphics crysis 2 isnt at full preformance SO BLEH


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