Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: Old vs New Build Screenshot Comparison

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Metal Gear Rising was revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2010 conference, and while we were watching that now, it’s not hard to notice a significant downgrade from the original trailer. The latest trailer revealed at the VGA 2011 was in some ways, disappointing and underwhelming. And that’s just based on the in-game impressions. We can’t seem to help notice that the reveal trailer looked much better than the new one. The graphics looked much better and the swordplay had a meaty feeling to it.
This is the reason, this screenshot comparison, so we can scrutinize it a bit more. Check them out above and according to us, the graphical differences are huge.

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  • i like this game and hate it at the same time.

    Because it’s a step back to the Zandatsu:/
    now its a regular hack n slash

  • I wouldn’t be worried about this game at all. This is all clearly due to a change in developer, and let’s face it, kojima productions are clearly better and more experienced than platinum games when it comes to making a game look pretty. However, platinum have a huge edge over them in terms of making a hack ‘n slash game. Just look at bayonetta, probably the best game of it’s genre around, add the metal gear universe into the mix, and you have a (hopefully) awesome game. I’d be pretty happy if this game was just bayonetta in a cyborg ninja wrapping 🙂

  • I like the old version the new trailer was kinda dissapointing

  • “…and according to us, the graphical differences are huge”

    Are you kidding ????
    Which one is the latest build ????

  • A game that once turned out to look like a flagship title for PS3, looses exclusivity, quality content and now is nothing more than an usual multi-platform game poised to look better on 360 for some weird reason. Biggest disappointment from Kojima. Metal Gear Solid 4 will be my last respected title of the series.

    • It’s not being made by Kojima. He let the project go because it lacked direction, and the technical limitations when multiplatting basically overwhelmed the game, so another developer is making it.

  • I have no interest in this game anymore now that it’s not being built by Kojima Productions.


    1. Kojima Productions actually cancelled the game and Platinum Games took over development, meaning it’s not a Kojima game anymore. (

    2. This is not a Metal Gear Solid game. The word Solid was removed from the title.

    3. Looses is not a word. The word you were looking for was “Loses”.

    4. I don’t believe this game was ever announced to be exclusive to PS3.

    5. Your claiming that the game is poised to look better on 360 is nothing but speculation.

  • @GameAnalyzer

    This was never exclusive to PS3 – if you recall, Rising was first revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference as a multi-platform title, it was never set to be a flagship PS3 title.

  • It should be noted that the original trailer looked much better because that trailer was CG. This one is in game footage.

  • It looks like a spinoff from the Metal Gear Solid franchaise – Rising. From the same team as Bayonetta, expect crazy fast fluid responsive combat and an over the top almost campy story line.

    All in all – should be fun, but maybe not “Metal Gear”

  • Bob

    It was revealed in the recent half hour video that they’re no longer using the Fox Engine, they’re using Platinum’s engine. Yes it looks like trash in comparison, especially the animation, but it is a small studio.

  • Bob

    Oh yeah and for what it’s worth the first MGS4 footage looked way better than the final game.


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