Microsoft Shipped 1.6 Million Xbox Consoles Last Quarter

That includes sales of both, Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles, by the way.

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Microsoft’s financial report for the previous quarter is now out, and… it’s not exactly good news, really.

Xbox is doing okay overall, with 1.6 million units shipped over the three months covered in this period. That number might seem to be low, but it’s lower still- it combines the sales of Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This probably means that, realistically speaking, neither console sold a million units worldwide in this period, which is shockingly poor performance.

“Xbox Platform revenue decreased $306 million or 24%, driven by a 20% decline in console volume and lower prices of Xbox One consoles compared to the prior year. We sold 1.6 million Xbox consoles during the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 compared with 2.0 million consoles during the third quarter of fiscal year 2014,” Microsoft said.

It wasn’t all bad news, however- while the Xbox may be struggling, the Surface line of tablets is finally a hit, thanks to the Surface Pro 3 consistently posting strong numbers. With the recent announcement of the Surface 3, and the strong word of mouth that it is generating, Microsoft should see its performance in that segment of the market go only up.

However, from a gaming perspective, it’s hard to deny that as of right now, they are in a very bad place. Even considering the best case scenario – all consoles sold were Xbox One units – and adding it to Microsoft’s 10 million shipped announcement from last December only brings the Xbox One’s lifetime shipments at 11.6 million units. That is still nowhere close to the 20 million sold that the PS4 had managed as of more than a month ago.

Hopefully, Microsoft is able to turn the tide on this console around, and turn it around soon.

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  • ShoNuff

    I seem to remember microsoft announcing 10 million units in early November. I find it hard to believe they have only sold 1.6 million units in 6 months.

    • epiqo5ky

      Maybe it was exported not sold…

    • Rubix99

      That 10 million figure announced in November was a shipped figure.

      In the extremely rare times that Microsoft did announce proper sales…..they were typically 900k to 1 million units in front with shipped consoles to ones that had actually been sold through to an actual customer.

      They were more likely closer to 9 million consoles actually sold to customers when they announced that 10 million shipping figure in November. With 1 million Xbox one consoles still in retail stores.

      Also its not been 6 months…..closer to 4. That 10 million shipping figure was announced in mid November and this latest quarterly sale report from Microsoft only accounts up to the end of March 2015.

  • Rubix99

    This is what VGChartz currently have down for both consoles from the times they launched up until the week ending 21st March 2015:

    -Playstation 4 = 21,103,957 units sold globally
    -Xbox One = 12,023,754 units sold globally

    These are meant to be units sold to actual customers. If Microsoft’s total lifetime shipments of Xbox One amount to 11.6 million then VGChartz are heavily over-tracking their Xbox One figures.

    But unfortunately they don’t get to correct their errors because Microsoft refuse to report actual sold figures and keep mixing the shipping figure in with Xbox 360 shipments.

    While they do often get PS4 sales wrong…..they do correct their figures in accordance to Sony’s quarterly sale statements. So we do know they are basing their sale figures for PS4 off of actual official confirmation.

    • Jon

      what I find doesn’t make sense is in November, they had 10 million shipped but over the holiday quarter 6.6 mill which would include the rest of November and all of December…. they would have had to ship more after black Friday so I don’t think you can just say 11.6 million shipped because that makes no sense. Unless you want to claim that they shipped all 6.6 million in the first half of the Holiday Quarter.

  • Starman

    Funny how you never mention that Sony combines hardware all the time …. and also , they claim sales to retailers and not just consumer , but you all say sales to retailers count…but when it comes to MS you say “SHIPPED” and you …IGN and NPD …say those sales don’t count…lol I Smell a rat …and it smells like FANBOY !!!!

  • ak33715

    I mean this doesn’t surprise me at all. 6.6 million sold for the previous quarter thanks to the holiday push and games. I own both an Xbox One and PS4 and Microsoft hasn’t released much of anything this first quarter. I loved Ori but is that a system seller? No, and it’s also on PC. Screamride? Obviously not. Sate of Decay? Doubtful. The games just haven’t been there this year so far. I am sure when Forza 6, Halo and Tomb Raider drop sales will pick up again like last holiday. I hope Microsoft wakes up a bit and realizes that there are 12 months in the year, not just 3 during the holiday. It’s OK to release AAA games the first the half of the year.

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