Microsoft Execs: Scorpio Won’t Have FPS Counter, Front Panel Buttons For Developer Customization

Not happening, frame rate lovers.

Posted By | On 08th, May. 2017 Under News

Recently a video of the dev kit for Project Scorpio has been doing the rounds. Obviously dev kits are not the final version of a console’s design. However, some publications- whether tongue in cheek or not – wanted Microsoft to include the FPS counter on the front of the console.

Albert Penello, senior director of product management and planning at Microsoft, chimed in on NeoGAF and responded that, “Obviously reading it, it’s a bit of a joke. But this isn’t something you should expect us to do on a consumer unit.” As an aside, when a NeoGAF user asked what the 1234 buttons on the front were for, Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen noted that they were,”Developer customizable functions.”

Project Scorpio is slated to be revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2017 presser on June 11th. We’ve already seen how games like Forza Motorsport 6 run but how much will it cost? What will it look like? All this and more will be revealed in the coming month so stay tuned.

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    Not surprised the final retail model for Project Scorpio won’t have a LED FPS meter why is this considered news

    • Joe Cool

      Because not everyone is not surprised.


      Anyone who believes a console maker would put a LED FPS counter screen on the retail version of a console is either mentally challenged or just started playing video games yesterday

    • kma99

      Watch the sonytards come and complain about it and call ms anti consumer.

    • Nah bro.. as a member of the ‘Sony Defence Force’ i don’t have anything to say.

      The PS4 Pro is and will always be better than the poisenous Scorpio..

    • As a now PC gamer, I can agree, and you have only one reason: Because the ps4 and ps4 pro actually have games.

    • Michael

      Lol…sure they do. The only time anyone talks about ps4 pro is when they point out how scorpio is so much bettsr.

    • With hardware that is completely pointless. The xbox has no exclusive games.

    • kma99

      PlayStation has no exclusives, everything will be on pc eventually. You sonytards always use being a pc player as your backup defense lol.

    • I don’t own nor have I used a PlayStation 3 or Playstation 4. Look at the profile picture. Yes if the hint needs to be anymore obvious, I used to be an xbox gamer. Only console I have, and still use on occasion, is an xbox 360

    • kma99

      So u speak about something that’s factually incorrect? Odd to show up with a half truth

    • What is factually correct though? That the xbox one is a console with little to no value to pc gamers, nintendo gamers or playstation gamers besides one single dwindling AAA IP? That seems factuially correct enough for me. How is Scalebound by the way?

    • kma99

      So just because you assume it has no value doesnt make it true. Most pc gamers csnt even do 4k so thr scorpio will have a leg up right from thr beginning. You talk about exclusives yet playstation onlt had 2 exclusives thwt were of any merit before 2017 and that was bloodborne and uncharted. Most people who purchased thr ps4 said they did so because of thr power, if u don’t believe me google it. As far as exclusives go there will truly be no exclusive because if i eait my time i can simply play 12 for a month and rent any ps4 game and play it on pc. So again you are factually incorrect and havent even done re search just used your opinion.

    • The scorpio won’t have power as an advantage because by the time it comes out, they’ve said themselves it will be compared to a mid-range PC; playstation now isn’t exclusives coming to pc (you are paying for cloud services to just stream the games to it), and how you need a good internet connection for it to work (which not everybody actually has); the survey has zero indication towards the sample sizes; the playstation 4 was revealed, marketed and priced far better than the xbox one at their 2013 releases, the latter one easily turning people away due to how poorly it was revealed; the Playstation 4 exclusives are still far better in regards to quality and quantity than the xbox one anyway, and thanks to microsoft physically porting xbox games to pc, it doesn’t have any left besides halo 5 (and even forge of that is on PC). Buying brick shaped plastic that has nothing but power as the draw makes those people idiots/corporate slaves.

    • kma99

      Why are u comparing to power to a pc? Compare it to the competition. It will never be as powerful as a pc because of the vast amounts of customization with pc but who can build a pc at that console price point? Certainly not gonna get a mid range pc with a 4k blu ray player if it comes in a around 400. As far as streaming games this wasnt about streaming it was about accessibility and if i cant play the game without needing to buy a ps4 then its not exclusive. All i need is 12 dollars a month to play ans i save month on buying a console i may or may not want. I thoughyt pc guys didnt care about consoles anyway? Is that a myth now? Your comment about playstation games quality is simply your opinion. Doesnt make it wrong it just doesnt make it fact. If i was to say nintendo games were better quality that’s my opinion and you would probably disagree.

    • I’m not comparing the power, Microsoft themselves said it.

      It has already been proven that £400-500 pcs easily outperform the current consoles (not counting the Scorpio as it is not out yet, and we haven’t been shown anything).

      I still don’t consider them properly exclusive until you can actually download them to your alternate platform.

      It is not an opinion about the Playstation games, because I have stated that I do NOT own a ps3 or ps4 and have played none of the games. I am merely looking at the general critical reception for the games, critical and community consensus.

      And, uhh, WHY do you need a 4k blue ray player? I think you mean 4k monitor, and those are still cheaper than 4k televisions, which are gonna be needed if you want to actually use the advertised power of the scorpio anyway.

    • kma99

      So because you consider a game an exclusive if you can’t download it to the competing platform now that’s what makes it an exclusive. Earlier u said Microsoft has no exclusives because its games are on pc. So which one is it. Are they exclusive for Microsoft or not since you keep moving the goal post. Oh you give sony the benefit of the doubt, no worries i see the double standards its common in these gaming arenas lol. And why wouldn’t u want a 4k blu ray player if its technically free? What if u decide to upgrade your tv because u get a great price on a new one. Well looky here a have a 4k blu ray attached to my console that i can use to watch movies. I thought options were a good thing. Oh yeah its good only when sony gives u the options.

    • You spoke the truth. When MS brought their xbox games to pc it began self destructing it’s own console the xbox one and soon the scorpio will be a big flop!

      Now hopefully all those hatefull xbox fanboys will self destruct with it.

    • Hahahha.. even your old xbox buddys dumped you after the xbox one.

      Why are you still defending the xbox? Lol

    • I also love how it’s always sony sony sony, never steam steam steam.

    • kma99

      Im not defending xbox, they can defend themselves. Im responding to these rabid fanboys. Why do u care anyway

    • I care about gaming thats why i am here.

    • kma99

      Then u shouldn’t care that i respond to the trolls and the toxic idiots who clutter these sites. You dont see me bashing sony, i enjoy and have all platforms i just enjoy upsetting these guys who constantly have anything negative to say. Any positive xbox news u can guarantee they will show up. Any negative xbox news they so they save defending the article and spewing their rhetoric. Any negative ps new they come throwing a fit and any positive news they can’t leave it at that they have to throw in something stupid about Microsoft

    • Why do you think most people say stupid stuff about Microsoft? Some people just don’t like xbox whatever way you spin it.

      If MS would just show us some killer IP/new games then they would probably change their minds.. but it will take at least 3 years before the Scorpio gets true exclusives. By then there will already be a new generation and probably a “new Scorpio 2”.

      MS will abandon their consoles too early.. i don’t like this whole mid cycle hardware refresh.

      If the Scorpio was a truely next-gen-machine i would find it more appealing to have it.

      The Scorpio is not radical enough at this stage in the generation to really change anything.

      Its not like i will buy the games i have on my PS4 Pro again on the Scorpio.. why pay double the price for the scorpio + the games?

    • kma99

      It doesnt matter what xbox shows they still do thr same idiotic stuff. They put out 5 games last year and they all complained. Xrat/ ocelot went to every metacritic article and game them 0 amd pit stupid remarks behind all of them. What type of mental case does that?
      So you say ms abandon they console too early yet we receive a mid cycle upgrade from sony first, u know the guys who in 2013 promised 1080p 60fps.
      Who said anything about Scorpio changing anything certainly not me. For those of us who want thr best consoles habe to offer we get the upgrades plain and simple. U dont see me bragging about trivial stuff that has nothing to offer my wallet.
      Last why would u assume u had to buy a game again? All the games will just work with tgr physical or digital games u have now there are no scorpio games and xbox 1 games they are all one in thr same. Your 360 games will work also if u have those. Why would u assume sime bs like that unless u A. Didnt pay attention or B. Didnt care to pay attention.

    • Yeah i mean i would have to buy the games on the Scorpio again because i own my games on the PS4.. therefore if i bought a Scorpio i would have to buy them again on the Scorpio.

    • kma99

      If u dont even own an xbox then why are u even complaining? No one askes u to buy one or even forcing you to buy one.

    • I have a xbox360, i skipped the xbox one.

      Reason i skipped the xbox one is precisely because the games that i do play on the xbox360 ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ is NOT backwards compatible on the Xbox one.

      So.. i do own an xbox360 but on the xbox one i can’t play the game.

      Do you think i will be able to play ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ on the xbox Scorpio? Even though it’s not backwards compatible one the xbone right now?

      To be honest.. i am waiting for a really really good reason to go back to playing on the Xbox.. but so far i don’t see any.

    • How is nothing fun to play?!

      Xbox one doesnt have any games. 0.

    • And again, hardware means nothing if there is nothing worthwhile made from it.

    • kma99

      Hardware means nothing if u don’t have to purchase it. Play it on pc.

    • You still need to have purchased a good enough PC though, don’t forget.

    • kma99

      You need a better pc to run Microsoft games than you do streaming sony games. Did u consider that in your argument?

    • A PC capable of streaming games from a cloud service and a PC capable of RUNNING the game itself are two entirely different situations, so yes I have. There is a clear difference.

    • kma99

      HaHa you cant be serious. All you need is a good enough internet connection to stream tge game. Your computer doesn’t hve to do much if any processing lol. Go look at some spec sheets and get back to me. Lol. Im really laughing lol.

    • That’s not what I said. I’m saying there is a difference. I am fully aware of the specs required to use PS Now and how little you need besides a processor with 3.5ghz or more, plus windows 7 or better. My definition of good enough PC is one capable of processing the stream; I was not saying it had to be a powerful PC.

    • kma99

      Now tell me what type of pc u need to run xbox games. Is it greater or less

    • Very Funny.

    • kma99

      Im very serious. Or you can just admit u probably didnt think things through

    • If I am a PC gamer, I think i’m perfectly aware of specs you need to run xbox games physically on the pc, and have the brainstem to NOT pick up games I can’t run.

    • kma99

      But u acted dumb about the powet it takes to stream games. Pc players wouldn’t make those comments

    • No I didn’t. If I acted dumb about the power to stream games, I would’ve posted bullshit specs as well. I said “good enough” not “powerful enough”.

    • So much for defending the Xbox’s lack of value

    • kma99

      Lol yeah ok. Please log in with your main account. You are failing with this troll account lol.

    • Made you laugh xD! (I only got one account by the way) not everyone you see online who is a Sony fan is your enemy.

      I saw your discussion with ‘QuimicoMortal’ but i am me! I am not him.

    • kma99

      No one onlinr is my enemy because i dont take anyone with an opinion or screwed up facts as an enemy. Its just video games.

    • Learned Handgun

      I doubted that it would be on there but it would have been cool. Could have also shown other information, for example it could have also had a digital clock display.

  • Mr Xrat

    Another disappointment! Time to fire up those petitions, boys. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm!

    • Daisyacutler

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    • kma99

      Yo xrat aka quasi where u at? I haven’t heard from u since i caught you posting under 2 accounts and then deleting the comments lol.

    • Mr Xrat

      LOL who am I supposed to be now, loser?

  • quantum

    Pretty pointless really, If people are that desperate for an fps counter, the devs could always display it in-game on the TV screen.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Fps counter is stupid for consumers but maybe the screen could useful for other things

    • crazy_black_man-

      It could be but I was thinking a big Red Ring on the face of the console would be better. Oh wait….

  • Luke Skywalker

    Hmm, I wonder what an Led screen could be used for, touch enabled?

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