Kojima: We’ve proven it’s possible to make PS3 quality games on NGP

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Hideo Kojima, game developer extraordinaire, has said during his presentation at Playstation Meeting 2011, during the NGP reveal that they have given the audience visual proof that it’s indeed possible to develop PS3 quality games on the NGP.

The legend said these during his presentation where he showed off a tech demo of MGS 4 on the NGP:

“We have proven that it’s possibile to bring PS3 quality games on NGP”

You can watch the video where he says the following lines over here.

Do you think that Mr.Kojima is speaking the truth and if so, what’re your thoughts regarding the idea of playing PS3 quality games on the NGP?

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  • smashman98

    no he hasnt he;s proven he could have ps3 quality cutscenes when i see gameplay as smooth as that cutscene i will shut my mouth

    • the cutscenes in MGS4 are realtime, jackass.
      You can use the dpad to zoom in on things and use L1/R1/square to influence things.

      Good job proving you never played the game.

    • @dave that MGS footage Kojima showed is a pre-recorded movie. Unlike when Yoshida demo’ed other NGP games in which he plays it real time and a cameraman follows him around to feed it to the big screen. smashman’s argument holds ground. I’m not a Kojima cocksucker but I’m as happy as you if NGP can produce MGS4-level visual. Be a good fanboy.

      Good job proving you didn’t read the article and see the video.

  • l000l, i lyke da fanboy violence goin ova ere X)
    bruv, just admit it, da NGP FREAKING ROCKZ!
    da 3ds iz just PWNED!

  • I think it’s time to buy some stock in img tech and arm, lol.

  • Gotta say the NGP ROOOOOCKKKSSS!!!!! That is until they announce the official pricetag. Then it’s like a silent ‘woah’. Will still rock though. But the novelty will be slightly diminished with the woah factor of the price… That uncharted gameplay footage was amazing.

    • And if I know sony we are going to be seeing a high price tag. I can wait tho. Only a crazy person buy’s a hand held for 300 dollars that’s my estimation on the price.

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  • aquaman22

    Okay now is that a REAL picture of Uncharted 2 running on NGP because that will shut down all the nintendo, and xbox fanboys (non-belivers). I mean at this time i believe NGP will be capable of great things but uncharted 2 is easily the BEST graphical game ever! I platinum that game as well lol PSN aquaman22

  • Bone_Apart216

    I’m not really sure on this one, but I think they’re stuffing rainbows up our fannies. I’d have to see it to believe it.
    I don’t see it as a main selling point either. The main one is the touch pad on the back of it for me. You could make some crazy games with that.
    Although, it’s kinda creepy that we show our technology so much intimacy now…touching it all over the place to get it workin.

  • jbg0623

    yea it’s possible but will they actually do it? I want a full scale GTA with graphics better than or equal to GTA4. Things like that are whats going to really make this system a heavy hitter.


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