Looks Like Xbox One SDK Updates Are Working, The Technomancer Runs at 1080p on Xbox One

Spiders CEO talks about achieving the best graphical quality on consoles.

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For all the criticism that’s been lobbed at the Xbox One and its potential power, recent SDK updates helped unlock a seventh CPU core, allowing for developers to do more with the hardware. How does this effect future games like Spiders’ The Technomancer though?

GamingBolt spoke to Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau about the resolution and frame rate for the future action RPG and on asking whether it would run on 1080p resolution and 60 FPS (or settling for 30 FPS), Rousseau said, “For a RPG like The Technomancer we preferred to achieve the best graphic quality, so we decided to stick to 1080p and 30 fps on PS4 and Xbox One.

“The 60 fps is a very interesting technical challenge, but concentrate our efforts on it would not be reasonable for us, and there would have been too many sacrifices to do on the game.”

It’s not necessarily the strangest situation though recent games like The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight still run at 900p resolution on the console. What are your thoughts on future releases hitting 1080p on Xbox One though? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Fweds

    Frame rates are king, I would rather take this at 900p and 60fps no matter which console but as long as both versions are 1080p and locked at a “constant” 30fps that will do.

    • kma99

      Click bait. It works all the time. Its the only way these sites make money

    • Graeme Willy

      well, technically, FPS does affect gameplay. It is amazing to play a 60FPS game. It can almost be nauseating at first if you are not used to it, in fact. That’s why some 60FPS games on PS4, have the “lock to 30FPS” feature…or so I believe. I can’t recall. I do remember seeing the option somewhere in one of my games.

    • Fweds

      The “lock to 30 FPS” is because it can’t maintain a constant 60FPS and will cause judder etc due to frame rate drop variations on areas of the game that stress the system.

    • GotNews4Ya

      The Last of Us Remastered has that option.. only one I know of too..

    • Nathan O

      so you must be new to gamingbolt

    • theduckofdeath

      Gameplay is not a measurable standard. Gameplay is also taken for granted as we would not bother reading about a game with poor gameplay. In addition, higher, steady frame rates and higher resolutions enhance gameplay.

    • Lennox

      Higher resolution does NOT enhance gameplay. Higher frame rates do.

    • theduckofdeath

      Resolution is largely aesthetic but does aid in gameplay.

      Targets/threats are more clearly recognizable from teammates in a melee or when stationary against scenery. You don’t want to waste ammo nor kill teammates (some games actually still implement friendly fire)…nor do you want to be sniped because you couldn’t make out the shape of a distant enemy.

      I remember being stuck for an hour in Tomb Raider 2 because a pixelated monkey died on top of a key laying on a floor with ugly textures.

      If it came down to resolution or a steady frame rate, of course I would choose the steady frame rate. However, if you have to sacrifice one for the other instead of cutting back another factor(s), say anti-aliasing technique, then your hardware is underpowered.

    • Lennox

      If you can’t pick out enemy or player out from the environment then you have bad eye sight.
      That monkey died on the floor I Tomb Raider because Tomb Raider 2 had very poor graphics. No amount of resolution was going to improve the graphics. It was just going to make those bad graphics, clearer. One thing people make the mistake of is thinking that resolution and graphics are the same thing.
      Better textures, lighting, etc, is totally independent of resolution. You can have a game running at ultra at 540p and it will still look better than most games in 1080p running at reduced graphical assets.

    • Luke Perry Glover

      because people are stupid, thats why 😛

  • Infrablade

    I’d rather companies (especially Sony) stop trying to push 1080p as a standard on a console that doesn’t truly support it well. All this is doing is creating games that become limited and are struggling in multiple other aspects… i.e. Framerate, Screen tearing, A.I., less objects onscreen, decreased effects, decreased physics, ect…

    • Graeme Willy

      I can see that. 900P is a pretty magical number, too. I was convinced of this by Metro Last Light on Xbox One. It looked super clean. This was before I had gotten a PS4 and I swore I was playing a 1080P game. I came to find out it was because the developers chose to run 900P, with SMAA and a nice level of AF and the results were gorgeous.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Even a 640×480 ray traced game, with perfect lighting engine and great AA will look far better than a 4k game with blurred compressed textures, poor anti aliasing , low quality shadows and lighting.

    • andy

      Luckily PS4 owners get the best of both worlds with gorgeous resolution AND performance too, when the developers put the work in. I would take that any day over simply taking a resolution hit because of an awkward hardware bottleneck design choice.
      So you honestly think that Xbone could get a game that looks as mind blowing as Infamous Second Son does over a year later? Oh it could get a game like that, but it would have to take a drop in resolution by 83 or 67 percent to achieve these amazing visuals? Isn’t that incredibly sad?

      The only game I’ve played to date on my PS4 that wasn’t 1080p was AC Unity and, guess what, it was the biggest game of 2014 swamped in controversy over its development and horrible performance.

    • Cenk Algu

      You must be a joke.Most games running worse on PS4 than X1.LOL!!!!!

    • GotNews4Ya

      “Most Games Run Worse On PS4 than Xbox One! LOL!” So… Please Tell me which ones that might be.. Because I think someone has been lying to you.. I think there has been maybe 2 games that ran better on Xbox One than the PS4 this generation.. and their has been atleast 10+ games that run better on PS4 than Xbox.. so, I would like to hear what games you are referring too..

    • Cenk Algu

      Except bad PS4 ports like F1 ans PC most of The Games running better on X1. DAI,COD,BFH,FC4,Witcher 3 etc…goes on and on.

    • Anthony

      COD mulriplayer runs better on PS4. DAI runs better on PS4. BFH mulriplayer runs better on PS4, FC4 runs better on PS4, Witcher 3 900p on Xbox One and 1080p on PS4.

      You’re a lying Xbox fanboy.

    • Cenk Algu

      LoL!!!!You are just a mad jealous PS4 fanboy but facts are facts and I know that hurts.LoL!!!!!

    • *Also On PC


    • Ryse looks better than Infamous and Ryse was 900p and a rushed launch title.

    • Graeme Willy

      This is true, from a technical standpoint, but not one within reason. I’d like to think ray tracing as a GPU eater, in of itself, first and foremost. Second, at 4K resolution, aliasing is already very little noticed. Throwing something as low as MSAA4X, or even 2X should knock any aliasing concerns out the water. Once we get into 8K, I like to think it will be safe to say that aliasing will be a thing of the past, unless we move to 100+ inch displays.
      However, at 640×480, no amount of AA is going to be good, unless you are talking great amounts of SMAA, or the best and most GPU intense method of them all, “supersample AA,” which I believe Nvidia has completely removed from the control panel, on account that it’s not feasible, since, you’re performing the comparable of rendering the scene at your currently set resolution, twice for a 2x setting and 4 times for your 4x setting…at this point, you could have just set your PC to 1080p, used normal AA and at least have the sharpness and clarity of native resolution…especially, if you’re talking completely uncompressed textures and ray tracing to stack that with. As for MSAA…forget it. MSAA won’t help at such low resolution…since anything beyond 4X MSAA yields diminishing returns and you’ll still have quite noticeable jaggies, even if set to 24x.
      I get what you’re saying, though. You can make a 480P image look like a movie, but the amount of processing, filtering, ray tracing and uncompressed textures…you could just run 1080p and uncompressed textures, at 2-4xMSAA with the hardware that would be required to do that.

    • Graeme Willy

      In fact, it’s the same story when you buy a lower end graphics card on PC. Often times, you can reach 1080P, with cutbacks, but the magical number is often 1600×900 with post processing applied.

    • heaving brown

      900p is a better resolution for this generation. When sitting 5 – 7 ft away from a normal sized tv, you really cant see the difference between it and 1080p. I’d rather that gpu horsepower went to more important and noticeable visual elements.

    • ThePokeMaster

      1080p or* up to 60 frames per second


    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      I’d rather see Microsoft step up and get more of their games to run as good as they do on PlayStation and stop holding the games potential back.

    • Infrablade

      You feel free to keep thinking that’s the PS4’s problem… it’s not being held back by the Xbox One and the Xbox does what it needs to do. Until gloating persons can actually show me something they’re not bending, measuring and contorting to see, and present clear and “drastic” differences between these two system’s they can go take a hike…

    • Frank Fish

      lol. Wow you are nowhere near reality this gaming generation. PS4 has significant physical hardware advantages, and that is very easy to point out when looking at 1080p vs 900p. Now, whether that actually makes any difference to a particular gamer? That is a different argument.

    • Infrablade

      uh huh… right… That’s why so many hang on every word out of DF’s mouths to tell them what they’re seeing…

    • Frank Fish

      I can only present reality to you….I cannot make you accept it. 😉

    • Infrablade

      Ok so when are you planning on that presentation? Cause you haven’t thus far… The PS4 also has hindrances that many are failing to accept… so show me these ‘grand’ differences or go play…

    • *Also On PC

      What. At a Silky smooth cinematic 16FPS?

    • Ivan Johnson

      I think it depends on the developer. Some games looks incredible on xbox one and some looks crazy on ps4. When u see games like uncharted and the last of us on ps4 and games like Ryse and forza on xbox one these systems HAVE the potential to pop out crazy visuals. But that developer has to be skilled.

  • Graeme Willy

    This generation is bad generation for focusing on 60fps. A lot of these standards are even hard to meet on a midrange PC, without too many cutbacks, and usually the difference between not running high texture quality and the ability to use MSAA4X, is considered too big a cut back for a PC user. Imagine how much more you are cutting back on a console, considering you are already getting the equivalent of medium textures, or lower, in conjunction with lower resolution shadow effects, less casted shadow effects, less draw distance, more vegetation pop-in and less tessellated effects and the exclusion of HBAO/ HDAO, in most cases. Making a 1080p@60fps game would only worsen these effects. Now, a 1080p 60FPS Xbox Live arcade game, can see…as those are typically not graphics centric.

    The order of priority should go:
    Native resolution, first…in some cases 900P with extra post-processing is just fine,
    and graphics second. IE there should be no resources left over for FPS, as that would mean you still haven’t gotten quite to “PC level” graphics, and the idea here, should be in trying to bring that experience to console, without biting into resolution. Everyone should be viewing their picture at native res…why else even own a 1080P TV, then?

  • Efrt

    Who cares. You can’t tell the difference between 900p and 1080p anyway. How many articles are going to be written on this subject?

    • jent

      As long as they draw in people like Andy (see above comment) gamingbolt will continue to write pointless articles like this.

    • You can tell it depending on viewer distance and display size, this holds true for any resolution. However, average console gamer including myself sit far enough so the difference between the two doesn’t matter (for me at least).. I’d rather have 60fps and more stuff on screen instead of 1080p.

  • xboxmaster

    gaming bold at it again, an indie game runs at 1080p on xboner and it is the second coming of gaming, what about
    batman arkham knight? 900p xboner

    the witcher 3? 900p xboner
    projectcars? 900p xboner
    halo 5? 800x800p xboner, YES!! LOWER THAN 720P

    • Worse troll I’ve ever seen just stop.

    • WryMouthX

      Wait till the king on racing comes out, Forza 6, day one release and runs 1080p 60 fps with 450 cars….and DriveClub has what?

    • Jecht_Sin

      DriveClub has what? DriveClub has Dynamic Weather and Dynamic Lightning.

      And if Forza is the King of racing, Gran Turismo is its Emperor.

    • *Also On PC

      Sorry. The racing game genere has surpassed consoles on PC. Project CARS looks simply better and iRacing has real racing drivers.

      You have PS2 graphics, moron :^)

    • Then the emperor has no clothes. Forza is the highest-rated racing game franchise of all time.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Driveclub is free.. You can’t beat free.. sorry. (lol, from a price standpoint atleast)

      Although it does look pretty damn good, and the weather effects are top notch.. It probably has around 100 cars in it with DLC, and more coming.

    • WryMouthX

      Even if it’s free is still garbage, remember it was worst released game of the year since it didn’t work or a year. 100 cars with DLC? Forza has 450 without adding any DLC yet.

    • Terminator

      PS Drone at it again. Not only a bad troll but a stup*d one at that. If you read the article they addressed both batman and the witcher.
      Halo 5 resolution hasn’t even been finalized. Think before opening your mouth.

    • Starman

      what about the witcher 3 running at 900p and 22fps on ps4 …..stfu fanboy ….oh wait ! 1080p and locked 30 fps on xb1 ….

    • GotNews4Ya

      Do what? I am so confused.. because The Witcher 3 runs at 1080p on PS4.. and 900p on Xbox One.. You completely lost me. Sorry.. I am trying here.

    • This Guy

      Witcher 3 runs at a dynamic res between 900 and 1080p with a better framerate than the PS4 version.

    • Ed

      Who cares….Dipshit.

    • sbkline

      Does sony pay u guys to be idiots, u got all these trolls putting xbox in there name just to rag on it.

      Dude nobody cares all those games run perfectly fine on both systems (expect for the exclusives) to the point that u cant even tell the difference.

    • Jecht_Sin

      But you care about an indie RPG running at 1080p on Xbone with questionable graphics (I just checked the pictures)?

    • This Guy

      Arkham Knight is not exactly the best example to use when discussing multiplats. When the Wicther 3 can run at a dynamic res between 900 and 1080p with a better framerate than the PS4 version, why is Arkham Knight a lower res with a choppier framerate? Everyone can agree that Witcher 3 is better looking and more demanding than Arkham Knight.

    • Demetrius Radford

      its different coders. everyone cant code as good as the other

    • Sega Maseta

      and completely diffrent types of games

    • Demetrius Radford


    • Halo 5 isn’t out yet. You need to work on your trolling.

    • Demetrius Radford

      the lowest observed resolution in the e3 demo was 1152×810. its gonna be either 720p or 900p as long as halo 5 is fun im buying it


    Blast Processing no wait!?

  • Riggerto

    The reason why so much importance is placed on 1080p is because most of the TVs you have bought are 1080p (i.e not 900p). It is not some arbitrary figure.

    Of course no one is saying 1080p resolution is mandatory – but don’t you think it’s a bit strange considering the amount of 1080p TVs out there that they release one console that barely hits 1080p and one that constantly struggles to hit it?

  • MadMen

    Gamers are too impatient PS3 had a horrible dev cycle in the start, took years to perfect and get comfortable.

    Same with XB1, it will eventually be tapped enough to do 1080p with ease.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Crazy, huh?
      The ps3 had an ultra complex yet super fast 3.2GHz cpu with 6 ‘enabled’ spu’s running at the same speed. When we think about that, today’s ps4 cpu are only 1.6GHz.
      That’s why the last of us on ps3 looks almost as good as the ps4 remaster ! Crazy.

  • aaron

    I want my eyes to bleed while I’m having a seizure…… That’s next gen gaming baby!!!! Resolution does not make a game great….its the weed you smoke beforehand!!! Any body want to be a preview member? Send me a message and I’ll hook it up. Gamertag is Insanityman01 on Xbox one. Peace!!

  • marc Berry

    better yet, if you as a developer have the money to spend to get said game to 1080p, 60FPS then do it, if not say hello to 900 and or 1080p 30FPS.

  • andy

    But Batman Arkham Knight is still EXACTLY the same looking on Xbone as PS4 at its 83% resolution and FPS. Am I right Gamingbone and Gamingboners???

    • *Also On PC

      It will look and run better on PC once it’s console parity disease is eradicated.

      Funny how console shills don’t want to talk about that and scream about it’s “Bad performance”. I wonder who’s marketing deal paid for that?

  • WryMouthX

    PS4 fanboys be like…

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    “Looks Like Xbox One SDK Updates Are Working”

    Cause one game that looks like total trash anyway runs at 1080 on xbox and all of a sudden everything is great, yeah right.

    • *Also On PC

      And you would know all about trash, console peasant :^)

  • VoidWalker

    oh how cute! the xbone finally can make 1080p consistently . . .
    -PC users

    • Christopher Shawn

      Hey the XB1 is the pc’s mentally challenge inbred cousin. You may be annoyed by them sometimes but your stuck with them their family.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    The type of game would determine the desired resolution and frame rate for me. If it is a FPS like Call of Duty I would prefer the frame rate to be the driving factor. If it is a RPG like Witcher 3 or Mass Effect I would prefer the resolution be the driving factor provided they can hit 30fps. In the current perfect world the whole 1080p/60fps standard is an ideal and artificial standard. The vast majority of games will never reach it unless you’re on a PC. Maybe in a few years.

  • *Also On PC

    And if you want both 1080P and 60FPS. We have a platform for you.

    It’s called the PC.

  • JuneMas

    I’d rather have 900p and 60fps over 1080p and 30fps. I’ve always felt developers should give console gamers a choice to switch to what the user prefers.

  • Ryan

    Lmao this is Sonys news every other day http://venturebeat.com/2015/07/14/psn-down-for-many/


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