‘Microsoft Nailing It With Recent Xbox One SDK Updates’ – Dev

No Goblin’s co-founder also comments on the recent trend of remastered games.

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Microsoft have been working hard for last several months, pushing one update after another to the Xbox One. They were also able to release the June SDK update that helped several multiplatform games reach 1080p or add more graphical effects. So how significant was that update?

“Microsoft has been nailing it with the recent XDK updates,” Roundabout developer Dan Teasdale said to GamingBolt. “Obviously I can’t talk details because that would be a breach of NDA, but it’s been fantastic to see both the Unity and Xbox teams respond directly to the things that we’ve needed to ship Roundabout easily on Xbox One.”

We also asked Dan’s view on the recent trend of remastered versions. We have seen a number of games such as Tonb Raider, Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us being remastered for PS4 and Xbox One. Should’nt they make new games instead of remastering older games for the PS4 and Xbox One?

“Most of the remastered versions I’ve seen have been from groups or teams dedicated to that work rather than the original team. Studios like Bluepoint really need to get more credit for the incredible work they’ve done on remastering games. In reality, we’re getting the best of all worlds: New games are being made, AND remastered games are being released by new teams, AND the money from those remastered games is allowing those new teams to fund brand new games in the future.”

Do you agree with Dan’s thoughts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Kaiser X

    Dat DX12 update!!!

    • John Doe

      Won’t do anything. The Xbox One June update removed the GPU reserve for Kinect. There is no more hardware to unlock. DX12 will do absolutely nothing. Why? Because Xbox One allready has lower level access better than DX12. DX12 is about bringing the Xbox One’s API to PC.

      Xbox fanboys are so dumb. lol

    • marc berry

      Watch this everyone here!
      Post a link to where a developer said they are writing to the metal?

      wait for it …………………..

    • Matt

      XB1 is currently using DX11 as a base… with that said even coding to the metal does not alleviate DX11 inefficiently using 1 core for the majority of the render pipeline. DX12 on XB1 would be a complete waste if it didn’t fix that… It may not increase the graphical fidelity but it will make for higher FPS and better physics.

    • John Doe

      Xbox One doesn’t just use DX11 stupid. Xbox One uses a modified, low level API. DX11 on PC isn’t the same as the Xbox One’s version of Direct X. Phil Spenser himself even stated DX12 isn’t going to change anything because Xbox One allready has those features and it won’t change the hardware.

      You Xbox fanboys need to die out. That is how dumb you are.

    • someguy-_-

      I am sorry but Phil Spenser said himself is on this link


      Everyone should read it.

      I support all systems even the Wii U and fanboys can die

    • Kaiser X

      Dx12 doesn’t need to change the hardware , DX12 will open the HW capabilities by unlocking the hardware features that are currently available but can not be used.

    • Matt

      DX12 basically optimizes the CPU… It allows for multiple cores to be utilized in the render pipeline as opposed to the way it is now with DX11 only taxing one core. Nothing is being unlocked that can’t be used now but having the frame spread out over multiple cores will decrease the ms per frame which equates to higher framerates if the dev chooses to go that route.

    • Will

      Phil the engineer said what? He tipped his hand to Sony? What??

    • Matt

      Dumb I am? Really? You’re the poor lowly soul resorting to basic elementary school insults. I shouldn’t be too harsh though… you might be autistic since you pretty much just elaborated more on the same thing I said while implying I was wrong. “AS A BASE” in case your pea sized brain doesn’t understand the term means that yes it is a customized API but it’s foundation is still BASED on DX11 and it still taxes one core for the render pipeline. There is ways around it recently with the new XDK but no games to date have used them.

      Now scurry along with your Phil Spencer quotes with made up context.

    • kstuffs

      DX12 is not in XB1 period. There are a few features that are being emulated but not DX12. XB1 is still using the ancient DX11 with certain console-specific low-level access. The API is still old compared to PS4. Here’s Metro Redux talking about XB1 & PS4 API: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-metro-redux-what-its-really-like-to-make-a-multi-platform-game

      “Digital Foundry: DirectX 11 vs GNMX vs GNM – what’s your take on the strengths and weakness of the APIs available to developers with Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Closer to launch there were some complaints about XO driver performance and CPU overhead on GNMX.

      Oles Shishkovstov: Let’s put it that way – we have seen scenarios where a single CPU core was fully loaded just by issuing draw-calls on Xbox One (and that’s surely on the ‘mono’ driver with several fast-path calls utilised). Then, the same scenario on PS4, it was actually difficult to find those draw-calls in the profile graphs, because they are using almost no time and are barely visible as a result.

      In general – I don’t really get why they choose DX11 as a starting point for the console. It’s a console! Why care about some legacy stuff at all? On PS4, most GPU commands are just a few DWORDs written into the command buffer, let’s say just a few CPU clock cycles. On Xbox One it easily could be one million times slower because of all the bookkeeping the API does.

      But Microsoft is not sleeping, really. Each XDK that has been released both before and after the Xbox One launch has brought faster and faster draw-calls to the table. They added tons of features just to work around limitations of the DX11 API model. They even made a DX12/GNM style do-it-yourself API available – although we didn’t ship with it on Redux due to time constraints.”

      “Digital Foundry: What’s your take on DirectX 12 and Mantle? Is it all about making PC games development tie in more closely with Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

      Oles Shishkovstov: Aside from them being much more close to the (modern) metal, those APIs are a paradigm-shift in API design. DX11 was ‘I will keep track of everything for you’. DX12 says ‘now it’s your responsibility’ – so it could be a much thinner layer. As for Mantle, it is a temporary API, in my honest opinion.

      Digital Foundry: To what extent will DX12 prove useful on Xbox One? Isn’t there already a low CPU overhead there in addressing the GPU?

      Oles Shishkovstov: No, it’s important. All the dependency tracking takes a huge slice of CPU power. And if we are talking about the multi-threaded command buffer chunks generation – the DX11 model was essentially a ‘flop’, while DX12 should be the right one.”

    • John Doe

      I told you. Xbox One allready has DX12 type lower level access. DX12 is for PC. The PC version of DX12 isn’t as low level because PC’s have multiple variations of hardware. Xbox One allready has low level access.

      I thought Xbox fanboys didn’t care about graphics. Xbox fanboys simply like paying more for weaker hardware.

    • kstuffs

      DX11 in the XB1 is not DX12. Why would Metro Redux developer criticized MS for shipping the XB1 with DX11 if it has all the low-level that you claim it has? Why would a draw call takes a million times longer than the PS4?

      DX12 has a ton of API and hardware support that are not in use by XB1. MS right now is in patch mode trying to bring a few ideas from DX12 to DX11.X for the XB1 in the short-term.

    • Bill E Weaver

      Funny, multiple developers say like wise.

    • John Doe

      No they don’t. Developers are saying exactly what I stated. Phil Spenser himself even stated that DX12 won’t do anything.

    • kstuffs

      You want the head of XBOX to say yes DX12 will double and triple the performance of the XB1 when they have NOT completed DX12 and they have difficulties getting to 1080p/30fps/60fps locked. You’ll be a laughing stock to claim something that’s still at least 6-7 months away from completion. It would be utter stupidity if he made that claim. In fact, it’ll likely backfire.

      Remember this article? http://www.neowin.net/news/directx-12-a-game-changer-for-xbox-one

      “The results are spectacular. Not just in theory but in practice (full disclosure: I am involved with the Star Swarm demo which makes use of this kind of technology.) While each generation of video card struggles to gain substantial performance over the previous generation, here, the same hardware will suddenly see a doubling of performance.

      XBox One is the biggest beneficiary; it effectively gives every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one.”

      He later had to recant it because MS provided him with all the info as long as he signed an NDA.

    • ALightningBoldt

      Phil said it would not help the graphics. It will definitely help in other areas

  • Tony G

    Definitely the Xbox One has been getting better and better every month. Being a part of the preview program, seeing the new features before they hit everyone else is always fun. The console is almost completely different than when it launched only a year ago. Lots of games ask for remastered games and they are giving them to us. It’s not bad as long as it doesn’t take away time from the companies other games or focus.

    • John Doe

      Xbox One has been getting better because of the PS4.

    • Starman

      Now why do you have to come in here with that fanboy crap …get out of here , and go support the sinking ship over at Sony …

    • John Doe

      I was simply stating a fact. The only fanboys here are the Xbox fanboys.

      Sony’s stock has risen in the past few years. Sony’s entertainment divisions, financial divisions, network divisions, and products like PlayStation, camera lenses, semiconductors, and much more are doing very well.

      Smartphones are causing losses this year, but TV’s have stabilized. Sony isn’t the only one having smartphone troubles.

    • Sam MoRales

      lol he’s only stating the facts for sony lol n he’s not a fanboy lol

    • Will

      Says the service psn that measures itself against its better which is Xbox live.

    • Bill E Weaver

      How are those stability updates for your stability updates going for ya?! lol

    • John Doe

      How is your PS4 wannabe? Have they fixed the Xbox Ones broken install times? Have they fixed it’s horrible DVR quality and horrendously slow user interface? I wonder where Microsoft stole “remote purchases” from. Has Microsoft coppied SharePlay yet?

      Go to Xbox One update request forums, and you see nothing but Xbox fanboys begging for PS4 features. LMAO

    • Will

      What did you answer on that survey from Sony comparing itself to xbl?

  • andy

    Yeah dat 720p PES 2015 NAILED IT.

    • Fabrizzio Domingos

      That is KONAMI…
      not fault on console…
      fifa is 1080 60 fps… and is more graphical than PES 2015
      stop pony, just stop…

    • kstuffs

      PES 2015 is not using the next-gen engines. How is it possible that FH2 can do 1080p/30fps open-world AND 4xMSAA. It’s quiet impressive. Even Digital Foundry was shocked to see 4xMSAA on a “weak” console.

    • Bill E Weaver

      Exactly, and forza5 is only AAA running 60fps 1080p, and thats a launch title from over a yr ago.Ps4 has yet to do it.

    • John Doe

      No it’s not. The Last of Us runs at 1080p 60fps and it craps on Forza 4.5

      Multiplats run better on PS4.

    • ALightningBoldt

      Really John doe? How much better? In my experience, not a noticable difference

    • kstuffs

      TLoU also runs on ancient engine, which is great for the PS4 since it’s nothing but brute-force. Brute-force can only bring you so far for the next few years.

  • avi

    looking good.

  • timmy z

    Always good to see ps fans troll Xbox sites and articles, that lets u know they have buyers remorse lol and Xbox is doing their job haha and being that my roommate has a ps4 I can tell you Xbox LOOKS NOTHING LIKE PS..IN ANY WAY! nothing wrong with supporting your purchase but leave Xbox sites alone..go enjoy your indie game

  • someguy-_-

    I love watching fanboys link old sources and both side just spout crap. In short- to PS4 fan boys it will create a increase of performance. Xbox fan boys it will not be that much. Look at any sources of Oct or forward.



    Any recent source says the same thing. Yes it will increase but not by much. Even Devs are saying couple of percent increase. This mean it might be able to push 1080 as a standard but I doubt it will be able to do it with out sacrificing games details just like before. (example Destiny under satellite in cosmodrone with sniper rifle watching a friend ride away, the xbox one will disappear long before ps4 or grand theft auto all the extra details or cod view range looks to be less- if you own both system and same game on both to play with friends check it out.)

    I support all systems (even the Wii U) and fan boys can die.

  • Direct X 12 is going to be amazing. In fact, Microsoft is wise to only divulge small portions of information. NDA’s alone take care of the clandestine manner that people speak of all new APIs. Thus, Microsoft’s strategy has worked. Sony fans – and even some Microsoft fans – are ignorant to how important this API will be. For competitive reasons, Microsoft is correct to play their cards close to their vest. Sony certainly created an excellent piece of hardware. But when hardware becomes obsolete – then what?

    What is interesting is that people ignore the history of Direct X. Those who are well read on how Direct X changed the gaming industry in the past are more likely to appreciate the positive outlook of 2015.


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