Microsoft Working On ‘State of The Art’ Tech That Will Change The Way Xbox One Games Are Developed

Microsoft possibly working on increasing productivity in games development.

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xbox one amd

Although Microsoft have faced a pretty uphill battle against Sony for console dominance, there is no doubt that the Redmond based company is staging some kind of a fightback. Xbox One possibly has the best software line up this month and they managed to add hundreds of different features to the console.

Now according to a job listing on Microsoft’s official careers website, the company is looking for Senior Software Engineer. Apparently, the job description states that the company wants to “develop high quality, state of the art solutions that will transform the way we develop and test games” and that the candidate should  “implement engineering best practices” and should also be capable in “working directly with users, educating, on-boarding, and supporting of our tools and services.” The candidate also needs to “participate in all parts of the software development cycle.”

Unfortunately, that is all we know as the listing does not give any other detail about what the tech/solution could be. Although the end user might not care or understand the process behind the development of games, it’s intriguing to know that Microsoft might possibly be taking steps to build new technologies and solutions that will make game development and testing easier.

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  • GHz

    C++AMP. Can anybody add to this? Thats all I know.

    • Glass


  • Lag-Fighting Tactics

    They Hinting about 3rd layerl unlocking soon?
    2nd layer has been a success with more 1080p games now. GTV5 the lastest
    maybe the NDA with AMD been pushed from 2017 now? WOW

    Just relies on them releasing the lastest SDKs that double pump the ALU with DX12.x and move engine DSPs that include the unlock codes to access the layer.

    • Glass

      Um, what?

    • Glass

      Stay off of misterxmedia…

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      Join ponygaffiers and be salty that cboat’s claim the xbox one was a 720-900p for life machine was wrong.
      Join them in mental gymnastics to prove esram is too small for 1080p too feel better.

    • Glass

      I’m a proud XB1 supporter but I’m sure an idiot can come to a conclusion that misterxmedia is a loon… It’s amazing how big of a following he has, what makes it more amazing is that he’s been doing this constructively for almost a year.

      I’m sure there’s more to the Xbox One that meets the eye, just not that 100TF mumbo jumbo, how do you even fabricate that in today’s world. Like, dang people really believe that.

      To close, Microsoft designed the Xbox One within the realms of the cloud and the use of accessories, and scaling, if anything this would have more to do with the cloud. The box was designed to scale 3x itself from its original state. The fact that everything is on one board and the Ethernet goes right into the soc screams reluctance. Just look at their original roadmap.

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      it’s 5.6TF with 3rd layer unlock (2017? -2018)
      3.6TF currently with 1+2nd layers (full 1080p)
      1.3TF first layer, (launch layer appear weak 720p-900p sony trick)

      nothing of 100TF

    • Glass

      Official source please.

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      -They are under NDA , everyone knows this.
      -Microsoft have never officially said anything about one hardware specifics other than clock speeds and core #’s.
      -They have denied the claim of the 50% power difference
      officially through Albert.

    • OldSocialist

      From what I saw on the visit I paid to Misterxmedia, a lot of the people there are as skeptical of the technical speculation as anyone else, but treat it as a safe haven from the shrill insults and combativeness they encounter elsewhere. They’re just gamers.

      I can appreciate why they’d do that. I get tired of being told I made the wrong choice by going for the XB1 first (I’ll be getting a PS4 when it has games I want to play on it), when I know for certain that the machine and its catalogue of games are right for me.

    • andy

      More 1080p games now? The Evil Within, PES 2015, Sunset Overdrive. 2 of those games are next gen game and one is a last gen 360 game that STILL couldn’t achieve 1080p resolution (even with the weird widescreen thing so still couldn’t achieve 1980 width is what I mean really).
      But yeah, DX12 will make that weak ancient ddr3 1.3tflop GPU TWICE AS POWERFUL. Just, please just stop.

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      old engines, fox engine is weak 2011 tech
      Evilwith is old engine, and poor on all formats
      Sunset over used older SDKs, been in development a long time.
      -ERSAM is faster than DDR5, this is why newer GPUs will use same tech.
      -PS4 has slower CPU , slow GPU to CPU oinionbus bottleneck
      -Double Pumped ALU is 3.6TF on XBOX one

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Well overall SoCs will have start to have embedded RAM, that’s inevitable. Hardware debates aside, which most of it is BS. I will agree it’s mostly SDKs and software development. Microsoft is more focused in further developing that than all this CPU, GPU esram BS!

      The XOne is already a very capable console as is, just need to get through the early development kinks as usual and I believe they will improve much faster than Sony. 2015 and beyond will prove that an has already begun with Horizon 2.

    • demderp

      No software update is going to make a 1.31TF GPU outperform a 1.84TF GPU.

      Sony’s ICE team, Naughty Dog, and Santa Monica Studios will fully utilize PS4’s stronger hardware, so it will stay ahead in graphics performance.

      Sure Xbox is a capable console, and it’s producing good looking games. But PS4 will have a graphics performance edge the entire gen.

    • Psionicinversion

      It’s not hard to fully utilise a weak piece of rubbish GPU mate. The games will still look rubbish because they can pump all the visuals into the front but back depth will be heavily lod scaled and disguised with depth of field. You’ve only got to look at the tomorrow children to see how heavily stuff gets scaled down and blurred out using DOF. They aren’t powerful they just get more clever at masking the weakness

    • Guest

      But the X1 GPU is even “rubbish” (must be a Brit), who’s visuals will be even more rubbish, with even heavier LOD scaling and inferior DOF quality. Just look at all the X1 games to see what im talking about.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah but derp is trying make out the ps4 will be super powerful after they’ve got the most out of the GPU but the gpu sux so there is no power to give. And yeah x1 sux harder

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Okay, read my comment again without your fanboy goggles on. Did I state ANYTHING about software improving hardware?! No. I simply stated it’s all about the developers and providing them the best tools possible to “design, design, design” the best games possible.

      Example, ogXbox was more powerful than the PS2, fact. The difference was there was so much more developer productivity focusing on One console therefore designing the best games on PS2 since it completely dominated that generation. Major developers at that time took risks in design because it was mostly One console.

      So in this case it’s more so about Microsoft providing as it seems, the best API tools so developers will focus more on designing great games than the technical part of it interfering.

    • Guest

      What are you talking about “and I believe they will improve much faster than Sony”, its already improved much faster than the PS4. And FH2 smokes anything on the PS4, as does SSO, MCC, Ryse, DR3, KI, TF, F5. You some kind of Sony pony trying to downplay the X1?

    • Guest

      Actually the ALU is quadruple pumped to 7.2TF, why you low balling it? You some kind of Sony pony? And your right about eSRAM being WAY faster than slow GDDR5 (that’s why more X1 games have higher res) and the CPU on the PS4 is way slower than even you’re stating (just look at how much worst the framerates are on all PS4 games compared to the X1 version). And yeah, if a game is in anyway, shape or form inferior on the X1 compared to the PS4, then its because of an old engine, or old tech or weak tech. Everybody knows that old tech runs worst on superior tech vs old tech. That proves the PS4 is inferior.

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      ALU is only double pumped at final unlock , unless there is another stage unlock we don’t know about.
      Yes the CPU limiting is causing drops into the 40S on PS4 CODA.
      Yes your right about res, we can do 4K in games and videos in THE future , Microsoft have said this.
      Sony has stated PS4 can only do 4K for Video.
      The order is 800p and foggy to try and hide weaker processing with on rails boring forced story


      1 year later, 40 720-900p games later, 100 microsoft PR announcements, and the guys are still in wonderland, hoping that directx12 will unleach 5Tb of bandwidth, or some engineers will find a way to make atoms move faster, and the ddr3 will go twice faster.
      or that magical rendering techniques, where you can texture a GTA5 game, with only 2 megabytes of textures, that once decompressed, will transform into thousands of 8000*8000 pixel textures..

      the guys don’t understand that the xbox one is already peaking, the 32mb of esram is already being used at the maximum speed and efficiency, the ddr3 speed and size is already being used at the maximum, and the data movers are already working at 100%, to manage to fill up-empty the esram. etc etc etc.

      meanwhile, the ps4 still has his gddr5 far from maxed out, still has all the custom chips that mantle and the final drivers will give access to, still have those 64 command paths to send almost 200gb of data from the cpu to the gpu, still have 1000% of calculations to send to the gpgpu, still have 50% more acu to work with (18 vs 12 on xboxone), etc etc.

      if today, devs manage to make the ps4 versions run at 2 times more resolution, or 2 times more frames per second, just imagine in one year, games like uncharted 4, that will finally start using the ps4 power, and will start using the gpu to compute stuff like particles, repetitive textures and objects, etc etc.

      when will xbox fans finally admit that microsoft screwed up everything, by making a platform that should please tv users and gamers at the same time, in america, when gamers, after almost 1 decade with a ps3 and xbox 360, all they wanted was a powerful console that would run the best looking games, without gimmicks, tvs, vcrs, etc.

      people already have tons of devices to watch videos, tv, etc. people wanted a new powerful console to play games. and only that. that’s why by the end of december, there will be max 7 million xbox one sold, while the ps4 will be close to 18-20 million units.

      is it hard to understand ? it looks like yes, it is.

    • Psionicinversion

      They probably havnt got the gddr5 maxed out because the GPU can’t process that much data it’s like having a 5 lane motor way running in to a small village with 100 people just because its there doesn’t mean it’ll get used

    • Guest

      Stupid analogy, thank goodness youre not making systems.

    • Psionicinversion

      soz professor hawking tell me how it works on the atomic scale seeing as your so awesome

    • Marc D

      Neither console is close to being maxed out, noob.

    • Guest

      Don’t forget about the 4th layer that’ll unlocked after that, then BOOM! PS4 is out! And “Move” engine kick so much booty. They really “move” things along. PS4 doesn’t have Move engine, (stupid PS4) cuz its weak! When are dumb Sony fanboys going to realize that this was MS’s plan all along. Make people and Sony think that the PS4 is more powerful, and weed out all the stupid people (thereby only having the best and the brightest customers on the X1), and make Sony complacent and lazy again. Then BAM! unleash the true power of the X1. Cloud (Sony could never have access to the cloud), DX12 (Sony could never have a better API), TR (PS4 cant do TR doesn’t have the ability), dedicated servers (Sony could never have these either), Move engines, ESRAM (much better than anything on the PS4), DDR3’s superior latency, cuz we all know bandwidth doesn’t matter as much as latency, MUCH, MUCH faster CPU, with a whopping 150mhz faster clock speed and 6ops per cycle and 30GB bandwidth (now bandwidth matters a lot again). Unknown GPU and CPU modifications. And the list goes on. The X1 is a beast, much better than the PS4 or MANY, MANY PCs. Yeah screw you master race idiots too.

    • adis agata
  • andy

    Haha so they are just completely replacing the Xbone with a new console then?

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      No, the tech is inside, Microsoft said it is a marathon.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      It has not much to do with hardware. It’s the technology and mostly development implementations. NOT memory nor teraflops BS!

  • JerkDaNERD7

    PS2 vs OG Xbox?! Indeed Xbox was too powerful. But why were games better on PS2 and had the BEST graphics?? Because everyone developed on PS2 and had more productivity developing for One console.

    Microsoft has understood this very fact going in to current-gen and why they designed XOne the way they did. It’s going to allow developers to focus more on developing the game, than it is the technical part of it. So if anything might be coding or Dx12 is truly goign to be a powerful API. IMO

    • Lag-Fighting Tactics

      One of the reasons why we as users asked microsoft for a balanced system this gen.


    great, just give me great unique games please

    • Nathan O

      SSoD doesn’t do it for you?

    • W1CKED GAM3R

      well considering i own Sunset Overdrive, yes it does “do it for me”, regarding my comment i meant keep the great formula going of releasing great games.

  • Thad Vanity

    This is the flimsiest article ever with one of the most click-bait titles possible……
    Rashid Sayed, you are barely a journalist…..

  • Guest

    Gamin bolt and its hyperbole again and look at all the fanboys gobbling it up like the fools they are. There is nothing special here to suggest anything fantastic coming. Its just the usual way these job postings are worded. You guys want so badly for the X1 to be better than it really is. Face it, the system is underpowered and a letdown. The only people who don’t think so are fanboys, and you are outnumbered by 2 to 1 (and growing!).

  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    ‘state of the art’ cash transfer to ensure parity lol

  • Andrew Clear

    What they need to do, is find a way to make putting more non-rending algorithms onto the GPU, in an easier fashion. That would really help create better games, and shed some of the dev time if they can make it easy enough.

  • adis agata
  • Marc D

    LOL All the people hating on Xbox One, even though it has a better holiday line up.

  • xbox1rules23

    lol does anyone wonder who is that finds all these jobs listings? sounds like a boring task

  • Mark

    I think this listing’s about making Cloud based games easier for studios. Testing them over Azure. Taking it a step further than TitanFall (which uses about 5% of the CPU per Respawn). Obviously Microsoft Studios (CrackDown?) has gotta know how much they can offload to the CPU with reliable perfromance. The GTS (Global Tools and Services) team is seemingly developing tools for devs, so that these games run worldwide. Localization solutions may deal with latency in each region.

    Cloud based games developement is happening right now, with OTOY handing out the Brigade engine to studios for use over Amazon’s Cloud. I think both Microsoft and OTOY r scheduling for releases in 2016 of these games. Not sure about Nvidia tho.


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