Microsoft Explains How Xbox One Cloud Enables Massive Multiplayer Games, Reveals Cloud Flow Diagram

A basic flow diagram of how cloud gaming can handle multiplayer gaming.

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xbox one cloud

Microsoft have been hyping up the so called power of the cloud for some time now but besides the one technical demo we haven’t actually seen anything that may indicate its use in a practical set up. However, in a blue print released by Microsoft, the Redmond based company has revealed how the cloud enables massive multiplayer games.

The example used in the blue print is Wordament and shows how at the end of each round, players are ranked. The system then outputs a list of optimized results which includes best words, best of the hour, best of the day and best of the week.

The blue print also explains how the cloud can be used to collect all the game scores from different players in a Game Room and how the system stores that data into Azure SQL servers. Obviously, the user needs to be authenticated via the Xbox or Facebook account for this to happen. Much of this is technical jargon but can be easily followed by opening the image above in a new tab.

You can download the blue print PDF here. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • ilovegoogleglass

    Meh, Microsoft. We all know how multiplayer works, where’s the slide for Cloud compute specifically for the Xbox One …..

    • ilovegoogleglass

      @tim_dog:disqus ???

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Titanfall online AI… A Titan that has AI in an online multiplayer is EPIC! And computer drones in an online multiplayer is EPIC! Thats the power of the Cloud. AND IS NOT AVAILABLE ON PS4. Exclusive based on exclusive capabilities, not contracts.

    • Not_true

      Remote servers aren’t exclusive to MS. Sony has been investing in PSN and it’s greatly improved from PS3 days.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Really cause it’s only not available on PS4 because Micro$oft got out their checkbook. It has nothing to do with da cloud clearly, especially considering Respawn themselves have said it was a timed X1 exclusive that would have made it to PS4 till M$ made the deal with EA behind their backs , has nothing to do with “exclusive capabilities.

    • derpburp

      Wrong. Sony said they would do a vita game and respawn said no thanks. Then when they were making the game Sony didn’t want to have anything to do with it. MS gave them funding when they ran out. Sony dropped the ball twice.

    • Edonus

      Dont confuse the process of doing business with the technical requirements. MS has the online server support needed for Titanfall. Can Sony get servers too yes but their setup would be no where near as efficient and thats before we even talk about cost requirements.

      Titanfall is the best online experience on a console so far do to its dedicated servers (of course none of the websites talk about that) any PC player know dedicated servers trumps p2p. And the AI things amazing that is a tech I dont even know if Sony can duplicate.

  • andy

    @ Charles – The Great and Powerfag

    40 player support Resistance Fall of Man 2006
    60 player support Resistance 2 2008
    256 player support Mag 2010.

    Yawn really? They finally come close with BF4 and its 64 player support on Xbone, something that PS3 accomplished years ago and you are going bonkers?

    Oh Titanfall terrible AI drones, how irrelevant but so next gen according to you lol. And yes you are correct, Microsoft paid absolutely nothing to make Zampella and co miss out on millions and millions in sales and make the definitive console version of Titanfall. Going by the Source engine and Portal 2, we all know that Titanfall on PS4 would be able to cross play with PC players AND PS3 players too. But hey this is the guys who put unnecessary shackles on their PlayStation versions of COD just to keep it in line with the meager Live service. As stated at the start of my comment, we all know what PSN was capable of, even at its launch, if devs are lazy, let them be lazy. But keep clinging to cloudy power idiot.

    • Rai
    • XboxGamer33

      You do realize the only reason Titanfall is not on PS is because Sony didn’t want to help Respawn. Instead of thinking that MS bought Respawn.. Read their details on that matter, Sony offered only a vita version to Respawn and didn’t want to discuss the PS4 outside to anyone…

      Also, I haven’t heard of server computing on PSN, but I don’t know for sure.

    • Edonus

      More isnt always merrier. Resistance online and MAG were sloppy. Sony does stuff like this a lot… its PR specs. MS could have made games with tons of players on it as well but the design of the game is what is important. Sony will just slap up a bigger number and watch their fans eat it up… even if its the wrong choice.
      Titfalls AI drones arent terrible, they are purposeful. The Titans AI is also cloud based…. the drop ships and battles in the sky are also cloud controlled. HAve you ever hacked a Spectre the AI of a hacked Spectre is a lot more aggressive than the standard. You know hey could just as easily kick up the AI its just a program.

      I would like in maybe a couple months they do that… make the AI crazy aggressive and call it ironman mode.

  • jacksjus

    I’m tired of reading about MS’ promises. Let the games do the talking.

  • Guest

    Sonybots are crying again. It’s hilarious their precious little boys’ tears.

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