Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima Being Fired From Konami Is “Categorically Incorrect”

Konami reacts after MGS Voice Actress Donna Burke revealed that Kojima has been fired.

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We all know that something has went down at Konami regarding Hideo Kojima and his team of video game masterminds. Whether or not the real truth of the events is already out there is up for debate, one person however, decided that they knew the truth. Donna Burke, the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes voice actor that played the iDroid, took to Twitter to say, “Yes don’t throw away the Kojima teams work over the last 5 years because upper management fired a genius.”

When asked if she just confirmed that Kojima was actually fired from the company, she then said, “”yes but it’s been out in the media for weeks..but it’s true.” Since then however, a Konami representative has reached out to Videogamer and told them that to suggest that Kojima has been fired is “categorically incorrect”.

So maybe he wasn’t fired after all. Sure, Kojima Productions’ had their logo removed from a number of Metal Gear Solid materials, but does this mean he was actually fired? Given that he is still working on the game does not indicate he was fired. Insider sources recently stated that he will be leaving the company this December. We will keep you update as this develops.

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  • Xengre

    “Categorically incorrect” means he was, effectively, fired or close to it, else it would be incorrect. Simple. He was likely shifted to contract and will be departing post MGS5 in December as rumored. Basically, its the same thing. They need him to finish MGS 5 and make sure it is ready for success before they toss him.


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