Microsoft Is Developing A “Hardcore” Controller For Xbox One

Does that mean that the current controller design is for casuals?

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Xbox controller

Sources that are said to be close to Microsoft are reporting that there is a new type of controller that is currently being worked on for the Xbox One. Whilst Microsoft itself is yet to respond to these claims, this new design of controller is said to be one that will cater to the “hardcore” gaming demographic on the Xbox One.

What this means, or even if it is true for that matter, has not been made clear yet. A “hardcore” gaming controller could be targeted at a few different genres of gaming, ranging from the competitive first person shooter scene, to simulation racing titles and possibly even the emerging MOBA genre on consoles.

This new controller has apparently been in development for some time and if it’s real, then it is very likely that it will show its face this year at E3 when Microsoft takes to the stage for their conference. But until Microsoft says something official about the existence, or a credible source speaks out about it, you’re best taking all of this with a large spoon of salt and scepticism.


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  • theduckofdeath

    Fix those bumpers. Too awkward for people with large hands.

    • ryan

      god, amen man.

  • d0x360

    I wonder if it has a track pad like the steam controller. That would be awesome cause it would mean my xim4 would be more accurate.

    They also FINALLY confirmed that yes every xbox one can be turned into a dev kit and its happening soon.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Or like the PS4 all ready has. LOL

    • d0x360 The ps4 has a touch surface thats incredibly low DPI. The steam controller has a very high DPI touch surface. You see many games using the ps4 touch bad for aiming? Oh none? Yea thats what I thought.

      What’s it like going through life knowing everyone hates you? I’m really curious. I couldnt imagine waking up every day and being as obnoxious as you but then again I have an IQ above 80 so i doubt I could be as childishly stupid as you if I tried.

  • Starman

    I think the controller will designed more MMO friendly …

  • hiawa23

    Fine with the current controller, but any improvements are welcomed as my tastes go.

  • Mark

    If it’s even better than the current joint, I’ll buy. But man I really enjoy this one now.

  • Omnipotent


  • Michel Simmons

    Just refine the bumpers, add a speaker to it, and allow a any headset to connect to the controller without the need for proprietary peripherals. Allow audio to be played on to the users headset.


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