Microsoft Explains Why They Are Making Games Despite Xbox Being A Small Portion of Their Business

Gamers are also consumers, says Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis.

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Unless you live under a rock, you must be fully aware that Microsoft are not only invested in video games, but numerous software applications and Windows which apparently has a user base of millions if not not billions. In short, gaming is only a small part of what Microsoft actually does. It would make more sense for them to actually leave the gaming sector and focus solely on the consumer level applications and business aspects, right?

No. According to Shannon Loftis, general manager of Microsoft Studios, the company treats gamers as consumers so it fits within their plans. “I think one of the best reasons for Microsoft to continue to engage in games is just because gamers are also consumers,” Loftis in an interview conducted by The Verge. “That loyalty, the passion that they bring to their gaming and entertainment experiences, the communities that they build.”

Loftis quoted the example of Kinect which has allowed users not only create applications in video games but beyond that.

“These incredible experiences,” Loftis says, “were so far beyond anything that anybody that worked in the Kinect program had ever visualized. It created a fly wheel around a creative ecosystem. That’s just good for the world. What’s good for the world is obviously good for Microsoft.”

Given Microsoft’s recent success with Xbox One and the amazing line-up they have for 2016 which has the likes of Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 and Gears of War 4, the Xbox One is definitely here to stay.

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  • Starman

    Why didn’t you fangirls ask this when Sony had money(a long long long time ago)…..and they came into the game /….GTFO >>>and STFU !

    • GHz

      Damn starman, why you so angry? We have a great system, its selling remarkably well, and we have the most advanced next gen game (Crackdown 3) coming to our system in 2016 😉

    • Mr Xrat

      Keep crying, loser.

  • Hermione Granger

    they makes games so they can still be a pain in sonys bu tt

    • Rodney Patrick

      Exactly!! F#*@ Sony

  • Premature Procrastinator

    “It would make more sense for them to actually leave the gaming sector and focus solely on the consumer level applications and business aspects, right?” What an idiotic, wholly inaccurate statement. So just because they make other types of software, it doesn’t make sense for them to make games, which is another form of software? So by that logic, it doesn’t make sense for Sony to make a games console because they make t.vs and phones etc. Gamingbolt at it again. Fanning the flames of the console war for traffic.

    • Rodney Patrick

      That’s gamingbolt for ya

    • Michael

      Of course they fan the flames. That’s basically what gaming journalist do on a daily basis. They are, in my opinion a joke. Some of them even have accounts on N4G where they can continue their campaign against anything xbox related. They cant get over the fact that xbox is here to stay and sony needs to recover or their wont be anymore playstation.

    • Ryuken13

      Rhetorical question that was meant to be answered by the interview with S. Loftis.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      Yeah, and its a stupid question, like i said, it would be like saying it would make more sense for Sony to get out of making consoles because they make other devices. Or saying it makes sense for McDonalds to stop selling fries because they make big macs.

    • Ryuken13

      Here is some trivia: McDonalds sells Big Macs to sell more fries.. Items such as fries and soda are far more profitable than the burger itself. In some ways, console sales are like this for Microsoft. The console sales effect the big picture of Microsoft in many ways that cannot be tied to one simple metric.

  • JoinTheRest

    You can see the money Microsoft has invest in their games, the quality is there. Sony’s games seem like not much has been invested because 99% of them are mediocre at best.

    • CouldntComeUpWithAName

      Sony has made a lot of quality games, many of their studios have that’s why they are well known in the gaming industry. Both companies have made quality games in the time they have been in the gaming industry.

    • JoinTheRest

      Not this gen, go play all of sonys exclusives and tell me if you dont laugh at how mediocre they are.

  • Ryuken13

    There are 2 main reasons Microsoft is in gaming: Building brand visibility for Microsoft as an entire entity and Cockblocking Sony for market share.

  • Mr Xrat

    Because they’ve invested so much into it, pulling out now would break fanboy hearts and make them look daft. Even Xbox at its worst is doing better than stuff like Zune.


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