Mass Effect 4 Character Details Are ‘Insane’, Bioware’s Secret IP Development Updates Detailed

A few game development updates from Bioware.

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mass effect 4

Oh boy, now this is some fun information for us Mass Effect fans that are still excited despite a distinct lack of Mass Effect 4 content having been made available. Our trusted friend Twitter has once again allowed all members of the Mass Effect team to share some news amongst the masses.

First of all, Chris Wynn, the Senior Development Director for Mass Effect has revealed that the characters in the next game will have insane amount of details. “Busy showing and telling the latest Mass Effect progress to the team. The amount of detail on the characters is insane,” he stated on Twitter. He also assured fans that work on Frostbite, the engine the game is running on, is going just fine.

Bioware are not only working on the next Mass Effect, they are also busy with their new secret IP. Preston Watamaniuk, a Senior Creative Director with BioWare who is currently working on the secret project, stated that they have started to overcome complicated design issues in the game. “This last week yielded some great progress on some complicated design issues. Very exciting.” Also working on the secret project is writer Jay Watamaniuk, who revealed that he has written a great deal of the game’s story already.

Hopefully we will have more information in the coming months as we approach E3.

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  • PotGuy

    Hoping for PC support…

    • Martin Toney

      It’s been confirmed for PC 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      Can’t have a mass effect without pc

    • Hett

      This is Bioware, they can’t leave PC users without new Mass Effect 😀

  • PrinceAshitaka

    whaaaaaat? cool.

  • tplarkin7

    I want moar!

  • jordan jo

    Hopefully something for E3 this year.

  • Evan

    Well, I know that I’m going to have to get a new system. Mine can barely run DA: Inquisition. Stutters the whole time, and the cutscenes are even worse.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Less talk, more show.

    • Guest


  • MKH

    Why are the still using Frostbite. UE4 is the way to go.

    • bardock5151

      Maybe once they drop the legacy support for old consoles the engine will actually show some teeth.
      EA would be making them use the thing too.

    • MKH

      Yes, frostbite 3 is already showing it’s age. I just hope they don’t screw up Mirror’s Edge. That was one of the first games UE3 and look at it now it still shines.

    • RighteousNixon

      Do you have any idea how much it costs to license the use of those engines for major releases? Your talking major bucko money. Financially speaking, its much better to design your own engine, if you can. Some have been somewhat successful at doing so, other haven’t.

    • MKH

      You know that UE4 is free right?

      EDIT: You should also know that the other Mass Effect games were built using Unreal Engine.

    • Serneum

      “Free” as in 5% on all gross revenue after the first $3,000. Sure, free.

    • MKH

      For EA that is nothing. And it is cheaper than before because UE was not free back when they made Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3

  • RighteousNixon

    Now this is the kind of gaming info that gets my heart pumping!! Secret Bioware games, Mass Effect, etc. Now all I need is an announcement on more Mass Effect replica weapons and for Bioware to start producing limited edition lithographs again (like the original ones). then I will be all set on the Mass Effect front.

  • Guest

    Secret IP had better be a legit single-player KOTOR!

    Not another garbage MMO version…that SWTOR atrocity pretty much toileted the franchise. Proof that multiplayer does not make games better all time.


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