Microsoft Hints at Fan Event Before 2016 Ends

Phil Spencer says “we’ll have things to say this Fall.”

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Xbox One S

Microsoft won’t be holding a conference at this year’s Gamescom like it did in 2015, which means we probably won’t have any high profile reveals like that time. Nonetheless, Xbox boss Phil Spencer isn’t discounting the fact that the company has things to say before the year.

Spencer told a fan on Twitter that, “I’ll miss Gamescom but @aarongreenberg will be there. We will have things to say this Fall, we’ll find the right times.”

This seems to indicate a fan event of sorts, perhaps like Sony’s PlayStation Experience. Spencer also said that, “I want to visit some fans I haven’t visited before and we have some things to say before end of 2016 so we’ll find the times.”

It’s possible that the event takes place after the biggest exclusives drop by October, thus allowing the company to hype up what’s coming next year (like Halo Wars 2 in February 2017). Would you like to see a Microsoft fan event before the year closes out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Terminator

    Thats good to hear. There is enough games to play until that that comes.

    • Doggystyle

      Xbox One ain’t got no damn games. They got those old 2006 games like Red Dead Redemption, but then so does the Xbox 360. Hilariousness.

    • Nintengods

      LOL Doggystupid still defending his nogames P$ Bore vs the nogames xboner

    • Terminator

      A block comment replied to me. Guess the person couldn’t stand the fact that the plastic box they hate has games.

    • Doggystyle

      Check your settings, you idiot.

  • Eric Higgin

    “We’ll find the right times”…….or in layman’s terms, Immediately after the announcement of PS4 Slim and Neo, we’ll be talking A LOT about worthwhile things at Xbox to try and snuff out that flame. LOL.

    • Doggystyle

      They ain’t got no damn plan. All they do is “hint” at some plans. If they had any plans, they would have already “leaked” them to give people a reason to keep talking about the Xbox One.

    • Vidajroden2

      <<l:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx649a:….,…

    • Nintengods

      $ony $hills thinking $ony has a plan after the pathetic specs of the neo and no games for the past 3 years while Nintendo’s about to curb stomp them again just like 2006.

      The epic delusions are amazing. Doggystyle the Zaire of the P$4 Delusional crew

    • Jamie McConville

      Oh hey nintendo, didn’t know they still had you on life support, heard you got an event coming up next spring, “NX” you say? Must be a fancy codeword at nintendon’t for funeral.

    • Nintengods

      More games, better hardware. It’s a funeral for the P$4 🙂

    • Nintengods

      What flame? P$4 Neo 32X is a joke already along with the Scorpibone

    • Doggystyle

      You need to work on your delivery. You sound a bit flat and squeaky. Has your diaper been changed since your nap today?

  • Doggystyle

    Phil Spencer, The Tweet Whisperer. Gee, what will Phil tweet next? Hopefully it’s enough to write a whole entire Xbox One article about, but if not we’ll just wing it. Hilariousness.

    • Nintengods

      Doggystupid on suicide watch as P$4 has no games and he’s paying $60 a year for a garbage console

      When NX is revealed to cheers and the P$4 Neo 32X is revealed to the laughter of the world. It’s going to be 2006 all over again

    • Doggystyle

      LOL. Doggystupid. You sound mad as sh** that everybody keeps ignoring you. Cracking me up. I bet you’re thinking about heading out to shoot up a movie theater right about now, you little psycho. Beat it kid. Ain’t nobody around here gives a damn about no stupid Nintendo. Nintendo is for kids. I only unblocked you because I felt sorry for you.

  • Bad wolf

    I see Mr.puppystyle crying again over Xbox articles lol, keep it up Phil your vision for the Xbox is destroying Sony right now.

  • Mr Xrat

    More teasing. Either excrete or get off the pot, Phil.

    • Doggystyle

      If you really wanna bust a gut laughing, read this…it almost sounds like the latest update snuck the original 24 hour check-in policy back in. Can’t do diddly squat offline on the console half the time anymore, and people are getting pissed.

    • Nintengods

      It’s just like you teasing your impending suicide over No Man’s Sky and NX blowing $ony out forever

    • Doggystyle

      Could somebody please give this little Nintendo loving kid some attention? Take him to Six Flags and and win him a stuffed Barney or something?


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