Microsoft’s Struggle In Japan A Trend That Will Continue With Xbox One: Akihiro Suzuki

Koei Tecmo’s Producer Akihiro Suzuki on the state of Xbox One in Japan.

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It’s no secret that Microsoft and Japan don’t exactly share a productive relationship. Microsoft’s every gaming console till date has struggled in the region whereas companies like Sony and Nintendo are still doing pretty well due to obvious reasons. Just recently the PS4 sold over 1.1 million units in Japan which is not a lot but still substantial enough to indicate that console gaming is not dead in Japan yet.

GamingBolt recently had a chat with Koei Tecmo’s Producer Akihiro Suzuki regarding the upcoming release of Bladestorm: Nightmare on PS4 and Xbox One. During the interview we asked Akihiro about his thoughts on how Xbox One is performing in Japan.

“So when we talk about Japan as a games market, obviously looking back at the Xbox 360 era, Japan has always been struggling with Microsoft consoles and that trend is following with the Xbox One as well. If things continue to move this way and stay as it is then things will continue to be dominated by PlayStation platforms in Japan.”

Microsoft has been traditionally strong in North America and to an extent in UK territories so it seems that once again that the Redmond based company won’t see success in Japan. Of course, Microsoft can turn the tides in their favor but given the situation it does not look likely.

Bladestorm: Nightmare launches next month and we will have more coverage on the game in the coming days.

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  • spideynut71

    It takes tremendous intellect to state the obvious….and this coming from a publisher/dev that’s always been a Sony homer.

  • John Nemesh

    It’s not shocking that the Japanese reject an underpowered console with fewer games…what’s shocking is that they manage to sell them in the US and UK!

    • Mark Anthony Dodd

      Japanese understand technology better its as simple as that and understand better games. I mean look at the top selling games to ever come out of US they are the likes of call of duty, gears of war and battlefield that says a lot, most of the big selling AAA games are all shooters outside of sports games. UK have an issue with copying US which is sad and I say that living in England.. Look at games that came from Europe and you got GTA (came from Scotland), Far Cry, Batman Arkham Asylum, Burnout (Criterion are from Guildford UK), Lego star wars, Tomb Raider.. Europe makes some great games as does Japan.

    • corvusmd

      Not only is this comment completely incorrect, it makes no sense at all.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Which is why the PS4 is selling terribly as well considering it is also underpowered and has no games, correct? I guess some people like you are OK with low settings, 800P, 30FPS (Which dips to 20FPS) and mediocre games

      Japan has switched to mobile and PC. In some ways, they are ahead of the rest of the world who are still stuck on underpowered APU consoles. (Which is Both of them). Probably why Japan bought more Wii U’s. At least that has games.

    • John Nemesh

      I assume you are referring to “The Order” when you talk about “800p”. And yet you completely miss the point of WHY they did things that way. Oh, by the way, rendering black bars still means the game runs at 1080p NATIVE resolution, and means that, unlike MOST Xbox One games, it doesn’t have to go through a scaler first, which degrades the picture quality (resulting in crushed blacks, among other problems on the Xbox). As for “mediocre games”? Clue me in will you? Becuase I have been playing PLENTY of GREAT games on my PS4…including several that aren’t available on Xbox One. Some are “indies” which you will sneer at, others are available on other platforms, including PC and Xbox…and yet, when all is said and done, you STILL have only 156 games released on the Xbone, compared to 233 on the PS4. Spin that however you want. As to your pitiful assertion that Japanese consumers are more about mobile and PC? Then why has Sony shipped 1.1 MILLION PS4s in Japan, compared to uner 100,000 Xbox consoles? OVER 10:1 in favor of Sony? Your arguments are weak and not based in reality, bub. Try harder next time.

    • corvusmd

      Jesus you’re so blinded by marketing. Whether or not it’s 800p because of an “artistic choice” or not…it STILL does not have to process a TRUE FULL 1080p picture…thus sparing the system ….so if power wasn’t an issue, why not 60fps…hell why can’t it hold 30?

    • John Nemesh

      That still doesn’t change the fact that it actually RENDERS at 1080p and therefore doesn’t have to be scaled. It was an artistic choice to put out a game in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, and I hope we see MORE games use this…it looks INCREDIBLE on a projector and 2.35:1 screen! In any case, it plays a lot better on the PS4 than on the Xbox…oh wait, you can’t even play it on the XBox, can you?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      I’m pretty sure they can load it on their youtube app and get the same amount of enjoyment.

      Oh and no matter how much you lie and PR spin. The experts have confirmed its 800P. There is no pixel fill on the black bars. End of discussion. But if you want to continue being an apologist door mat to a massive corporation, please continue for my amusement.

    • John Nemesh

      Nah, I made my point, and my comments were accurate. It is a native 1080p game, it does not go through a scaler. Keep arguing with yourself if you feel the need, though.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Funny how Digital Foundry said it’s 800P and they checked the vertical range multiple times. Are you just going to repeat Sony’s 1080PR damage control over and over? Thought so

    • John Nemesh

      No i am done talking to a biased idiot. Good day to you, sir.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Someone who’s so biased he’s astroturfing whining about someone else being biased. Pathetic and hilarious.

    • John Nemesh

      Maybe you should look up what astroturfing means…ah nevermind. There is no cure for your brand of stipidity.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      “Astroturfing is the practice of masking the
      sponsors of a message or organization (e.g. political, advertising,
      religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates
      from and is supported by grassroots participant(s).”

      Sounds exactly like your posting considering your post history is dedicated to worshiping Sony.

    • John Nemesh

      I support the best product on the market. Right now, thats the ps4. I am neither employed by them, nor do i receive any compensation…other than having a great platform with the best games.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      So basically you are astroturfing without getting paid for unrelentingly shilling the PS4 and bashing competition like PC gaming.

      Sounds like Astroturfing for me. Just pathetic astroturfing since you do it for free.

    • simpleas

      dude…… stfu idiot, they’re both great consoles.

    • Agent_Blade

      You’re the idiot. Nintendo and PC is better then both.

    • John Nemesh

      No, the PS4 is a great console…I don’t know what the Xbox One is…a PC maybe…heck you can run office on it…but it’s NOT primarily a game console.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      By that defnition, the PS4 is a glorifed Blu-Ray player and netflix box.

      Nintendo wins the console wars by default. And at least they have games.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      First of all. You are an idiot. Check my avatar first and read the post where I call them BOTH underpowered APU boxes and understand I am a PC Gamer before you go on your mealy mouthed dorito fueled rants.

      Second. Digital Foundry confirmed 800P on the Order. Black bars did not have any pixel fill like you claim and Ready At Dawn lied again. Not for the first time and not for the last time.

      Third. All those Indies I played on PC well before you did and all the PS4 has is mediocre 30FPS drivel that Sony push like it’s some sort of standard while I play at 1080P 60FPS.

      My arguments are based in the reality that the PS4 is a weak **** system that you defend because of the brand name and is holding back gaming yet because it runs 1080P on low settings and a pathetic unstable 30FPS. You hold it as some sort of beacon of light on gaming. PATHETIC.

    • John Nemesh

      If you resort to calling names, you have already lost the argument. Good day to you sir.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Ah yes, the “I got upset I was called out for my lack of reading comprehension so I’m going to cry and claim you have no argument” deflection on top of the “Everyone who criticizes Sony is an xbox fanboy” deflection you used in the first place.

      What a chump.

    • Ligonakos

      You just got shoved, he provided evidence yet you still continue to ignore his arguments. #gg #getrekt

    • John Nemesh


  • corvusmd

    For a long time now EVERYONE has known that MS won’t do well in Japan…even MS. It MOSTLY has to do with a strong sense of national pride there…which is respectable. However, I feel like a lot of gamers there are missing out on a great console…that being said…it’s completely their choice. However, even before X1 launched there…this was really no secret to anyone…sure MS had to try and make a push for it to be successful, but I don’t even think they were fooled into thinking it would be a huge hit…however, they aren’t going to release a console there and market it as “hey I know you don’t want to buy this, but here it is”.

    As an American gamer, it’s very easy for me to say…just forget Japan, stop wasting your time and money there. Gaming in general is dying in Japan (on consoles),focus on Korea. No matter what X1 does, they will always buy more Nintendos and PS’s….it’s just a simple fact of life. However, at the same time I can’t say I don’t get why MS does it. It’s not really so much about selling consoles there…it’s about getting their foot in the door with Japanese Devs. They want Japanese games, but in order to do that, you have to show that you are making an effort to meet them halfway.

    Either way I’m a happy owner of all three consoles, but it’s no secret that I by far love my X1 the most, it truly is the best rounded of the three consoles. Anyone that doesn’t get one is missing out.


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