Microsoft Clears The Air About Kinect, Confirms It CAN Be Played While Sitting Down

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For all those of you who hate Kinect, you have reason to hate it a little less now. No, there still hasn’t been an announcement of a Kinect exclusive hardcore game yet. What I’m talking about is Microsoft addressing a major complaint with what was apparent throughout Kinect’s E3 tech demos: the fact that it evidently cannot be played while sitting down.

Well, Microsoft has confirmed that this is not the case, and that Kinect CAN be played while you’ve parked your utt on your comfortable couch. So for all of those who don’t want to look like they’ve got siezures standing up, you can now look like you’ve got an epilepsy attach while on your couch! Technology, oh how it progresses.

The concerns were first voiced when it became apparent that all current Kinect games can only be played while standing up.  But MS pointed to applications such as browsing the Xbox dashboard or controlling movies on the console with Kinect as “experiences where we expect people to be sitting.”

MS promises that its E3 showing was “only the tip of the iceberg” and that it’s “natural for Kinect games to be designed to get you off the couch: dancing, running, dodging, bending and kicking.”

Okay. I don’t really care. Wake me up when there’s a title I actually care about on the Kinect. Barring Joyride. That one I actually liked. Somewhat.

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  • Franti

    you know, whether it’ll turn out good or bad, I have to give Microsoft credit for going with the ballsier attempt at gaming evolution. Sony is just doing the same thing that Nintendo did, and while, if they implement it properly, they could do more with it than the Wii has (which isn’t Nintendo’s fault, really, but no designers have embraced what the Wii could offer), Microsoft has potential to truly do something nobody has been able to do yet. And Microsoft is expanding on their already-superior online-integration stuff – giving the ability to video chat over a 360 is pretty awesome, even if the motion tracking stuff ends up not working.

    And sorry for the snarkier, less fleshed out comment on the Sony Move article :D, got carried away.


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