Microsoft: Xbox One of Today Is Different Than The One At Launch, Will Continue To Make Innovations

Xbox One India boss Anshu Mor wonders whether they have been doing a good job at explaining the monthly updates given that there are so many of them.

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Forza Motorsport 6

GamingBolt recently had a long chat with Xbox One boss of India, Anshu Mor. During the interview we spoke a bit about the importance of monthly updates that Microsoft have been consistently adding to the Xbox One. When one actually thinks about it, Microsoft has been doing a stellar job in ensuring that the Xbox One continues to have all the important features that players strive for.

“They are phenomenally important. Although these are called updates, these are actually features and functionalities that get added every month that makes the box so much more exciting. The Xbox One of today is so much different than the one which was launched and we will continue to make those innovations. It’s all coming from consumer feedback. They want something on the box and we will make every effort to deliver it and those will be delivered through these updates,” Anshu said to GamingBolt.

“At a personal level, I always get excited when there is an update coming. If you are a tech freak you will love updates that adds features, right?”

However he questions whether they have been doing a good job at promoting these features given that there have been so many in the past.

“I don’t think that from a feature standpoint there has been a disappointment as such but I will like to look more inwardly and ask ourselves whether we have publicized every feature that we have launched. So many of them have come up…so I am not sure whether all consumers understand the portfolio as much. We continue to strive to make sure that they understand it but there has been no particular piece that has been disappointing.”

“And that is what we keep asking [ourselves] whether we have done a good job of explaining at least the key ones to the audiences. We try to do that, hoping that we are at least doing a decent job but that is one area we will continue to focus on and ensuring people understand what they are getting in every update.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Anshu Mor in the coming days.

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  • When new dashboard update is coming?

    • SmarterThanAll

      I believe November!

  • XbotMK1

    What innovations? More like just imitating Sony.

    “It’s all coming from consumer feedback”

    What a crock of sh*t. It’s coming from your poor sales numbers and your competitors and you didn’t even open a feedback site until your console started falling behind.

    Phil Spencer: “I don’t goal the team on PS4 sales”

    • john doh

      Imitating Sony? Lmao… Ok.

    • Kfal Balli

      If this site had real moderators he would of been banned by now.

    • Dgnfly

      why for stating facts.

    • Kfal Balli


    • andy

      Mandatory installs (but broken and still not fixed), bluray, built in Wifi from launch, large player number capability online (finally, but not on the levels of MAG), Free2Play games (sparse and very selective with what they will allow on Live though), 3.5mm jack on the controller (ooops time to run out and buy another Xbone controller), unlimited size on games, dlc and game patches.

      Yep, everything PS3 could do years ago finally available on Xbox and of course they are all AWESOME and INCREDIBLE basic features now. Yeah, imitating but imitating the wrong console Lmao……Ok

    • dametreas foster

      two can play at that game: hard drives, party chat, trophies/achievements, matchmaking, netflix, gamertag, gamerpic, ethernet port, yea basic features we expect now. both companies copy each other

    • Omar

      Exactly what I was gonna say. All those features Xbox brought to the table. All companies copy ideas. People who don’t see that are idiots.

    • Psionicinversion

      you do know the playstation games need to be installed to the hard drive to you know??? its just theres is setup in a way it can be started before its installed

    • Michael

      If they were imitating sony they would be broke…lol

      Microsoft + money = innovation
      Sony – money = stagnation.

    • Dgnfly

      Microsoft + Money = innovation? how exactly when they were on top with xbox360 they released hardly any exclusives really all they released were tons off kinect games and that was a playstation eye rip-off.

      Sony – money = stagnation? Sony was making a major losses during ps3 era yet they made playstation plus great value for money instead off M$ pay to play online, then there was the fact sony pumped out more exclusives than during ps2 era.

      you really have a messed up view off looking at innovation.

    • Psionicinversion

      the kinect is and has been far more advanced than the pseye

    • aaron

      Who represents Sony on a weekly basis?Yoshimido? Who knows? At least xbox has people talking about new stuff all the time. What’s new with ps4 other than a projector for400. You must be a ps4 fanboy Enjoy playing Unchartered 4in 6 months and till then some new Indies. Get a life, get a girl, get a job, and get real dicksmack.

    • Dgnfly

      Microsoft has ppl talking about new stuff all the time? there were Zero new games during Tokyo game show. they only bought Havok so they could make money off it’s licensing. M$ hololens is nothing but a variation off google glass. so please tell me off these so-called amazing things which i seem to not know about or might it be you don’t know either?

    • aaron

      Tokyo blows, why would Xbox even want to make a effort to a city that only buys PlayStation anyway. Xbox is for western society and ps4 dominates in foreign countries. Figure it out douche bag.

    • aaron

      Let me guess, you drive a foreign car, love sushi, jerk off to Japanimation fifteen times a day, and look stoned naturally. Reading over your previous comments to others shows me your arrogant jerk of Asian descent. Well, I’m a arrogant Canadian. Blow me.

    • Omar

      Hololens is based on AR but not like Google Glass at all. Holograms that project into the real world for the user and can be manipulated by ur physical hand gestures….? Google Glass doesn’t even come close to being what that is and its capability. Plus, Glass is meant as a fully mobile device whereas Hololens is meant for use in a confined space. Why compare the 2?

    • Mark

      To be honest, Since Crackdown was revealed at Gamescom, alot of the industry have been talking about it. And it is the first of its kind, far away from Red Faction how people say it is. Recently I believe the Oddworld dev was excited about it, so I think that’s defenitely innovative from what I’ve seen this gen so far. But to each his own brotha.

    • LGK

      Sony is basically just doing what MS did with the 360. If you look through history, Sony has been copying from Nintendo and Xbox all the time.

      You are utterly clueless.

    • Dgnfly

      sony is now only copying M$ with it’s timed exclusivity and DLC deals cause M$ started all that crap that now exploits many gamers for every penny.

      Kinect was a playstation EYE rip-off, XBox game for gold is a palystation plus rip-off. sony kept making exclusive while making loses during ps3 era now suddently M$ is behind so they have no choice but to do the same, sony embraced indie gaming while M$ used and abused them to their own whim. so please state those things sony stole from M$.

    • LGK

      “sony is now only copying M$ with it’s timed exclusivity and DLC deals cause M$ started all that crap that now exploits many gamers for every penny.”

      Irrelevant. Sony has had timed exclusivity games since the PS1 era. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Resident Evil and Vigilante 8 are a few examples.

      “Kinect was a playstation EYE rip-off, XBox game for gold is a palystation plus rip-off.”

      If Kinect is a EYE rip-off, then by your logic EYE is a rip-off of PC Webcam. EYE was a webcam for consoles while Kinect was a 3D motion capture device. Kinect is leagues above EYE.

      “sony embraced indie gaming while M$ used and abused them”

      And yet the 360 was the platform of choice for indie devs last gen.

      “so please state those things sony stole from M$.”

      Sony copied achievements and the online community of XBL. They basically copied the entirety of the XBL network infrastructure. They also copied party chat and not to mention the Wii remote from Nintendo.

    • Dgnfly

      Sony diden’t have timed exclusive during ps1 ERA cause there was no competition nintendo wasen’t disc based. and japan is a console based country meaning capcom made resident evil firston console. also PC was massivly pirated during the beginning days i can still remember you could order discs that had all hit title’s on 1 disc that you could order.

      Playstation eye had a motion sensor your webcam doesen’t have a motion sensor during that time moron.

      and indie have spoken out why they wen’t with M$ cause they had the bigger market share at the time same reason most indie Go sony now cause they are now dominent.

      during XBOX360 times if you wanted to make the most moeny you’d release your indie game on XBOX so they started demanding more hings from Indie. now that Sony is on top indie get to do what the want themselves.

      sony build Playstation network from the ground up true thropies are like achievements but infrastructure is not the same Playstation is Linuxbased and was build from scratch.
      building a online network isen’t like copying anybody else or else nobody would ever have a claim on creating a own website cause everybody’s website are just copies off the first website ever made. so that’s just bullshit.

      party chat was something M$ made but that hardly makes em god probably in your eyes it does. and the Wii remote uses a motion sensor and that was made by sony so basicly nintendo stole the idea from sony with the motion sensor and added a remote but M$ stole the same thing from nintendo from sony with palystation eye.

    • LGK

      “Sony diden’t have timed exclusive during ps1 ERA cause there was no competition nintendo wasen’t disc based.”

      Then I would like to hear your excuse for timed exclusives on the PS2 when all consoles used disc games.

      “Playstation eye had a motion sensor your webcam doesen’t have a motion sensor during that time moron.”

      Oh I’m sorry I meant EYE is copying the first camera with motion sensor then. Sony wasn’t the first with motion sensor camera. Moron.

      “and indie have spoken out why they wen’t with M$ cause they had the bigger market share at the time same reason most indie Go sony now cause they are now dominent.”

      And mostly because developing games on the PS3 architecture could be a horrendous task.

      “so they started demanding more hings from Indie. now that Sony is on top indie get to do what the want themselves.”

      That is some conspiracy theory BS.

      But I’ll tell you something that’s 100 % true though. You know why Insomniac made Sunset Overdrive exclusive for XO and not PS4? It’s because Sony wouldn’t let Insomniac keep the ownership of the IP, so they asked MS instead and they let them keep the IP.

      So much for your all mighty Sony.

      “sony build Playstation network from the ground up true thropies are like achievements but infrastructure is not the same Playstation is Linuxbased and was build from scratch.”

      Doesn’t matter. By the logic you have used in your arguments against me, Sony did copy Xbox Live. Kinect was built from scratch too with 3D motion capture that that was entirely different from how the PS EYE was made. PS EYE didn’t have 3D reconstruction, yet you say Kinect copied EYE.

      That flip-flopping though.

      “else nobody would ever have a claim on creating a own website cause everybody’s website are just copies off the first website ever made. so that’s just bullshit.”

      Oh the irony…

    • Omar

      U just admitted that Sony copied features while defending them and are still getting on Xbox for doing the same. Is that what u call logic? Both companies have made major contributions to the industry that still stand to this day. Lets not forget that Xbox introduced hard drives in consoles, Ethernet ports, an online gaming community, party chat (now 12 instead of 8 like last Gen), gamer tags, HD gaming (on OG Xbox), apps on a system, etc.

      Sony has contributed DVD/Bluray, a controller standard button map, a home screen, PS+, legitimized gaming as an adult entertainment form, etc.

      And both have made concessions due to loss. Xbox monthly updates and bundled games are awesome just like PS+ is due to the PSN outage and the Xbox 360 competition last Gen. So why can’t u just give props to both companies and keep it moving?

    • Dgnfly

      you do know that Bill gates stole a lot off idea’s during his creation off the web.

    • GHz

      Every big corporate entity steals. You are supporting one right now and don’t know it. You want to play righteous? Go off the grid, fend for yourself in the bushes fighting bears n wolves to survive. Then come back and write about how evil big cooperations are and how we need to stop supporting them.

    • Dgnfly

      what kinda retarded comment was that supposse to be?
      so suddently company buyouts are innovation in your eyes or threatning em also is allowed or playing allong data to the NSA isen’t suddently a federal crime when a U.S company does it?

      you american are sure delusional when it comes big comapny’s and greed. no wonder your government is owned by big corporations.

    • GHz


      So you all righteous? You 100% clean? You have no technology you support? You live in a mud hut? If not look around you. Every modern thing you own, you’re trying to tell me you know the history of what it took to get those modern products you support, into your hands? & no kind of unethical behavior was involved sometime in the history of those products? The fact that you side with another corp to talk sh*t about another corp is stupid. KEEP IT GAMING!!!

    • Dgnfly
    • GHz

      Who cares! Stop playing like you all righteous!! KEEP IT GAMING!!!

    • Fweds

      People who need to use links are insecure with what they are saying.
      ANYONE can do but I guess most people who are NOT fanboys have confidence and actually believe in what they are saying.

    • LGK

      “what kinda retarded comment was that supposse to be?”

      Says the guy with the most broken grammar I have ever seen. All your sentences are literally littered with flaws.

      “you american are sure delusional when it comes big comapny’s and greed”

      And yet you defend Sony like it’s the second coming. Sony is no better than any corporation.

      Sony has paid for fake reviews, they went to court for it. The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack revealed Sony execs trash-talking celebrities they were working with. Even Michael Jackson said that Sony was doing some shady thing against him that he was very afraid to say too much about in an interview. Sony owns the rights to his music.

      Sony bribing politicians and pirating e-books about cyber crime hosted in Sony’s internal server. Very, very ironic considering Sony has broken the law in the past to take revenge on copyright infringement.

      MS are saints compared to what Sony has done.

    • sgt_hammertime

      how does that video shows that Microsoft stole anyone’s ideas?

    • XbotMK1
    • LGK

      So? That was just a smart business decision by MS. Not the same as faking reviews, pirating software, threaten journalists with lawsuits, bribing politicians and trash-talking celebrities they work with behind their back.

      And besides, it’s better having competition from MS than Sony monopolizing the gaming industry. Even though that’s the wet dream of you Sony fanboys.

    • Vasto Horde

      Poor sales numbers? This idiot has no idea what he is talking about.

    • Dgnfly

      Xboxone 13.9 million compared to ps4 25.4 million it is pretty big gap.
      and mostly only americans buy xbox for the most part. and microsoft is running at a loss if you compare the price cuts they been giving the console just to get close to ps4.

    • Vasto Horde

      What PS4 is doing has nothing to do with whether or not Xbox One is selling poorly.

    • wow

      sony innovating…. riiiight. These days sony doesn’t innovate squat. Not bad phones but other than that the company as a whole is on the rocks…

    • Fweds

      NOTICE the FAKE ghost name upvotes on this and “Andy’s comment.

      I think we all know the multi who uses the $10 upvote bot by now.

    • Omar

      Both companies use each other’s ideas. Sony didn’t have party chat last Gen or cross game chat. Xbox didn’t have Games with Gold until the end of the 360’s life cycle. The list goes on and on for both.

      Also, Phil Spencer said he was using sales charts at first as a focus for his team but realized he can’t control everything so he steered away from that thinking. U can’t leave out how the man admitted that and call his words bullshit. He openly said it and be very honest, even more than any other Sony or MS exec I’ve seen before him.

    • Michael

      Sony innovated their butts right out of the tv, computer, and portable console markets….lol. They need to be asking for a loan to fix that broken mess called psnotwork.

    • Tech junkie

      Yeah Microsoft imitates, did your only friend buy an xbox?

    • Fweds

      Notice the Sony lapdog “XbotMK1” has those Ghost upvotes ? They are from “Mr Xrat AKA “Revolver Ocelot” using his Upvote Bot.

  • GHz


    OMG now we have another sh*t eating Sony fanatic game politician/lawyer to deal with. Regurgitation myths mixing it with truth in attempt to make Sony & the ps4 this god like entity that does no wrong and never will. Arguing with these fools is a waste of time.

    • Fweds

      So true and notice they are becoming more active right now because

      1. Tests show new Xbox One dash is 50 percent faster than the PS4s.

      2.Forza 6 got Great reviews, tested and confirmed to be running at 1080p and a LOCKED 60FPS something the PS4 can’t achieve.

      3.Halo 5 Guardians.

      4.Rise of the Tomb Rider.

      5.Super fast dashboard and Backward compatibility next month.

      6. Fallout 4 comes with Mods and Fallout 3 on release.

      All coming THIS YEAR.

      Meanwhile those 3 fanboys get to look forward to a Remaster this year.

    • Orion Wolf

      I find it interesting how MS has managed to speed up the dashboard as much as they did. And that’s considering that the ps fanboys have been saying the x1 is almost nothing in comparison with the ps4 – HW wise – for 2 years now.

      Yet the x1 UI is running faster than the ps4 UI (aka a slightly modified ps3 UI) that is, imo, a very spartan/lackluster looking UI.

      IMO the simplistic UI is the reason as to why it’s running as fast as it is i.e. there’s barely anything going on in the background, unlike with the x1 UI (snap functionality/ 3 OS’s) I have to wonder why is everyone impressed by the ps4 UI speed, but not by the amount of stuff the x1 is doing.


      It would look like MS does have some good software engineers and all
      that money the put into the x1 is not for nothing… who would have ever guessed /sarcasm


      About the fanboys hatting on every MS article, well it’s not surprising considering that recent articles are about how Sony is removing the “free” driveclub version form ps+ (after 3 months!!! This is for the players?!), the update 3.0 is creating problems as every update before it etc.

      MS on the other hand is in the news for acquiring Havok; getting games on the x1 that no one was expecting and were mostly in the domain of the PlayStation – one piece burning blood – the first game of its type to be on a MS console.

      BC – which the ps fanboys call stupid, but were more than happy when
      Sony announced PS Now. Yeah, because paying for the games you already own and play them at 720p (and I was thinking 1080p makes you a better gamer, which is what Mark Cerny and Yoshida have stated) at perhaps 30fps with some serious lag is far better than just taking your game disc and putting it in the console and play it … wait did I forget about the DRM part of the whole PS Now vs X1 BC?

      And how about the fact that you don’t need to have a constant connection?

      It’s “funny” how the ps fanboys don’t want to talk about how Sony is
      doing exactly what they were trashing MS about.

      Remember the funny little video about Yoshida and Adam Boyes
      exchanging games? Well, how about MS does the same thing, but with the BC?

      A new UI that is faster than the ps4 UI and first party triple A games, which Sony doesn’t have as they’re promoting 3rd party games … and oh yeah almost forgot how Sony will have to support the VR now as well i.e. the budget for triple A titles for the ps4 is going to get smaller.

      And Sony will have to pay to keep using the Havok engine i.e. more
      money for the xbox division.

      Then there’s the cloud (and you know physics, which, imo, is one of the reasons as to why MS acquired Havok) and Crackdown …

      Basically no reason as to why you should own an x1 / sarcasm to the max

    • Mr Xrat

      Look at all this damage control. Crowing over taking two years to improve the Xbone’s UI by basically copying the PS4’s UI (only horizontal instead of vertical), making up firmware issues and overhyping your limited emulation. Meanwhile MS’ software engineers are so great they went shopping for a physics engine instead of making their own custom solution for their overhyped cloud.

      No wonder they’d rather talk about bundles and adverts instead of the few first party games they have. The Xbone is a joke and its fanboys are unwanted slime.

    • Mr Xrat

      1. The guy who did that stated that it wasn’t scientific, and that now both UIs are suitably fast instead of the Xbone being grindingly slow in anything. Good job, it only took two years.

      2. Middling reviews, looks like a 360 game, dropped out of attention a few days after launch.

      3. Rehash.

      4. Unwanted rented sequel to a generic reboot.

      5. Limited emulation LMAO.

      6. Mods aren’t coming until next year and I played Fallout 3 eight years ago

      Congratulations, you waited nine months for crumbs like a good little Xbox scumbag. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    • Fweds

      Oh look “Revolver Ocelot” is using his “Xrat” multi name Oh and bless him his used his UPVOTE BOT on his own comment.

    • Fweds

      You missed one “Revolver Ocelot” AKA “Xrat” etc.

      He uses an Upvote Bot on the Sony fanboys comments.

  • berj79

    @gamingbolt please ask him if they planning to launch the elite console bundle in india ? Thx.

  • andy

    Just checked there today in a friend’s house and the Install/Updates for games, even from the disc, is still an absolute mess. So many “updates” every 3 weeks and they can’t seem to fix this basic function. Still the exact same state it was since launch.

    • Fweds

      Yes of course, your as believable as the person who is using his UPVOTE BOT on the SONY FANBOY COMMENTS.

    • Leticia Agarwal

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    • LGK

      You are so full of sh*t. It’s like you have made it your life mission to spread your misery in every Xbox article. Seriously you are everywhere. Get a life.

      Wow using an upvote bot to upvote yourself. Pathetic. You and YouareFlatOutWrong or whatever his name is. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re the same person.

      Shows that Sony fanboys truly are the scum of gaming.

  • Truthhurts24

    The godbox 1 continues to piss on the offlinestation 4

  • Barry Harden

    No matter how much Micro$oft improves the UI, there’s nothing they can do to make up for the weak hardware. Nothing.

    • Fweds

      There’s nothing $ony can do with their weak hardware either but at least MS are bring AAA exclusives,back

    • Barry Harden

      PS4’s hardware allows more 1080p games than what the XBone can handle. Your backward compatibility won’t include everything and it’ll mostly be Micro$oft owned titles.

      As for exclusives? More than you can handle:

      XBone? not so much.

    • dametreas foster

      He said AAA not indies by that logic neverwinter, ori and the blind forest, screamride, Kinect sports, just dance, world of tanks, smite, etc is counted in as well and plus yoshida(head of playstation) said theirs no AAA exclusives,

      “Your backward compatibility won’t include everything and it’ll mostly be Microsoft owned titles”
      almost every major publisher is on board except activision, konami, and rockstar.
      at least we dnt have to be online to use our backwards compatibility.

  • Mr Xrat

    Look at all these hyperdefensive Xbox fanboys. No wonder no one likes you.

    The Xbone is now what it was at launch: a joke with no games. Better luck next gen, if you even get another gen.


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