LawBreakers Dev: ‘We Are Maxing Out’ The PS4 Pro And PS4, Xbox One X Is ‘Awesome’

Boss Key Productions are maxing out the PS4 Pro.

Posted By | On 28th, Jun. 2017 Under News

Boss Key Productions lead designer Dan Nanni, who’s busy working on the studio’s multiplayer shooter LawBreakers, has talked about why the game is coming to PS4 first over Xbox One. He revealed further information about the PS4 Pro version to GamingBolt. It’s already known that the game is running at 4K and 60fps on the PS4 Pro but he stated that they are maxing out the hardware’s capabilities.

“PlayStation 4 Pro is 60 frames per second. PlayStation 4 base is 60 frames per second. We are maxing it out. We are 4K on PlayStation 4 at 60 frames per second. It’s all about maximizing the performance, and make sure it plays competitively.”

Praising the Xbox One X, Nanni said, “Xbox One X is awesome. When you give us hardware we’re going to maximize it, that’s what we do. We build on PC, and PC we take advantage of the latest and the greatest video cards. But we also have to support the older video card as well. If we wind up supporting the Xbox we have to make sure it runs on the Xbox One X and the old Xbox.

“It’s about making sure that everybody who gets to play the game doesn’t have a poor experience regardless of their set up. Because if you give a poor experience in a competitive environment, you really can’t blame yourself anymore for the mistakes that happen, or the person skills. Sometimes you got to blame the hardware. And that’s not fun. So we don’t want the hardware to ever become a discussion point when it comes to especially a console.”

Parity across both consoles will be tough especially for games like Destiny 2 where Bungie insists on staying at 30 FPS on both Xbox One and Xbox One X to maintain the same experience. Then again, this is something that Microsoft should’ve known would happen, especially with multiplayer-centric games. We’ll see how that pans out in the coming months.

Regardless, what are your thoughts on the topic? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Starman

    The man just said “XB1X is awesome” , but all you saw was …..”Boss Key productions are maxing out the PS4 Pro” … what a jerk .

    • Mike Greenway

      Your right. I too am tired of getting suckered.

  • Elie Barreto

    Lol they always say the same maxing out and them they find new ways to use more juice of the machines loll

    • TwoLiterSoda

      PR stuff

    • kreator

      Because they know that they’ve pissed off Xbox fans with this game…So now they want to mention Xbox in any interview because this is going to come to the Xbox and they want it to sell! That’s all..

  • Poseidon team

    Maxing out those fake 4K fake pixels on Pro… LOL

    • Mr Xrat

      Fake 4K is awesome on the Xbollox though.

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    How impressive….no.
    Considering PS4 “pro” doesn’t download 4k textures and assets like Xbox one X….it really can’t be called 4k at all.

  • Psionicinversion

    lawbreakers is a different game though. lawbreakers is pure pvp, destiny has to handle AI and seemingly more advanced physics and stuff that lawbreakers doesnt.

    • Smart guy

      Xrat isn’t smart enough to know those things

  • Mr Xrat

    Fire up those petitions, Xgimps!

    Never mind, it looks like Xgimps here are majorly bitter over losing CliffyB. Funny how so many devs run a mile from Shitbox except for a handful of no-name indies who want to make a name for themselves.

    • TwoLiterSoda

      It’s so obvious U are worried about xb1x with how defensive and juvenile Ur posts are. Grow up champ Ur pathetic.

    • Mr Xrat

      Eighth, ninth gamechanger now? You can try and tell yourself this endless mockery is worry if it helps you sleep at night. 🙂

    • Timdog PNF

      Yep he is so concerned I love seeing him squirm and fake upvoting his pathetic posts . He doesn’t go on twitter anymore after getting exposed for being a horrid irrational fanboy

    • Mr Xrat

      ProjectObesity4Lyfe doesn’t know his rats**t S**tbox hardware is always number one on hourly bestsellers when they open up! S**tbonks is going to flop like the A*s and the OG did.

    • Mr Xrat

      Hahahahahahha native 4K with medium textures and 30fps, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. Dat beest powah!

    • Mr Xrat

      Hahahaha ProjectObesity4Lyfe, to make the S**tbonks version look good they had to use the 1080p Pro mode and remove graphical features from the PC version. A year’s waiting, $100 extra and 1.8TF more powerful and you get a barely noticeable upres in a two year old shooter. Hahahhahaha!

    • Mr Xrat

      Know what’s sad, ProjectObesity4Lyfe? Pro sales are 20% of the PS4 sales so far this year and the US is a third of worldwide PS4 sales. Combine that with the S**tbox Donex dropping down every day and your low-hanging fruit is even more pathetic!

      Hey ProjectObesity4Lyfe, tell me again how holiday 2014 saved the S**tbox Done. Remember that? Hahahahahhaah!

    • Fweds

      No fake Upvotes on this post ? I take it someone above must of pointed out you use an Upvote Bot or has called you out on the Fake Ghost names.

      Why don’t you tell people the news that on Amazon the Xbox1X in a few ‘Days’ has outsold the PS Protato’s whole Year of sales ?

    • Mr Xrat

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO ProjectObesity4Lyfe getting schooled by Pachter. He’s pretty much right by the way, 1 million at the holiday and 2 million next year. Can’t wait for your excuses.

      Funny how dead KI is the only stand-out from that sad little S**tbonks beast upgrade lineup, isn’t it?

      Oh look, it’s back in stock again at Amazon. I bet they really manufactured a few hundred thousand more in 12 hours. LOL!

    • Mr Xrat

      LMAO ProjectObesity4Lyfe is so desperate to make his sad upgrade look good he has to put regular upgrades from actually finishing a game as only being possible on the Xbollox!

      “High resolution textures” Meanwhile your precious ROTTR barely looks better! Hahahahahah!

      Xbone is and always will be a joke.

    • Mr Xrat

      Says it all that after 12 months of bluster, a $100 price premium and dat beast GPU the best they can do to demonstrate it is a 2015 linear game and even then it isn’t impressive. You actually have to cherry pick from the 1080p Pro mode. I kind of feel bad for you. Oh wait, no I don’t.

      Of course you like the S**tbox Done Ecks name, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. You like anything Phil shovels into your chubby cheeks.

    • Mr Xrat

      The unimpressive rehashed Forza 7 is locked 4k/60 on Xbollox just like it was locked 1080p/60 on the Xbone. Another low standard! Hahahahahahah!

    • Mr Xrat

      Great to see Xgimps melting down because their “standout” differences are getting called out and ripped apart, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. You can try and compare the Xbollox to PC all you want but it just makes your year of hype even more laughable. “Higher bar?” More like lower standards, especially when we’re seeing what that lump of s**t Greenberg is spouting.

    • Mr Xrat

      Shadow of War on those elevators but not that trash lineup, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. After that disastrous ROTTR comparison for you, I’d recommend belting up about that. 🙂

      ProjectObesity4Lyfe having a meltdown over journalists writefully calling out the Xbox brand for its trash. A f*t middle-aged man! hhahhahhaha!

    • Mr Xrat

      Oh look, another “game changer,” ProjectObesity4Lyfe. About as much a “game changer” as those ROTTR “improvements.” What a disaster that was for Xgimps.

      15fps is a joke, you know that, right? It’s basically unplayable. It’s amazing just how simple Xgimps are.

    • Mr Xrat

      “Th-the new UI is fire!!!!” Every crumb’s got to be defended, hasn’t it, ProjectObesity4Lyfe?

      Great to see that liar Corden get shredded by Pachter.

    • Mr Xrat

      Really plunging the depths for excuses to talk up your sad little Xbollox, aren’t you, ProjectObesity4Lyfe?

      Really chaps you that your precious Forza doesn’t look as good as you want it to. Hahahaha!

      Hahahahhaah “Th-they have to talk about da 40% difference” Not with those awful comparisons, they can’t, ProjectObesity4Lyfe.

    • Mr Xrat

      “S-soon!!!” Xgimps, always waiting.

      Funny how they have to pay Samsung to s**ll for their s**t console and weak lineup, ProjectObesity4Lyfe.

    • Mr Xrat

      Congrats on the day off, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. You can spend more of it being a fanboy loser.

      Funny watching that slug Ybarra try and hawk PUBG. Keep waiting for the release date for a paid beta. Gonna be funny when it flops on console like CS: GO did.

    • Mr Xrat

      Cuckhead devs on damage control for their MS masters. Everyone knows why they added those weak platforming sessions no matter what CrazyW**k tells himself.

      PUBG won’t sell a tenth on S**tbox of what it has on PC, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. 🙂

    • Mr Xrat

      Cuckhead devs on damage control for their MS masters. Everyone knows why they added those weak platforming sessions no matter what CrazyW**k tells himself.

      No one cares about Fartza, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. PUBG? An unfinished PC game with one map? With all those other shooters coming out around the same time? That’ll flop on console so hard. PUBG won’t sell a tenth on S**tbox of what it has on PC, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. 🙂

      Loving watching you and the Xtw*ts cry about the Xbollox being a massive pile of s**t.

    • Mr Xrat

      “Helping out big time” = making a mess of the controller controls and using resources to rush out a port before the hype wears off. Rare’s overrated water tech? Hahahahhahh! “Guess boats will be a thing” Guess you don’t know much about PUBG.

      An unfinished PC game with one map that requires thought coming out around the time as every other shooter. Come on, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. I know things are rough but you still have to think things through.

      You know things are bad when the only thing you have to talk about is LIGHT MODE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • Mr Xrat

      “P-people are coming over towards the gameless Xbollox!!!” The trash you have to tell yourself and your worthless followers to stay sane, Project Obesity4Lyfe! The fact you need two year old games to bail out that trash upgrade says it all about how scared and desperate you are!

    • Mr Xrat

      Hahahahahaha Slugberg the paid s**ll giving ProjectObesity4Lyfe the unpaid s**ll the PR lines is a real classic! Not surprised Etta the Xgimp is mad at MS getting called out for being useless.

      Slice that number by a third and you might have them Xbollox lifetime numbers.

    • Mr Xrat

      PS4 and PC will always be the best place to play games, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. Xbone? Maybe if you like paying for ripoff services or overrated online or a disgusting community. Hahahahaha!

    • Mr Xrat

      ProjectObesity4Lyfe begging for more crumbs from his God Phil. I can’t stop laughing at you!

      Shrinkable games? How are you supposed to shrink f**king nothing, ProjectObesity4Lyfe?

      Oh look, our old friend the Xgimp anecdote is making an appearance again. “I-I know four people switching for an uncompleted indie game with one map!!!” Nah, pal. Mixer will continue being an abject flop as well. The only thing winning December for S**tbox is price cuts – again.

      In terms of power, this is the reality for S**tbox cancer: 1.8TF more power and two year old ROTTR barely looks discernably better. Hahahahahaha!

      PUBG’s going to flop so hard on Xbone. I’m going to laugh and laugh.

      LOL Xbone games already with the vague “4K” labels. MS is so pathetically desperate.

    • Mr Xrat

      “I-I think it’s something with a r-reason!!!” ProjectObesity4Lyfe always with the excuses.

      Begging for GTA enhancements while Xbone comes third again. Hahahahahahaha!

    • Mr Xrat

      Use a S**tbox as a capture card? Why not? Would have some use for it, ProjectObesity4Lyfe.

      Samsung shilling harder than you are for a dead console with no games. Wonder how many they’ll sell to plebs with no clue?

      LOL an indie developer trying to pass off why his game won’t look much better on the Xbollox, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. Classic.

      LOL ProjectObesity4Lyfe crying about the better racing franchise doing something actually new instead of S**tza rehashing the same campaign you played two years ago. Hey d**khead: a console needing an internet connection or it’ll brick isn’t the same as an MP-only game, r*tard.

      Gonna be funny watching PUBG flop on console.

    • Mr Xrat

      Lying Phil telling you to wait more, dishing out the IOUs, telling you he’s good for it. Even when you’re meant to be on “a roll” you’re still losing, ProjectObesity4Lyfe.

      MS really are incompetent at data compression, aren’t they? Wouldn’t surprise me if this “Intelligent Delivery” thing is just a way to provide MS future justification for ditching SP games.

      “F-first party is a focus now!!!” Yeah, I’ve heard that before, ProjectObesity4Lyfe.

    • Mr Xrat

      What a surprise ProjectObesity4Lyfe, S**ttersoft trying to distract from another TGS crammed with PS4 news and announcements with limp pre-orders for its limp upgrade. Into the trash you go, S**tbox.

      Ryan McCaffrey trying to ingratiate himself with Xgimp scum by flat-out lying about the PS4’s library and the fact it’s had more and better than day one. But hey, some Mixer loser with her eyes too close together made a video!!!!!

      LOL no one wants those sad little avatars, ProjectObesity4Lyfe. Can’t wait for your mediocre “exclusives” and that unfinished indie game to flop on S**tbox like it always does.

    • kreator
    • greatnessIsaLIE

      For what this isn’t an

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimp cretins like you are old enough to remember parity with Destiny 1, right?

  • KSE1977

    Is this a multiplayer centric title? If so it is not for me. Regardless, of course they will take advantage of X1X power. I imagine as much as they talk about the X1, that they are probably in development of an X1 version.

    • TwoLiterSoda

      Yeah it’s multiplayer only game and not like other shooters. It’s kinda chaotic and only really will attract a niche audience. Fun tho.

    • KSE1977

      Ahh, not for me then. Every time I buy a multiplayer title I end up playing for 2 weeks and then never touching it again. I was always more of an in-person/lan party multiplayer type of guy. always more fun to socialize with people I knew. At my age now, just too hard to coordinate for online play.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Enjoyed this on PC, hopefully it translates well to consoles but I can’t stand auto-aim/assisted aiming unless it’s done perfect. We will see but I’ll get it for my ps pro if the controls are spot on as it’s an insanely fast and frantic game.

  • andrewsqual

    So we are going to be getting a game better looking than Horizon Zero Dawn………………….. on standard PS4 lol?

  • Anonymous

    because graphics mean everything…. right? these are just proprietary PC’s now with modular upgrades on the horizon. it’s so dumb.

  • TC Furkan Güngör

    Xbox one X not exculesive and native 4K real Ps5 next genaration Xbox X projeckt cars 2 not native 4k

  • TC Furkan Güngör

    Sony God of war 4,Death Strandig,last of us 2 awesome exculesive games,but Xbox one X not exculesive and minecraft 4k and indie games only one one X 4K Anthem,Metro E3 2017 games downgrade is Xbox one X

  • greatnessIsaLIE

    Dude stop lying the power difference is bigger than that. If it’s that close it’s because they put the xb360 version of the game instead of optimizing for it.
    Titan fall 2 uses 100 percent of the gpu at times it hits 6k ps4 pro maxes out at 1440p.

    Ark 1080p 60fps on Xbox 1x epic pc settings.
    720p 30fps medium setting on the pro. Come on stop you sound like Donald Trump over here with your alternative facts.


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