Latest PS3 firmware update bans CoD: Black Ops cheaters

Posted By | On 28th, Jan. 2011 Under News

Ripten’s reporting that gamers who have used cheats for CoD: Black Ops and updated to the latest firmware version released by Sony are being banned by Treyarch from playing online.

Here’s what one of the so called “innocent” users had to say regarding this:

Hi i have been banned for black ops when i click online it says you have been Prem banned from B.O but i didnt do anything to get banned what i did my m8 said he was 15th yea and i said let me go on ur acc then if ur 15th so i just went on his acc and he was 15th and then deleted the user then the next day when i went on my account that message came up my psn is FoRzA-MoNsTeR I am 6th prestige on B.o legit my KD is 1.79 and my wins to losses is 1.14 and a 124 winstreak i did not boost at all please unban me.

You can read the full report over here

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  • Lol at everyone who hacks and cheats. Go fuck yourselves.

  • Ben

    Agree with BigBacon87, funny as fuck if you get a perm ban! My brother has a friend who has been banned. He apparently had hacks for BO on the PS3 for seeing through walls, aim bot, increased health, and could jump anywhere on a map! hahahahaaaaaa

    • Bone_Apart216

      Dude…..seeing through walls? You punched the kid in the gut right?

  • Serves them right the cheat B******s, it was starting to take the piss big time. I was shooting one guy and you could hear the bullets hitting him like 10-15 times in the chest and he would not die, also 1 hit kills with a really shabby gun was annoying. Dont think its got rid of them all though still quite a few w***ers out there.

  • Bone_Apart216

    Anyone else feel like a kindergarten teacher when you were reading the cheatin slimeball’s post?
    Glad someone is taking action in the industry, it’s what you get. Why play a game if you’re gonna cheat at it? That’s what grade school tests are for.

  • lukepc92

    ahahahahahahaha no mercy for the cheaters, maybe they can go after campers next!


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