Mad Max Confirmed To Run At 1080p on Xbox One and PS4, No Finite Limit to Map Size

Avalanche’s John Fuller also talks about functions of the Magnum Opus.

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Mad Max

Avalanche Software’s Mad Max will be running at 1080p resolution on PS4 and Xbox One. The news was revealed to GamingBolt when we spoke to Avalanche Software’s  senior producer John Fuller. On asking Fuller whether the open world, post-apocalyptic action title would run at full HD resolution on both consoles, he simply replied, “Yes!”

The PS4 version was expected to run at 1080p so it seems like Xbox One owners won’t be missing out anything in that regard. However, it was more interesting to hear about the size of the game’s map. When asked about this and how long it would take to traverse from one end of the map to the other, Fuller said, “There are no finite limits to the map… in other words, there is no ‘one side’. You can continue driving into The Big Nothing until you get bored or killed.

“Our tech can support enormous worlds but it is always a case of balancing the density of content and travel distances so that the player feels they are in a rich world.”

As for the Magnum Opus, Max’s new vehicle when the game starts, it will have a multitude of uses. “The Magnum Opus is used to travel, it is used as a weapon, it is used as shelter and it is a constant reflection of the choices you as the player have made in defining Max’s journey.”

Our full interview with John Fuller will go live later today. Mad Max is out on September 1st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • The truth-ier

    1080p is a placebo, it always comes at the expense of something, the more graphical effects that are on, the less likely it will be 1080, its a trade off, but the uneducated sees 1080 and doesnt understand what it really means in the big picture.

    • Michael Norris

      Eh no i want a 1080p frame buffer the thing is 30fps would had been alright if the graphics got a nice boost.

    • andy

      Xbone has just made you that way. For example, I haven’t missed out on ANYTHING by playing Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 at 17% higher resolution than people playing the Xbone version. I haven’t seen a game on Xbone that hopes to come ANYWHERE close to the advanced tech going on in a game like Infamous Second Son AND at full 1080p and a lovely unlocked frame rate that never drops below 30. So again, I have nothing to complain on my console regarding native 1080p, with the games I have played anyway. The only game I have played on PS4 to date that wasn’t 1080p was AC Unity and the less said about the troubled development and self assassination they have done with that franchise as a result, the better.

      I do most certainly see the big picture. I completely understand that when PS4 exclusives start to be released at 900p eventually, then you KNOW they are going to look even more mind blowing. The same way that MGS3 was dropped to 30fps after the 60fps MGS2, they had to make a compromise to make a more advanced game technically. But we aren’t there yet on PS4. Xbone HAS been there since launch day though and that is where you got your line of thinking from i.e. having to drop resolution and graphical effects to get a game to run to a point where it is acceptable.

      And accept it, alot of you have done even to the point where you think it is bizarre that a game runs at 1080p on Xbone and the game is going to horrendously suffer for it. You forget that this game was also coming to PS3 and 360 too only a few months ago so it isn’t going to look that mind blowing anyway.

    • This Guy

      The thing is, a number of sub 1080p games have been often voted as the best looking games this gen indicating that resolution doesn’t necessarily make a good looking game nor is it a comment on the console’s power, especially considering that the Wii U has quite a high number of 1080p/60fps games despite being considerably lower in spec when compared to the X1 and PS4. Sometimes this 1080p benchmark is all for not and really the devs should be focusing on making the game look good instead of striving for that all important number. Besides, there have been a number of 1080p games on the X1, some multiplat, with no concessions made.

      So at the end of the day, when I play a game, I shouldn’t be concerned with a number on the packaging that has more of a psychosomatic effect for most anyway, and be more concerned with whether I’m happy with what I see overall.

    • Kfal Balli

      There are more things involved with image quality than just resolution. People have seem to forgotten that.

    • nova

      The only game running at 1080p/60fps on WiiU is Smash Bros…

      Only non-demanding games can run at 1080p on XB1.

      You can even do 4K/60fps on XB1 if you want as long as you aren’t frightened by PS2 graphics…

    • This Guy

      Hmmm, I’ll have to double-check that Wii U thing, I know there are some 1080p, maybe the 60fps part may be off.

      As for non-demanding games, I guess that depends on your definition of what a demanding game is. Considering that 1080p games running on the X1 have covered a number of varying genres there must be something else you’re thinking of.

    • nick

      Totally false… Call of duty on PS4 has been 1080 on 60fps. Halo MCC and all the Forzas have been 1080 60fps on X1. Don’t post if you don’t know what your talking about!

    • nova

      Halo MCC is just a remaster and you can’t compare a racing game to a TPS/FPS. I’m sorry.

      Halo 5 is a FPS and doesn’t run at 1080p. Here is the difference…

    • Fisterbottom


    • Michael

      I hate to break it to you, pony. Ryse and now Quantum Break have won the siggraph award for best real time graphics. Infamous was ver mentioned. The question you should be asking is why is this game is running 1080p on both consoles if ps4 is supposed to be 50% more powerful…. lol I think we all know the answer to that. Sony has once again duped its fanboys into believing power and performance is the thing. IF those numbers are true Sony’s games should be 60fps but they aren’t.

    • Budgiecat

      Why Ryse? Until Dawn looks better now and The Order 1886 and Driveclub

    • Jetman082

      The ps4 most certainly has reached th epoint where they have to tradeoff stuff like framerate for 1080p and graphical effects, don’t kid yourself. The ps4 isn’t a graphical powerhouse. It’s not even 50% stronger than the xbox one (even thoug hspecs show the gpu to be, that 50% extar cu doesn’t translate to a 50% increase in performance). If graphics and resolution are all people care about buy a darn pc and have 1600p/4k resolution with ultra graphical settings. gamers are so spoiled these days, I loved playing games on my old nintendo and still do, as long as the game looks halfway decent, who cares if it runs at 720/900p, these things aren’t supercomputers, they’re hardware that was already obsolete when they came out.

    • Yeah tired of all the 1080p nuts! I want better in-game graphics and less resolution ppl Now I know why i thought the game didn’t look all that great graphically.

    • I know trust me. Tired of all the whining from gamers. Their costing us better looking games graphically. Sick of it

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      no it’s not…it’s just that some people are more susceptible of noticing the difference than others. The common people can’t tell the difference between mono and stereo but you can’t trick an audiophile that a 5.1 is a 7.1 surround sound. The average joe would have settled for a photo taken by a handphone but a photographer want the full uncompressed RAW. It really depends on your standards. If you have low standards or is just a regular joe, of course you can’t see the difference and think everything is placebo.

    • Kevin Weinberg

      This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen. 1080p is a “placebo?”

      Calling OTHER people uneducated? lmfao. Clearly you have no idea what resolution does/is/means/implies.

      To begin with, resolution is the amount of pixels being rendered on screen, and upscaling is NOT a supplement for internal res, as the pixels are approximated and as such cause a blurriness and a loss of detail, but that’s beside the point.

      In addition to more color, details, etc. resolution also adds an anti-aliasing effect the higher it goes. 4k resolution’s biggest gain over 1080p isn’t even about “seeing” more detail, but about the overwhelming reduction in shimmering, jagged edges, and flickering in the distance.

      Saying 1080p is a “placebo” (as compared to a lower res) is like saying “HD is a placebo.”

  • omarcominyo

    The latest gameplay video clearly shows the size of the map and all it’s objectives

    • gracerbonilla

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    • omarcominyo

      hand jobs?

    • Dirkster_Dude

      It is a bot

    • sublimetalmsg

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  • Fanboys ruin everything… 🙁 Resolutions smesolutions

  • neo_aa

    This could just be a dodge though. Technically all xbox one games run at 1080p, it just depends what they’re being scaled from. For example, MGS V will run at 1080p, but it’s being upscaled from something like 900p – so despite being standardized for a 1080p screen, it will look like 900p.

  • super6646

    Great job to the Mad Max developers for achieving this! Lets just hope it plays and runs well!

  • Placebo

    1080p with horrible clutter pop in or 900p with clutter that doesn’t constantly pop in 5m all around you? I know which I’d prefer, which is why I’ll buy it on PC instead, the game doesn’t warrant $50 IMO.


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