Mass Effect 4: Current Gen Hardware Allows More Cool Stuff To Do, Milestones Update And More

More details on the upcoming sci-fi role playing game.

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mass effect 4

As they all tend to do nowadays, developers, writers and other Bioware staff have taken to Twitter to tease players with upcoming features and elements of Mass Effect 4 as well as give us some information regarding the game’s current state of development. Senior Development Director at Bioware, Chris Wynn, recently revealed that they reached another development milestone, saying “Another milestone officially done for Mass Effect. On to the next one!”.

Bioware staffer Jos Hendriks also did some more teasing for the divisive Mako tank, which is set to make a return in Mass Effect 4. Speaking about it on Twitter, he said “Ramping off a giant space dune with the Mako at top speed to get some serious airtime is awesome confirmed.”

Working as a designer on the game, Hendriks also confirmed that the game won’t be coming out on last gen consoles. He also acknowledged that the new hardware has given them more to work with but it really does not affect his day to day activities. “It changes the bottleneck of how much power we have to work with. But in my day-to-day, it doesn’t change, really.” He then went on to say, “With more power comes a bit more freedom for cool stuff to do, sure, but my job is still much the same. :)”

Mass Effect 4 or whatever the next Mass Effect is going to be called is expected to launch next year, although this is officially not confirmed by EA or Bioware yet.

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  • If I have to use that stupid Origin service, I will pass on ME4. No thanks.


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