Microsoft Explains How Xbox One Scorpio Will Still Be The Most Powerful Console Despite Releasing In 2017

“We’re going to build a beast of a box.”

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xbox scorpio

The Xbox One Scorpio, when it was announced at E3, appeared truly astounding. As Microsoft rattled off the specs for the console, it became clear that they had managed to build a beast of a machine. It would be the most powerful console ever, they promised, when it launched in 2017- and for now, we can believe it. But will that necessarily hold true by the end of 2017, which is when it will launch? Are Microsoft confident that those specs will be as impressive then as they are right now, when new GPUs, new CPUs, and new computer advances will be on the market?

Speaking in an interview with Gamertag Radio, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Lead for first and third party titles for Microsoft, tackled that question.

“Well, the idea for us was, how do we bring true 4K gaming to the console market?” Greenberg said. “And in order to do that, today on the PC side, if you invest in a super high end rig, or a really high end PC, you can get 4K gaming now, right? But it’s thousands of dollars, often. You can even get a high fidelity VR experience. But you can’t get that in the console market. And in order to do that, we know that requires 6 TFLOPs of power, so for us, that’s what we’re coming into with Project Scorpio. We’re going to build a box, we’re going to build a beast of a box, that will be 6TFLOPs of power, that will be able to deliver true 4K games, and be able to do high fidelity VR, in the living room, on a console.

“And, think about that, with Xbox Anywhere, we’ll be able to have that ecosystem across both your console, and your PC. So I’m excited about that vision, and I think it’s great that we’re able to tell fans that ‘hey, if you’re looking to upgrade the Xbox One, and you want 4K video and HDR, and a smaller size, we’ve got a great box for you this holiday. But if you want the beast, you want the 6 TFLOP monster coming net holiday, we have that too. And it feels so great to be able to share that, not just with our fans, but also with our development partners, who’ll be thinking about ‘how do I make those great experiences come to life on the console next holiday?'”

We know, and Sony have even tacitly admitted, that the PS4 Neo will not be as powerful as the Scorpio- and unless Nintendo somehow manage to unexpectedly make the most powerful console of all time with the NX, which, I mean, it’s Nintendo, so they won’t, I think Microsoft are pretty safe with their claim for the foreseeable future.

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  • I’m increasingly starting to wonder if Scorpio will have a launch price of $599 or even $999 if they are that committed to “true 4K” gaming.

    Taking that approach last generation with the PS3 at $599 did not really pay off, so I am wondering if Microsoft is about to learn that lesson the hard way.

    • Rubix99

      And whats the average price of a 4K television at the moment?

    • sgt_hammertime

      I’ve already got mine. here waiting on the trade in deals to kick in so I can trade in my og xbox one for an xbox one s then go full day one on the xbox scorpio when it arrives.

    • Jonathan Wallace

      Depends on what you want. You can get an off brand 42″ for around $300, a Vizio for another $50-100, and LG/Samsung for another $50-100 on top of that. So $300-500, which is pretty reasonable.

      Of course, there are the newest models…curved, OLED, UHD, smart, 3D TVs that range from $3,000 to $10,000. But the high-end will always be ten times more-ish.

      By the time Scorpio hits the shelves, 4K will be $200-400 for the same 42″ I mentioned above. I bought my LED smart TV for $300 (39″) on a BF deal a couple years ago. I’ll probably get a 55″ name brand 4K TV on black Friday 2017, probably for less than $500.

      Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that 4K started in the $1,000+ range?

      I think these new consoles are coming along at just the right time.

    • Ippoletta

      Lol oh please. Microsoft will sell the thing for 500 or less. Or take a loss. They can afford both options.

    • I’ve thought of the “Microsoft has more money and can subsidize their system if they really want to win” argument before, but realized if they wanted to do that they could have reduced Xbox One to $199 (or less, even) for the last year and watch them fly off the shelves, but yet they haven’t. Why not?

    • sgt_hammertime

      I don’t think they wanted to take much of a loss on the Xbox One but I think they will take a little loss on Scorpio until they can make back that money in other areas

    • sgt_hammertime

      are you forgetting that games ran better on the xbox 360 than they did on the ps3? have you ever thought that maybe that had something to do with it?

  • Rubix99

    Having huge power is one thing. Whether developers actually take advantage of it is another. That depends on sales. Look at how many PC games have turned out below par despite having the best and constantly evolving technology at its disposal.

    If Xbox Scorpio fails to sell well……it’s power will become irrelevant.

    • sgt_hammertime

      I don’t think so, the thought I believe is to offer games that looks as good and performs as games on PC.

    • Jonathan Wallace

      If nothing else, the exclusives will take advantage of the power. Even if thats all we get that “take advantage of it” I will be pretty happy. Worst case scenario is that we get those, and then multiplats perform better with fewer frame rate drops than the same games on Neo/PS4/Xbone.

  • masterofevil22

    XBnPC FTW 😀

  • Katiegkeegan
  • Black-Leg Sanji

    This is good for PC gaming, because PC gamers will get better games without being held back by significantly weaker consoles. But this is bad for console gamers, who are not getting the full experience and may need to be spend more money for a console that should have been cheaper than a PC in the first place. Despite what Sony/Microsoft said about there being the same library of games, it seems inevitable that the current consoles will be simply too weak to play future games and that’s why I think there will be games that can only run on the Neo/Scorpio.

    • Ippoletta

      Scorpio is next gen. NEO is not. Microsoft has said a lot of things. But everyone can tell The Scorpio is not really an Xbox One. It’s the true 360 successor. people would expect the Xbox One and PS4 to not run VR games They weren’t built for it.

  • Ravi singh

    Xbox Scorpio looks interesting especially after having zen cores instead of jaguar. The gpu and cpu specs are impressive, if they couple the console with HDR and dont force 4K resolution unnecessarily to it.

    We might have a console which can do maxed out games with 60 fps something that can compete with high end rigs and PC gamers look into.


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