Microsoft Looking To Take Xbox Live To The ‘Next Level’ & Reinvent Entertainment Powered By Cloud

A few interesting things might be in development at Microsoft.

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It seems that Microsoft are working really hard behind the scenes to improve the Xbox One as well as the services related to it such as Xbox Live. According to a couple of job listings on Microsoft’s official career page, the company is looking to take Xbox Live to the next level and reinvent entertainment powered by the cloud.

The first job listing by Microsoft is looking for Senior Software Engineer for its Thunderhead team. Microsoft’s Azure platform consists of hundreds of thousands of servers and among it is a part dedicated to Xbox One. That section is called Thunderhead. The candidate will need to work with the Thunderhead team so that can take Xbox Live to the next level and even expand its reach by coding, testing, and deploying features to the service.

The second job listing is that of an Interaction Designer who will need to have knowledge across information architecture, interaction design, research and usability, rapid prototyping, visual design, motion design, brand integration, and content creation. Using this, the candidate will need to make use of the cloud and make it available across several devices and screens such as TV, PC, Web, and Mobile. This is rather interesting since this could be an indication that Xbox One will be able to stream games on several devices. We do know that Xbox One games will stream to any Windows 10 PC or tablet in the future, so this is possibly a part of it but using the cloud.

As usual take this piece of information with a grain of salt since this is not an official confirmation from Microsoft. But at the every least it seems they are working on improving their services since they are hiring people for it.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Using your Imagination is a good thing. No negativity intended.

  • TristanPR77

    And here we go again

  • KeplerNoMore

    Well to be honest, Nvidia and Sony have thrown the gauntlet here, and also the future is in game streaming since you never tehnicaly own a game (check it up with the IP Law, you never own a game on a disc, just the right to use it) so this way you get cheaper games and better graphics based on your internet (i know most dont own a super high speed internet connection, but in 1-3 years ISPs will update your connections). This is a long term deal not a short term.

  • andy

    Like what? Release an MMO on the console? Release some form of massive player online game on their service? Start the foundations of putting some form of massive game steaming service in place? I don’t know, allow your customers to even stream the games they own to each other?
    Because other consoles and online platforms are doing this already. They would need to MATCH these other things before claiming they could go to the “next level” don’t you think? THINK before you post, gamingbone.

    • Psionicinversion

      Hard for Sony to do what they promise when the service is always down

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      it’s barely every down…

    • bardock5151

      Taking Xbox Live to the next level doesn’t require matching services with other companies. It requires making Xbox Live better than it already is.

      Think before you post, Andy.

    • Mark

      Or maybe they’re trying to iterate on what they’ve done already with cloud compute (Drivatars and AI in TitanFall). They will, build on this.

  • Truthhurts24

    That Azure Cloud is a beast

  • Failz

    Incoming PS fanboy jealousy. DX12 and Azure are not real and articles are stupid to post anything about future tech if its not coming out on a PS platform.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      PS fanboy jealousy to be preempted by Fails Xbox fanboy chest pounding and typical buffoonery. The only thing worse then a suspected fanboy is one who reveals himself to be one by his own comment denouncing them.

    • Failz

      So what brings you to this article? Spreading the hate of another company improving there hardware. What now, DX12 is only lies while the Cloud is marketing again? even though they have proven it works.. Silly sheep.

    • Jecht_Sin

      God, you’re so annoying with your incoming bullshit.

      Still I keep waiting for MS delivering 3 times the power of the Xbone in real time via the mythical Cloud, buddy. And check better the job responsibilities:

      Candidate responsibilities:
      – On call support of the service live site (rotating schedule)

      In IT terms that’s called a “monkey job”.

    • Failz

      Then why are you on a MS article PS fanboy?

    • Tim A

      I own both if I try to watch a clip of upcoming games on the PS4 it stalls and studders PS4 online performance is poor in comparison to the Xbox One. The online experience between both systems is hands down better on the Xbox One. The interface isn’t close either Xbox is way ahead in that department too. MS screwed up in the beginning as far as ram choice and amount and overall system performance but from what I have seen the gap is very small. I have played 4 or more cross platform titles on both systems and see very little difference in game look or performance in a couple of comparisons the Xbox games looked better. I own a PS4 for the exclusives but spend the majority of my time on the Xbox One. Neither system in my opinion has the power they should have I wouldn’t be surprised if this generations life cycle is closer to 5 or 6 years not the 8 to 10 years of the last gen.

    • MrChief-117

      I’ll believe the Cloud and DirectX 12 when I see their results. So far it’s nothing.

      Blind trust in PR speak form companies won’t get you far.

    • Failz

      Except Azure and DX12 do exist so your point in invalid.

    • MrChief-117

      Yeah, they sure exist. The only problem is that I don’t see any benefits from them.

    • Failz

      Of you wont see benefits, there not out or used yet.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Not sure why but every time I read a headline about what Microsoft claims to be doing I laugh a little. “Thunderhead”, LOL.

    • Jecht_Sin

      The give BJs at the speed of light!! 😀

    • Failz

      The same old PS fanboys here to spread the hate wagon. ImOnaDrugCalledSheen and Jecht_Sin you kids must be real worried about Xboxs future. What’s the matter afraid that the competition will over come the hype train Sony spread with the PS4? Afraid PS4 wont live up to Sony’s promises? Id say its both. Well done, you guys have earned the titles Fanboys of the week 😉


    I’d say it is a little late to be offering up job listings on something that should have been in development with the console itself…… Things have to start somewhere I assume.


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