Mass Effect 4: Previous Saves Won’t Come Into Play, New Details Coming Soon

Keep your saves, no matter what they tell you.

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mass effect 4

Something might be going on over at Bioware, and it might not be an entirely good thing. Back in February of 2012, Bioware Associate Producer Mike Gamble said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep your Mass Effect 3 saves but he did not revealed how it will come to play since he thought it would be a bad idea if he did so.

But now Jonathan Warner, Senior Producer at BioWare, has tweeted that players who don’t have previous game saves need not worry. Mass Effect is a fairly huge series, everybody knows that. Myself, my friends and I’m sure you folks have sank a lot of time, possibly hundreds of hours into that games world and the characters therein. It would be a shame to see it go to waste.

But who knows what this means. It may be possible that the game may not require players to play the previous games to understand the story of the new Mass Effect or the game will have the option to import saves if any. But if it’s anything else it will be sad to see all that character building go to waste. But we may soon know more, after all Warner did tweet that Mike Gamble might be sharing “some Mass Effect stuff soon”.

I’m keeping my save anyway, just to be sure.

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  • Iyasu

    99% sure that they mean to create a save creator similar to Dragon Age Keep

    • Jmacq1

      ^ What this guy said. It’s pretty much the only way to carry over games cross-console.

      I’d also note that the headline is misleading…It says you won’t need your old saves, not that “old saves won’t come into play.” In other words…just like the last three Mass Effect games, where you could pick up and play any of them without saved games.

  • mclarenfan1968

    Just like your don’t need to have a saved game to start playing ME2 and ME3. These tweets mean nothing unless they categorically deny there is no save or even a flag point check system before the start of the new game.

  • Mauro Lord

    They can be just lying, as they have lied about a Shepard looking character and now we just got an N7 ”explorer” on the making. As they have done it before, they do it now and will always do. For some reason the devs thinks that tweetting is a nice thing, but words on words aren’t anything for most of the time, and they’re doing exactly that. Only videos and pictures could save the lame.

  • wat

    Making your previous saves transfer to the next game would be the worst possible thing they could do.

    The next game should simply carry on as if the trilogy never happened. Reboot, alternate universe, whatever they wanna call it, it should be 100% independent of the trainwreck that ME3’s and to an extent, ME2’s became.

    • Ercan Dereköy

      Commander Shepard has a recorded message for the protagonist in the game..


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