Microsoft: Xbox One Sales Have Picked Up Since Launch of Kinect-less SKU

‘And we’re obviously very happy about that.’

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Xbox One Without Kinect

Although the Xbox One has been selling fairly well since its launch last November, sales have still consistently lagged behind those of the PlayStation 4, which has gone on to become the fastest selling console in history (as a matter of fact, Xbox One LTD sales are currently less than even Nintendo’s Wii U). Microsoft have made a variety of efforts to push sales for the console since its sales trend became clear, but the most aggressive move they made was last month, when they decoupled the Kinect from the system, and began selling a Kinect-less SKU for $399- bringing the price of the Xbox One in line with that of the PlayStation 4.

Apparently, that move has paid off for Microsoft, as Harvey Eagle (yes, that’s a real name. A badass name), their head of UK Marketing, says the Xbox One has seen increased sales momentum since then. “Our momentum has really improved in the past weeks and months and we’re obviously really happy about that”, he said in an interview with Trusted Reviews. “And by momentum I mean sales,” he clarified, just in case there wouldn’t be any confusion.

Personally, I think this is great- competition is good for the industry, and with a PS4 that’s selling incredibly well, a revived Mario Kart powered Wii U, and now a reinvigorated Xbox One, I think there are some good days ahead for all of us as gamers.

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  • Rooster41

    The Wii U launch in 2011 and LTD sales are 6.8 million
    Xbox One launch in 2013 and it’s LTD is 4.8 million
    so actually the Xbox One is selling way better than the Wii U

    • Michael Norris

      Oh no doubt about it,the Xone is selling well enough.I just think MS was caught off guard by Ps4 and those sell numbers,

    • jlahoud

      Wii U was launched in November 2012….not 2011…I believe Xbox one will Never catch up the Wii U in a post mario kart 8 and e3 2014 world

  • d0x360

    I bought a second Xbox one today for $340 for my sons birthday. Can’t beat that. Now all I need is a 3rd Xbox one and a second ps4 for my bedroom and I’ll be good to go.

    • Michael Norris

      Good for you both systems will have some awesome games.I am sticking with Ps4 because i will get a Haloish type of game ”Destiny”.Sony has a lot of first party studios making games.MS is finally pushing 1st party games now.The next few years will be great for everyone.

    • d0x360

      I agree my good sir. Nothing wrong with preferring one over the other.

  • Mark

    Changin ma name to H. Eagle.


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