Kingdom Hearts 3: Could Square Enix Release It On Nintendo Switch?

Fingers crossed, Nintendo fans.

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The Nintendo Switch is obviously on the minds of a lot of gamers and game developers right now, being the newest system on the block, and given its unique hardware and its blend of console gaming and handheld gaming, game developers are understandably interested in trying to use its functionalities to their benefit. One such developer is Square Enix, who haven’t been shy in stating that they will be supporting the Switch to the best of their abilities.

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda has made it clear that the company will be developing a lot of new games for the new Nintendo system, as well as port old (or recently released) ones. But what exactly does that entail? Does this mean that upcoming games by the Japanese publisher will be making their to the system? We already know Dragon Quest XI will be released for the Switch. Another game that I feel has a good chance of making it onto the system is Kingdom Hearts III, specially given how the console is selling like hot cakes.

We’re still a ways off from the game’s launch, so it makes sense that Square could easily spare some time to port the game to the Switch hardware’s ecosystem. There’s also the fact that Kingdom Hearts III is already going to be a multiplatform title, slated to release on both, the PS4 and the Xbox One. As such, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to assume that Square Enix might be interested in capitalising on the Switch and its userbase by releasing one of their biggest titles on it as well.

While it’s hard to imagine games like Final Fantasy XV making their way to the Nintendo system, I do feel that Kingdom Hearts III releasing on the Switch remains a strong possibility. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Nine

    It depends if kh3 can run smoothly on the switch or not and I think DQ11 will determine the switch capability

  • J.j. Barrington

    It COULD, but it probably won’t.

  • Shawn Johnson Jr.

    Another reason for them to delay this game. “Ground breaking news as kingdom hearts 3 is once again delayed for release date due to the addition of Nintendo switch as one of the consoles being made available.” Reporter: “Any news on a release date?” Enix: “Not yet but everyone will be satisfied when the game is released we promise.” Let’s just hope the long delay due to development isn’t like Duke nukem where they spent years developing just to have it turn into a big hippo flop in the ocean making a tidal wave of all around awful flood our eyes and ears. Here’s hoping square enix, all eyes are on you guys for making this a good one… Especially for how long we’ve been waiting -_-

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