Magicka 2 Dev: DX12 is a big improvement over DX11, But Vulkan May Be Even Better

While DX12 is an improvement on DX11, it appears Vulcan might beat them both easily.

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If the developers of Magicka 2 can be believed, it appears that DirectX 12 is going to be quite the improvement over DirectX 11. This seems to indicate that it’s almost unanimous that DX12 is going to offer enough that gamers all across the world are going to be pretty darn happy with the updated solution.

Certainly there’s reason to get excited when talking about Xbox One gamers who are looking for resolution issues to get remedied. A report earlier in the spring said as much when it comes to DX12. In an interview with Worlds Factory, Pieces Interactive, the people who did indeed make Magicka 2 said that when DX 12 comes alongside Windows 10 it will be a nice step forward. Having said that, it appears Pieces Interactive is really looking forward to Vulcan.

“DX12 is a big improvement over DX11, it enables games to move to the next generation of graphics. But we’re also eagerly awaiting the official release of OpenGL Vulkan, which might even be better than DX12. Currently we are only experimenting with the API’s but we will of course support them eventually.” The company said in the interview.

Pieces Interactive of course, has some experience working with DX11 and DX12’s API but they haven’t yet gotten their hands on the Xbox One when it comes to Magicka 2. That game is only going to be offered for the PC and the PS4, though the firm did talk a bit about the possibility of it eventually moving the game over to the Xbox One. At the moment, that isn’t in the cards.

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  • Mark

    Asynchronous Compute, efficient multi-threading, Volume Tiled Resources…..of course graphics will be better with this.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Vulkan will be great. It’s impact depends if Khronos is competent enough to support hardware properly since OGL ran awful on AMD hardware and had bad stagnation issues. DICE already said DX 12 has an aggressive updating schedule so if they can’t deliver updates in time. More likely is that companies will support both. Two great PC API’s. May as well let the player choose instead of forcing one.

    Of course, Sony peasants will never EVER get Vulkan and morons like John Derp will continue to try talk about things he knows nothing about. I look forward to his frustrated delusions because PC gamers will likely be dual booting Win 10 and a Linux+GNU variant by the end of the year :^)

    • Guest

      There are times you let your fanboi flag fly high and then there are times like this when you post even-handed, spot on observations which is why i upvoted your post.

  • James

    1) CPU cores can be saturated at 99% for every core
    2) GPU can talk to all cores at once.
    3) Asynchronous Shading – multi-threaded shading/physics tasks
    4) Volume Tiled Resources – reduces memory footprint
    5) ExecuteIndirect – allows higher job count per API draw call
    6) Multi-Adapter – allows all GPU’s intergrated and discrete to behave as 1 GPU

    • Christopher Collins

      Saturating every core to 99% could result in thermal protections being triggered. There could be a small/large amount of people who end up with fried hardware. The only time I have EVER seen 99%~100% cpu core usage came in the form of running SETI@HOME / @Folding / BOINC type applications. I hope enough gaming sites / tech sites cover this area of gloom and doom, otherwise that ultra-l33t gaming session could very well be some peoples last……………………………

    • tommy walsh

      Noone cares about xboxs 7% increase in pCars. Pcftw!

  • Starman

    We’ve been through this already ….’Vulcan” is a joke ….Any article to take the thunder away from MS / XB1 …Another INDIE DEV on sabotage patrol ….

  • Pops

    I predict its goiog to be about the same.theres no bench marks and they are already trying to hype it up.I dont think vulkan has a chance.they should just scrap it


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