Mass Effect Andromeda’s Development Director Leaves Bioware

Will now “eagerly await the release of Andromeda with equal enthusiasm.”

Posted By | On 27th, Dec. 2015 Under News

Mass Effect Andromeda

While we don’t have a ton of concrete info about Mass Effect: Andromeda we’ve been getting pieces of information here and there. Perhaps the most interesting pieces of information have been the people Bioware has been hiring to work on the title. Now one of the biggest pieces of news is that Chris Wynn, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s development director is on the way out. While Wynn didn’t announce just why he was leaving Bioware but he took to Twitter in order to tell fans of the game series he was going to be moving on.

“It is with a heavy heart today to say that I am moving on from BioWare and Mass Effect: Andromeda, and returning to the USA. The Andromeda team is the most talented team that I have ever worked with, truly inspiring to have worked with you each and every day. I will join the passionate N7 community and will eagerly await the release of Andromeda with equal enthusiasm. Thank you and Happy Holidays!” Wynn said in a series of tweets announcing the departure.

So far, Wynn hasn’t talked about what was behind the move. Wynn has been quite coy about information when it comes to the game. He’s managed to tease different details about Mass Effect: Andromeda in the past but now it appears we’re going to have to get those little teases from someone else. There’s no telling how long Bioware will take to name Wynn’s replacement.

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  • Zarbor

    I was concerned about this game before he left and still very concerned after he’s gone. Mass Effect 3 was a huge let down. I really don’t feel that this game will be much better since it will have MP.

    • Bruno Travassos

      What did you dislike about ME3, exactly? I’m curious.

    • G4MR

      [Spoiler] He was probably part of the bandwagon that was pissed that the different endings were too similar. Then they updated it iirc and everyone was happy again. ME2/3 were my all time favorite games and I’m ready for the next iteration.


    they should focus on storyline & gameplay experience instead MP .ME was SP only

  • SethComa

    always wonder about the reasons why someone would leave after they just said the group was the most talented team they’ve ever worked with. why leave that voluntarily?

    • This is only speculation, but judging from the first tweet, i’d assume it has something to do with location/moving.

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  • YuriFan

    Knowing that he was working for EA, I don’t really need to dig into why he left.
    Most likly forced him to make some changes to the game.

    • Betty Factor

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  • Roroh Shaggy!


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