Killzone 3 versus Killzone 2: Stunning HD Screenshot Comparison

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The top one is from Killzone 3 and the bottom is from Killzone 2.

We are back again with your favorite feature. But this time with a change, instead of pitting two games of different franchises, we are going to compare a prequel and a sequel. This time we will compare Sony’s best first person shooter series. Yes, it’s time to compare Killzone 3 and Killzone 2.
The screens above take a look at how the game looks while in first person, zoomed in, sitting in a mech and the environments.
Let us know what you guys think about the same in the comments below.

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  • You spent how much on that rig?!!! I built my computer a year ago with an i7 and Nvidia gtx275 for a little under $1200… You got ripped off.

  • To all those saying that there is not much difference, did you even bother looking at all the images?

  • First off Guerilla stated that KillZone 2 only used 60% of the PS3’s power and now they have said KillZone 3 use’s 100% of the PS3, BUT they still yet have to optimize it. To those who cant seem to tell the difference between these screen shot’s they are not blind or dumb they are simply RETARDED!!! Now KillZone 3 is coming I think there will never be a game on Xbox 360 to surpass it’s graphics. I have also heard that KillZnoe 3 will have destructible environment like red faction guerrilla in most parts of the map NOT EVERYTHING but most of the areas.

  • i think that the two games have the same grphics

  • 3 is the graphics of this even better

  • This pitcures is bullshit,
    why in KZ2 you showed desaturated pictures
    i have both games and i know what im talk about

  • This is stupid and i agree about the desaturated screenshot of kz2. There is not much diff in gfx between kz2 and 3 atleast not as much as uc1 and 2.

  • if you think the kz2 picture is undersaturated then you obviously have gotten used to a bad picture. turn the rbg to limited instead of full ..

    you are probably crushing blacks and losing lots of shadow detail ..

    the picure of kz2 is perfect .. exactly as it should be ..

    yeah .. turning rbg to full may seem like it makes a prettier picture .. but it is in fact ruining the picture and yielding and improper image ..


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