Metal Gear Solid 5 Story DLC Not Happening Anytime Soon, Revisiting Camp Omega Clarified

Konami’s community manager clears away confusion regarding story DLC and revisiting Camp Omega.

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metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

For those hoping that Konami will be releasing a Story DLC for its critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, then you better keep your hopes in check. Konami’s Metal Gear Solid community manager, Robert Allan Peer has confirmed there is no story DLC in the works. It may however happen in the future but we can’t say for sure and honestly given Konami’s confused reports about doing business in the console industry it seems that a new expansion pack for the already expensive The Phantom Pain seems extremely unlikely.

Remember a while back, Kojima confirmed that they had a feature in works for The Phantom Pain which will allow players to revisit Camp Omega provided they own a copy of Ground Zeroes? Turns out it was a feature connected to Metal Gear Online. Robert confirmed that it will be one of the mission areas in Metal Gear Online 3 [which we already know about] and not something that is connected to the story. He further clarified in another tweet that events from Ground Zeroes are only highlighted in the game and players don’t get to play in Camp Omega.

So there you have it. No Camp Omega. No story DLC. I wonder why Kojima said all those big things regarding a cool feature which has never been done in video games?

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  • ciclamaino

    Now i am so sad…..

    But this not explain the missing 5 gb from pc version and chapter 3 peace

    • well the 5gb is supposedly MGO3 in which the console version already has MGO3 installed. There are no solid confirmations on the chapter 3 bumper card on whether its fake or not, like a troll by someone.

    • ciclamaino

      i know.
      my personal theory is that after the global unlock of the cutscenes where all nuke are defused, the chapter 3 starts.

    • That’s a good theory

  • Shichun Zhang

    To be fair, include previous game world thing has already been done in pokemon gold/silver

  • Brandon Rinebold

    “I wonder why Kojima said all those big things” I’m pretty sure it was because he really expected to put them into the game and then the finance people at Konami said he already spent 80 million on the game so he gets no more money for this project and has to ship whatever he can finish with very little extra work. Everything about the storyline and partially finished content screams that there was more content that was planned but was just chopped out at the last minute.

    • AndrewJ

      what about that battle gear that we dont ever get to use, that was one of the things that would have been usable later on in the game but they had to stop development of it, yet they left it in the game that’s a big sign it was rushed

    • JohnnyWalker2K1

      BattleGear was cut early on because it unbalanced the game.

  • Agent HUNK

    Hmmm…………I have S ranked everything and just started making Nukes and found some weird cutscenes and conversations happening now with Raiden and the A.I Boss! I am playing till I hit 100% !!!

    • Dtoxz

      @agenthunk Explain please! Raiden’s skin and the AI pod? What are they saying?

    • Agent HUNK

      Boss A.I. Pod sas hello Jack it has been a long time you have changed alot. Please kill me jack

    • Sasha K

      Big Boss’s name is Jack… didn’t play MGS3, did you?

    • Agent HUNK

      played and have beaten every metal gear since the first metal over 5 times If not more. I have also platinumed every one of them on vita and ps3 which includes 2-4… I have beaten every one of them on nintendo,gamecube,vita,ps2,ps3,and now i am at 70 % with all s ranks on v…. oh yeah and ive beaten rising 3 times on hardest difficulty . Hmmm..maybe I like the metal gear series a little bit and your a huge fan a know so much. The scene didnt happen with Venom skin on just Raiden.

    • Lord Stoma

      Raiden’s name is also Jack… didn’t play Kirby’s Dream Land, did you?

  • thiR

    Is there still a captain at the helm of the Konami ship? The communication of this company is really confusing and their economical decisions don’t even remotely make sense. When you have a game that is still a Kojima game, you’re supposed to make as much money as possible by releasing DLC, ESPECIALLY if the game is incomplete. It really makes you wonder how this company survived so long in the video game industry (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they disapear from the video game industry with 10 years and refocus on making patchinko machines instead).

    My only hope now is that they will pull their fingers out of their arses and have an anti-cheat system ready for the release of MGO on PC (that would be the only acceptable explanation as why it will be released 3 months later than the console version). Otherwise it is likely to fail.

  • Jonny Tanna

    Come on Konami. Release chapter 3. We’ll gladly pay for it

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