Lulz Security Comments On Gamers and Video Games

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Over the past few months a hacker group by the name of Lulz Security has come in to the lime light for obviously all the wrong reasons. Recently they hacked the Brink statistic websites,  Eve Online and Escpapist. In a release by Lulz Security, we get to know a bit a bit about what do these people think about gamers and video games.

First of all they admit that they have been causing chaos by hacking major companies:

“For the past month and a bit, we’ve been causing mayhem and chaos throughout the Internet, attacking several targets including PBS, Sony, Fox, porn websites, FBI, CIA, the U.S. government, Sony some more, online gaming servers (by request of callers, not by our own choice), Sony again, and of course our good friend Sony.”

The group also think that they have garnered alot of supporters as well as enemies, although mostly gamers:

“While we’ve gained many, many supporters, we do have a mass of enemies, albeit mainly gamers. The main anti-LulzSec argument suggests that we’re going to bring down more Internet laws by continuing our public shenanigans, and that our actions are causing clowns with pens to write new rules for you. But what if we just hadn’t released anything? What if we were silent? That would mean we would be secretly inside FBI affiliates right now, inside PBS, inside Sony… watching… abusing…”

They also talk about Brink and how they are currently sitting on 200,000 Brink users:

“This is what you should be fearful of, not us releasing things publicly, but the fact that someone hasn’t released something publicly. We’re sitting on 200,000 Brink users right now that we never gave out. It might make you feel safe knowing we told you, so that Brink users may change their passwords. What if we hadn’t told you? No one would be aware of this theft, and we’d have a fresh 200,000 peons to abuse, completely unaware of a breach.”

There is no doubt that these people are talented in whatever they do. But why use talent in the wrong direction? They could use their expertise in better work. Even Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has actually praised hacker’s ability, so much so that he termed them as geniuses. I think so they should realize this and use their abilities in the right direction.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • They got some mad skillz, no doubt. And their attacks should (hopefully) make things more secure for all of us in the future.

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  • So, they stole user info so people can know that user info wasn’t given out? Here’s a question to go along with their bull**** reasoning: What if they didn’t hack the brink site in the first place? I doubt any other hacker would bother with it.

    • @kongroid

      read again. They are saying they are not the only hackers in the world and that others simply don’t make the info the stole available.

      Indeed, I’ve recently seen a lecture from a security expert, and he said that these information are very valuable. In fact, the hacked information is often sold back to the company, they just don’t .

      Most often than not, the information is stolen from inside the company, usually by an unhappy employee with easy access.

      But, most companies are extremely vulnerable to sql injection, or session highjacking (look up for Firesheep, for instance), which are the most common attacks available.

    • “In fact, the hacked information is often sold back to the company, they just don’t disclose they have been hacked.”

      Hacking is not done anymore by technology enthusiasts, “for the lulz”. It’s a very lucrative business. And, so far, an easy one.

  • Sure they got skills, sure they have relatively good intentions, but the problem is they are doing not only illegal activities that cost companies millions of dollars, but they are hurting the economy and spreading fear with borderline terrorist activities. I’m sure if they deemed me a threat they’d attack me and win. I’m no threat, and I have nothing they would want, except a mind and a voice. They could be using their talents better than this. If they can’t think of a better way to use their skills, maybe they aren’t as smart as everyone thinks.


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