Microsoft: Oculus Rift Will NOT Work Natively With Xbox One

And that’s that.

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In response to a rumor from a couple of days ago, Microsoft has clarified that the upcoming Oculus Rift VR headset will not support the Xbox One console natively- any functionality that the Oculus enjoys with the Xbox One willl be restricted to the VR theater mode that was already announced at E3.

“To clarify, Oculus Rift will not work natively with Xbox One,” they said, which is pretty conclusive.

“We’ve said that Xbox One will be able to stream games through Windows 10 to the Rift, letting you play Xbox One games in your own virtual reality cinema. This means you can play your favorite Xbox games on a cinema screen in VR – it will be like playing games in your very own theater. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

It’s a bit of a shame, but I guess Microsoft is personally putting its eggs on the AR basket- which I am fine with, since Hololens honestly looks pretty damn awesome.


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  • d0x360

    You gotta pay close attention to wording. Native implies you plug it in and it works, 3d and all which isn’t true. That doesn’t mean they can’t add support for it though. All oculus needs to work is an usb port and HDMI port so the Xbox is compatible its just not part of the SDK right now.

    I’m interested to see the while cinema thing though. If the oculus can really make it seem like you are playing on a massive screen that’s pretty cool. It’s not VR in the normal sense but if the effect works…anyone using it would have a huge advantage in a game because they could in theory see more.

    • What’s your logo of? I thought it was Quake at first, but then saw it was something more intricate…

    • d0x360

      Legacy of kain. I rotate through all the seraphim symbols for my pic…well I use Kains more than anything but I try to rotate.

    • Psionicinversion

      No they wouldnt have a huge advantage as it comes down to the field of view. most console titles run at 60-65 FOV playing that view on PC makes me sick. I need as high as possible but that also adds to the amount of power you need to run the game because more is rendered,

      Oculus doesnt work like the morpheous, morpheous uses tricks to enhance the framerate whilst oculus doesnt thats why it cant be used natively as a proper VR experience. Xbox just doesnt have the power

    • d0x360

      It isn’t VR its simulating large screen by using the optics, system power is irrelevant. It’s using OS resources to just run the image through the oculus its not making the game 3d. Having a larger screen real or fake would give you an advantage because the larger a screen is the easier you can see things. Fov is also irrelevant because everyone has the same fov. What everyone doesn’t have is a movie theatre sized screen to play on.

    • Psionicinversion

      tbh judging from the video of theater screen it looks to be about 55inch screen. remember its not a movie screen like in a cinema its just like having a projector in your house. A guy i used to know had a brother that converted his garage into a home theater, basically he had a double garage and the screen was as wide as that it was nuts but the screen in the video is no where near as big that. that was 110inch projector screen i think in his garage its not going give you that much of an advantage at all

    • d0x360

      It simulates a full sized theater screen. Even if you are sitting in the back row of a theatre the screen is still bigger than any TV or consumer projector. Watching the effect on your monitor is significantly different from watching it inside an actual oculus. The optics make it look real even if it isn’t. The bigger a screen simulated or not the easier it is to pick out things farther away because they take up more space

    • Psionicinversion

      nah trust me this guys screen is bigger because its also how far you sit away. if the sofa was any closer to his screen you would of had to start turning your head to see the whole thing.

      Its like me gaming 1 ft away from the TV vs 5 ft away. i dont think its going to work as a good as you think it will

    • d0x360

      It works quite well actually. No its not like sitting close to a TV. Sitting close fills your own field of view but you can’t see everything at once. In a movie theatre you can because its filling your field of view with size not distance. No consumer device can reproduce image size and clarity of a theatre projection system. They cost 100x more than even the best consumer device

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah but cinemas screens are 4k some are shifting to 8K i think so its down to pixel density to work oculus cant reproduce because its just playing a video stream from the xbox so max resolution is 1080p

    • d0x360

      Yes it is BUT even 1080p on a massive screen makes it easier to see smaller detail even if said detail its just some low res models from far away.think like this. 1080p on a 70inch screen at 5 feet. You can see far away objects but they are smaller due to screen size. Then try same game res res on a 20inch tv. That same object with be nearly invisible. On a massive 60×60 sreen that small object might be a blob but you can still see it because the entire image is bigger.

  • Helen A

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  • *Also On PC

    Duh. VR will never work on consoles.

    Still amusing watching the $ony $hills like John Derp and Andyscout go from “Mobile can run VR so can PS4” to “XBONE CANT RUN VR” after previously defending mobile VR

    Neither console can run VR. Morons.


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