Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain 4th Ending Leaks, Konami CM Says Players Haven’t Done Everything

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metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

Since Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain released, one of the most interesting things about the game is that it appears there was more content than anyone could have fathomed. [Possible spoilers ahead] This was recently underlined by the fact that missions such as Kingdom of the Flies was actually cut from the final game, despite the fact that it appeared to be very close to finished. There was also a third chapter titled “Peace” that wasn’t actually included in the game as well.

Now it appears that Konami is actually teasing the fact that players of this massive title actually haven’t seen everything. Just what that means is anyone’s guess but yet another scene has surfaced recently and Konami’s Community Manager Robert Allen Peeler is being rather cagey about whether or not the scene was cut or is buried in a way that will allow players to see it if they do things just the right way. While the actual scene has since been taken down from YouTube [however we have a mirror here], one Twitter user was able to show it to Peeler and asked him to explain. When he replied “cutscene in the game, don’t really want to spoil anything about it,” the user responded back with “definitely not in the game,” and Peeler egged him on saying “if you say so.”

A bit more of a back and forth between Peeler and the user eventually got Konami’s CM to explain that with the game that “is huge as it is, but players haven’t done everything, if someone got this scene naturally, this early, I’m impressed” He then detailed a couple of ways in which people could work towards bringing this scene out. The bottom line is that there appears to be yet another ending though only a small portion of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain players will ever see it. It seems that this one is tied to FOBs and the players themselves, however we are not sure how to get this cutscene.

It seems there is still much to discover in the game if Robert is to believed. The mind boggles at the possibilities…is there more incoming? Time will tell.

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  • Big Boss

    I don’t even care about spending money on paid missions now, that cut mission could’ve been a great mission.

    • chiffmonkey

      You’re already a demon. Me too.

  • The cutscene is tied to building and disarming nukes. You can do this from the RESOURCES tab in the Mother Base menu.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    So counting that ending, which is the true ending and are the other endings just shorter versions of the true ending? ( No spoilers on what the actual endings are please).

    • Alexander Donald

      True ending is “Nuclear”, “Truth” mission, and presumably “Kingdom of the Flies” are all canon. Truth retcons the intro of the game, “Nuclear” is a special unlock relating to the FOB system, and “Kingdom of the Flies” is cut content that is neither confirmed or denied being canon.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ah ok so I’d have to do a lot of side stuff on top of FOB in order to get Nuclear. But is just an extended version of truth then? Hope someone releases how exactly to unlock it. And let’s hold out to see if Konami explains more about Kingdom of the Flies and other cut content.

  • mikebillyjeff

    Konami should be ashamed of themselves for limiting artistic freedom for a rushed in top dollar. Thank God the game is so good that it’s still a masterpiece. I really hope that it wasn’t cut and it’s just hidden somewhere.

    • Blu Ray

      If the “artistic freedom” costed me a millions of dollars I would limit it too.

    • mikebillyjeff

      then let the consumer retaliate by not buying another one of their products so they can learn not to fire the people that made them a once exceptional company.

    • Blu Ray

      Why are Kojima fans trying to assign uber sinister motivations behind what Konami did and some kind of Bond villain-esque lust for mayhem and suffering?

      Kojima wasn’t doing Konami a favor, he was getting payed for his job, not doing any charity. Once he became too expensive for Konami, they had to let him go. There really is nothing absurd in that.

    • thugcubscout

      see the thing is with out kojima..konami is pretty much crap..think of all the money they made off of HIS idea.

    • Blu Ray

      The thing is, what you’re saying is actually completely wrong, lol. Only a very small fraction of Konami is responsible for console based video games which is the smallest section of its revenue. Metal Gear series is just a portion of that already small revenue. Konami do plenty of others things which actually are significantly more lucrative than that. Heck… there was even an interview with Konami’s CEO back in May where he made it clear that to him traditional games aren’t worth the effort.

      Then you also have to remember that the very first Metal Gear project was handed in early stages to Kojima by a senior at Konami. It wasn’t initially his, had he not joined Konami, someone else would have taken over it. If we go back even further, you’ll see that Kojima had no reputation back when he joined Konami, the company on the other hand was already well established and successful. So basically, if anything, it’s Kojima who should be thankful for Konami, it’s them who helped him become a big name.

  • Hermione Granger

    “The bottom line is that there appears to be yet another ending though only a small portion of Metal Gear Solid 5:The Phantom Pain players will ever see it.”

    with youtube and everything today… everyone will be able to see everything.

  • TheBeauJOB

    So what’s konami getting at? That chapter 3 is accessed somehow? Do we have to do something out of the ordinary to access it? It’s kojima so I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Nothing of the sort yet, Konami hasn’t commented on the cut content. May have to wait a month or two before they spill the beans.

    • TheBeauJOB

      Yeah true. though if it is secret story content, it makes things rather exciting now doesn’t it. It will influence a lot of people to find this stuff. I hear there is a secret “demon” meter in the game that makes your horn bigger and covered in blood. Maybe we can get that to maxed and it will trigger something? To explain the path of becoming a villain, we will have to go that route ourselves.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Yeah I just hope that doesn’t count as DLC. They better make it free. That’s something to do with the your morality in missions like killing less people keeps horn smaller or something. But I suppose that’d make sense also. Guess we’ll find out whenever Konami feels like playing story time with us.

    • TheBeauJOB

      Yeah I’m nervous with dlc. Hope it’s free as well.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      If not, Konami just multiplied their problems hundred fold.

  • most people looking at this article either don’t care about spoilers or have ‘finished’ the game right? why are the kids in that cutscene?

    • WEL

      that’s a very good question my friend. I already did all the missions and fully upgraded my base, so I know what happens to the kids. So if this cut-scene is really the final one then the kids being there makes absolutely no sense at all.

  • outofusernames

    I disarmed some nukes but how am i supposed to “get rid of every
    last nuclear weapon in the world” if they are produced by other players? I guess the conditions to get this scene are much more tricky..

    • chiffmonkey

      It might be possible if the Nuclear-Equipped Targets tab actually worked…

  • GES280

    for those who want to know, it will unlock in the event of complete nuclear disarmament in the FOB meta game.

  • Brandon Gurney

    If everyone lays down their nukes together there will be peace.

  • TheWbarletta

    Too bad everyone already saw it lol…


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