Microsoft Exec: Third Party Devs Blown Away By Xbox One X, “This Thing Is No Bullshit”

Aaron Greenberg reveals that game developers are excited about the Xbox One X.

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We’ve heard a lot about the Xbox One X in the last few days, about what its capable of and how it has amazed the developers who have been working on it, from Ubisoft to Turn 10. As per Aaron Greenberg, who is the marketing manager of Xbox, that has been the general consensus among almost every developer that has worked on an Xbox One X dev kit so far.

“There’s a lot of third party partners, where each week we hear more stories about ‘hey, we got our dev kits, this is what we’re doing with them’,” Greenberg said in a podcast. “They’re not all ready to talk about it yet, but magic is happening. They are all legitimately being blown away. One of our third party developers called up, and he was like, ‘this thing is no bullshit. You guys were not messing around.'”

“They couldn’t believe it,” Greenberg continued. “They were just so excited. They were like, ‘we just wanna show this [our game] on X. It’s the only thing we want to show this game on.’ It’s just been fun to see reactions like that.”

The Xbox One X launches on November 7 at $499. Stay tuned to GamingBolt and we’ll keep bringing you more updates on everything to do with the One X.

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