Michael Pachter On PS4 Pro’s Lack of UHD Drive- I Don’t Think Anyone Cares

‘When was the last time you rented a DVD or Blu Ray?’

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The PlayStation 4 Pro will not have a UHD Blu Ray drive, while Microsoft have included one in the Xbox One S (and will presumably include one in the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, too). This actually comes as a bit of a surprise, given Sony’s media background, and their propensity to push the latest media format with their consoles whenever they get the chance (CDs with PlayStation, DVD with PS2, and Blu Rays with PS3).

You would think this would be an issue for PS4 Pro sales going forward, with the Xbox One S’s appeal as a media machine in addition to a games console prompting people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in a games console to buy it- and certainly, the sales figures the last few months reflect that. However, Michael Pachter, well known analyst at Wedbush Securities, disagrees, stating in an exclusive interview with GamingBolt that physical media is a dying format anyway, and that its inclusion is unlikely to shift the needle of sales much.

“When was the last time you rented a DVD or Blu Ray?” Pachter laughed.” Almost no one buys DVDs –  well, I shouldn’t say that, DVD sales are down by about 50% in the last couple of years – and UHD disc sales are about 5% of the total, so who cares? You’re talking about such a small slice, why would you build something in to a console that’s going to be obsolete? Now, Microsoft chose to do it, I admire them and respect them for giving us something we don;t necessarily need. But I don’t think anybody cares, I really don’t.”

I don’t think I necessarily agree with him here- retail stores, for instance, are likely to push the Xbox One S more now, in conjunction with 4K televisions, to score sales in tandem of both products. Meanwhile, anecdotally, people perceive the Xbox One S to be higher value than the PS4, simply because it includes a UHD drive- even if that is not something that they are likely to use. This war is all about perception- and the omission of a UHD Blu Ray drive is definitely hurting Sony on that front.

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  • Alistein

    I wonder why reporters keep turning to this guy, he’s literally wrong almost all the time. That said ps4 doesn’t necessarily need a Uhd drive but it certainly gives the Xbox One s the edge for marketing and obtaining a 4ktv.
    Also a video interview will be good once in awhile , I have yet to see one on this site.

  • Gamez Rule

    PS4 Pro is an extension to the existing models, and to be fair that’s good to have and as a GAMING console Sony is offering more than MS at the moment without making a console expensive to buy ( for the gamer ). Sony has PS4 / PS4 Slim / PS4-Pro model options all in the price range that GAMERS except and ALL these consoles are using the same type of drives ( non UHD Drives ) yet still offer better gaming support.

    Why would PS4-Pro even need an UHD-Blu-ray player? Truth is Sony’s PS4-Pro doesn’t need a UHD-Blu-ray drive just like older PS4 models didn’t need them ( and they STILL outsold MS worldwide ), so I don’t see what the big deal is that Sony stayed with the Blu-ray drive. Sony has offered a more powerful console to gamers while MS just talks about their Scorpio, and that’s the real deal as when Christmas comes Sony will have all models released while MS have……. nothing new.

  • Dougdec92

    Well, I don’t see.why any of you should fret over this post, it’s an opinion not a decree, that’s why consoles have options apart from the fact that you can play video games, take internet connectivity for example, others will like the port and others the wireless option, for those who know what to buy, their choices will drive them towards the right product with a little research.

  • Hvd

    but people care if the ps4 pro has overheating porblems and its confirmed at the paris week event it does..lol



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