Metal Gear Solid 5: New Locations Possibly Revealed, Motherbase Staff Can’t Be Given Custom Names

Possible spoilers.

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Just a few weeks out of the launch of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain there is even more information coming about the game everyday. That information is coming from a number of different sources. Some particular details have even slipped out thanks to the Gamestop‘s description of the game on its official website. It appears that the chain store didn’t realize that fans of the series didn’t yet have this info but now we know that a big part of the game is tracking Snake’s enemies through Afghanistan in order to take down the Patriots who might be developing a weapon that is worse than Metal Gear.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbits that are being divulged are there are going to be some new locations other than Afghanistan to play. Gamestop says that the player will get to play in both Russia and the United States. Considering this game is taking place during the cold war era, these new locations could be really interesting to see first hand. It would also make sense since the developers have been talking about how much longer the story mode in this game than previous iterations.

Gamestop also let some info slip about the open world environment that you’ll be playing through. “Play as Venom Sake (Big Boss) through massive open-world environments covering terrain from Cold War Russia to the United States encountering a cast of characters both familiar and downright strange.” Not all the information is coming straight from the retailer. One detail about Motherbase is that players won’t be able to name staff. In Metal Gear Solid 5 their names are automatic according to Konami’s Ken-ichiro Imaizumi on Twitter.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launches in September.

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  • tplarkin7

    Great news. It looks like there will be more than sandy desert. I hope for city environments.

    • Matc123

      Well there is Africa which looks like a luscious jungle.
      For America and Russia I hope it is true and I would love a city. As mgs has only touch on that with mgs 4 with that European city and they had that Middle East village (which is the only time you see citizens in a mgs game other than the cutscenes in mgs2). But with the game being only 24 gb and a YouTuber saying he completed 40% of the game with 18 hours (being in Africa still) I don’t know if it is possible to have two more big open maps or if it is true it could be like mgs 4 where you just have one mission there or a small section that can be played.

    • tplarkin7

      Play time is tricky. You can beat Ground Zeros in 10 minutes, but you’re skipping huge parts of the game. I put 60 hours into Ground Zeros. (PSN – ZackDollars)

    • Matc123

      I didn’t really mean anything by the playtime other than this YouTuber said he only got a couple hours into Africa with 18 hours total playtime with a 40% story completion. So if Africa takes the story completion to 60%-70% there might only be room for small maps or one big one. Ps this YouTuber could of been incorrect about his completion.

      At most I expect there to be a third big map but you got to consider afghan alone is 70x bigger than GZ, then motherbase looks like it will be huge, apparently you go back to ground zeroes in Cuba could be dlc though, Cyprus and Africa.

      For playtime one of the konami employees said it took him 50 hours to complete just the story.

      Lastly I probably spent 100+ hours with ground zeroes and I still haven’t completed everything. Most of this time was trying to get that 450meter headshot and unlocking pupa custom (which made you have to beat it under 10mins).

    • DiamondDogs1

      Its certain there wont be any city, this game is Two or three huge maps with objectives scattered through all of them.

    • Georg Grossmaier

      A desert for Afghanistan, a jungle in Africa, an urban area in the U.S. and a Siberian winter landscape in Russia. And, of course, Mother Base. That would be some really diverse settings!


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