Mass Effect Andromeda: EA Reassures That It Is On Track For Financial Year 2017 Release

Game is still on schedule.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Ever since Mass Effect Andromeda was announced at this year’s E3, there have been people who were equal parts excited and nervous about a suspected Holiday 2016 release date. The excitement part is rather obvious, while the nervousness comes from wondering if EA would actually be able to hit their goal. During a recent earnings call EA’s COO Peter Moore talked about the fact that the company still thinks it can get very close to the previous release date talk.

During last week’s investors call, Moore talked about the game still being on schedule for the FY 2017. While some people will look at 2017 as meaning that the game has actually been delayed, but the fiscal year of 2017 actually does include part of 2016. That means the game could appear anytime next year. It’s also possible the game could come out in January or February of 2017, so EA does have a little wiggle room if there is some need to delay the game at some point.

The developers have been talking a lot about the game without giving a ton of specifics. We do know that the game is going to be using the same engine as what we’re seeing in Star Wars: Battlefront. With this much talk about expecting the game in the calendar year of 2016, it would be a bit foolish for Electronic Arts to do everything they can to make sure they hit that goal. At teh same time, the company should make sure Mass Effect: Andromeda is done right and not rushed out.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    …………..they’re lying

    • MarkG

      About what ?

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Did you not read? They say they’re certain it’ll ship next year without problems. You actually believe them? This is Bioware making game of course but EA could be hampering them. Just watch: next E3 they either announce a delay or plans for DLC after launch because EA cut them short and have to sell it separately from game.

    • MarkG

      I can certainly read, your rather obtuse statement seems to be just a preface of you wanting to enter into a combative conversation in an attempt to force your ill informed aggressive accusations onto someone else. Enjoy the game whenever it comes out.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Not obtuse actually if you’ve followed news on them and know their track record with their games usually then you’d know what I’d been talking about the first time.

      And no that’s not what my comment was for; I seriously think they will end up delaying it. I’m hoping to play the first 3 games before this releases; I’d not I’m just gonna play. I don’t want a broken game so they can work on it as long as they want until it’s flawless. Doesn’t matter to me.


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