Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg On Quantum Break PC: ‘We’re Trying To Break Down The Walls’

Aaron Greenberg explains the decision behind bringing Quantum Break to Windows 10.

Posted By | On 14th, Feb. 2016 Under News


While the announcement that Quantum Break is coming to the PC has been met with quite a bit of outrage from Xbox One fans, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is proud that it was able to help bring a game with such high quality graphics to the PC. Phil Spencer has spent quite a bit of time defending the move and now Aaron Greenberg has jumped into the fray.

Greenberg recently appears on the latest Major Nelson podcast and talked about the fact that Microsoft had actually been hoping to bring Quantum Break to both the Xbox One and the PC but didn’t know if they were going to be able to pull of that feat. “We weren’t sure how and when we could get the Windows 10 version done. They lined up [with the Xbox One version], a lot of people’s reaction on Twitter was like, I get it, you want to bring this to a lot more gamers to play, but why didn’t you tell us about this before? We didn’t know we could do this before,” Greenberg stated.

In another part of the interview, Greenberg basically echoed what Spencer had been saying about why the company was excited about bringing Quantum Break to the PC. The company believes that the more platforms games like this are on, the better the experience will be. “We’re trying to bring gamers together, we’re trying to break down the walls if you will.” Quantum Break will release on the Xbox One and the PC on April 5, 2016.

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  • textomatic

    I don’t believe they didn’t know it was coming to PC not even for one second. They knew it was coming to PC but they might not have known when. Truth is they should have said “Xbox One and PC” from day one even if it wasn’t going to be a same day launch. So far not liking “Nadella’s” Microsoft.

    • bardock5151

      He said they knew it was coming to PC, they just weren’t entirely sure they could make the same date, until now apparently.

      But yes, when they decided to bring it to PC, they should’ve announced it.

    • Constance Hulett

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    • Mark

      Agreed. But I don’t know if the Xbox division lying has anything to do with Nadella being CEO


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