Layers of Fear Dev “Hugely Disappointed” By Silent Hills Cancellation, Could Have Been Groundbreaking

Bloober Team talks about Layers of Fear got inspired from P.T.

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One of Konami’s greatest sins was cancelling Silent Hills, a game that could have possibly been the epitome of  the horror genre if P.T. was anything to go by. Konami not only cancelled the the project but also reportedly showed Hideo Kojima the door as soon as he was done with his contract with the company. Although Kojima has since formed his own development company and is currently working on a PS4/PC title in co-operation with Sony, fans still feel the pain about Silent Hills. It was truly shaping into something special.

However Layers of Fear, an upcoming horror game inspired by P.T. might lessen the pain for you. Let me get this straight. Layers of Fear is shaping up into something special and unique, inter weaving strong narration along with “jump off your seat” horror moments which will instantly remind you of P.T. 

GamingBolt recently spoke to Rafał Basaj from Bloober Team and asked him about his thoughts on the game’s comparisons to P.T. aka Silent Hills, specially considering that game is no longer happening.

“The Playable Teaser in a way opened our eyes,” Rafal says. “Suddenly, we heard the people’s voices that there is a place on the market for a horror that isn’t a survival game, also its use of ‘impossible space’ became one of our main inspirations for Layers of Fear.”

“We were hugely disappointed by the Silent Hills cancellation, it was shaping to become a truly groundbreaking title. I believe this game will yet again surface in the future, but it most definitely be a different game. If it will stand toe-to-toe to P.T.’s quality is a big unknown, I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.”

It must be noted that Konami will indeed be making new games in the Silent Hill universe but Rafal is absolutely correct when he stated that the new game won’t be anything like Silent Hills.

Sigh. At least we have Layers of Fear to tide us over.

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  • It’s OK though, PT’s style of horror game was on the rise anyway for years on PC and is continuing on. The main thing that PT had over similar games was production value and name recognition. As a horror experience it was pretty standard for this spooky genre. Layers Of Fear, Allison Roadx etc….the future is bright for horror experiences even without Silent Hills/PT.

    • Dotcum22

      And still they have nothing like P.T his shock factor

    • What “shock factor”? What was in PT that wasn’t already a horror trope? The jittery ghost lady with pop up moments? Crying baby noises? Blood everywhere? Locked doors opening when you just checked them? PT had nothing truly special compared to other similar experiences that came before aside from a bigger budget and better graphics for the time. Now that time has passed and this haunted house sim genre continues on. Continually referring back to a high budget demo above all others does the rest of the genre a disservice.

      The only thing in PT that can be even sort of considered “shocking” in comparison to what othera have done was the sink baby….and that was ripped straight out of Eraserhead.

    • Dotcum22

      Well haha could be for you but my opinion is the other’s in this genre are not scary at all to me but P.T almost gave me a heartattack i could not even play it alone anymore! Everything about it was perfect for me and to scary at the same time. A high budget demo gave me more fun and scares than fully released horror games. Could be they used stuff you can find all around in other horror games but they made the right combination and nailed it.

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