Most Underrated Game of 2014

Not every game gets the attention it deserves.

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D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

With all the top-tier games that get released every year, it’s a given that a few gems will fall through the cracks. However, this became a year of controversial releases as many games were either deeply despised or lovingly coveted by critics. Take Destiny, for example. Many still its flaws and the lack of content but these same individuals love it. They may think it’s just them and the mechanics will have a hard time appealing to others but several millions of daily players can’t be wrong.

Then there was D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, a quirky release that attempted to be different like Access Games’ Deadly Premonition before it. Some appreciated the zany humour and play style, others criticized it for just not doing enough. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was criticized for being the same old Borderlands, which fans were surprisingly okay with (though it admittedly had its issues).

However, there was a true underrated release this year that just didn’t get enough appreciation despite the few vocal supporters.

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  • d0x360

    What the what? Evil within under rated? It was for the most part a critical and commercial success and got TONS of hype and press coverage. It got almost a full year of monthly press in fact.

    Wolfenstein shouldn’t be on the list either. that game got great coverage, great reviews and sold fantastically…

  • HisDivineOrder


    The Evil Within as the most underrated game? What?

    No. The game was overhyped and when it released, it was overrated, too. A lot of things many games could not get away with were excused because “This is from the guy who made Resident Evil!” A return to tank-like controls for a person? Because it’s the guy who made Resident Evil. Inability to do any kind of reasonable hand to hand in any useful manner? Because it’s the guy who made Resident Evil. Storyline that zigs when it should zag and zags when it should zig, a storyline overwrought yet underdone? Okay because it’s the guy who made Resident Evil. Graphics look subpar (early 360/PS3) for a game in 2014 on supposedly next gen consoles? It’s fine, it’s the guy who made Resident Evil.

    If anything, everything’s fine because it’s the guy who made Resident Evil. And that’s not an underrated game. That’s an overrated game.

    If you want underrated, try Alien Isolation. People went into that game expecting crap–one alien? who’s developing it? ripley’s daughter wtf?–and came out saying, “That’s how it would feel if an alien stalked me.”

    Considering Aliens Colonial Marines preceded it, it’s no surprise that people didn’t expect much out of it.

    I think a very close second place finish goes to Five Nights at Freddy’s. That game came out of nowhere, took limited gameplay, and milked it for all it’s worth. It even hides a LOT of story out of sight while giving the people who only glance at such things just enough story to be invested while leaving a huge chunk of story behind the scenes for people invested enough to hunt it down and get the truth. Sure, it’s all jump scares, but they’re very good jump scares.

    Note that both of the games I’ve mentioned as alternatives to your underrated game actually got what scary games are all about. Scares in games are not about blood and gore. Scares in gaming are more about tension and/or ramping up anxiety. You aren’t scared of the failure state. You’re just in a perpetual state of heightened anxiety in anticipation of said failure state and attempting to avoid it.

    Excessive blood and gore are often the hallmarks of a game that doesn’t understand scares, especially in an interactive medium. Yeah, that’s right. I’m saying the guy who made Resident Evil doesn’t understand how to make scary games in the modern age.

    Yet another reason The Evil Within is definitely NOT underrated.

    • MagcargoMan

      I agree with you for the Alien part, but FNaF has became increasingly overrated given how much the internet pimps it out.

    • Bowtie and Fedora

      It’s not FNaF’s fault that the Internet (especially Let’s Players) run things into the ground. Slender was good, too, until they started putting it everywhere.

    • idontgetty

      Both are awful, awful games.

    • Fantaman

      Absolutely agree here. I was one of those who bought it at release and man, did I try hard to love it. Like a battered housewife, I came back to it thinking it’d get better but the silly, inane story, the random save, the fact you are always starving for bullets and the clunky stealth mechanics killed it for me.

    • Thanks for saving me from clicking through an infinite number of click bait slides. Seriously.

    • LoveAnimation

      The Evil Within is an awesome and extremely fun game in my opinion and its one of the best and most fun games i have played in a long time.
      I usually dont feel like beating games again until after a long time after i beat it the first time but ihave already beaten the Evil Within 3 times because its so fun to play.
      That its not as scary as we hoped it would be does not make it a bad game at all.

  • Joel

    non of those games were underrated and The Wolf Among Us got plenty of praise.

    • vishmarx

      tew sold 3-4m copies

    • Will

      Actually, as compared to the rest of the games on this list, it was very underrated

  • Martin

    Because nobody paid any attention to Hearthstone… riiight.

  • Takioki

    Whoever wrote this needs to learn the definition of “underrated.”

    • Chris Scott

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Luke Perry Glover

    HA! Hearthstone underrated? It has MILLIONS of players.

  • Guest

    I don’t think anyone here understands what “Underrated” means. Let’s see what the text definition says, shall we? Here we go: A verb, underestimate the extent value or importance of (someone or something).
    So how well was The Evil Within received by the public?

  • michael sanderson

    Nah sonic boom rise of lyric is the most underrated game

  • Lucas Freire

    How is Shovel Knight, Wolf Among Us, Evil Within and Hearthstone underrated? lol

  • samiamiamsam

    How is Shovel Knight underrated? It was praised by most reviewers.

  • mattack

    How about some words and DESCRIPTIONS of the other games?! Info about WHY they’re underrated?

  • Jon Perry

    I don’t think you guys really understand what the word “Underrated” means. 90% of the games that you listed were over hyped before release, and well talked about afterwards. How is it that you people are making money writing inaccurate articals?

  • Alex

    The Evil Within is not underrated. It’s a messy piece of trash that is locked to 30 fps, has a ridiculous unchangeable aspect ratio that makes the game completely unplayable whatsoever, textures from 2004 and is actually not scary at all, just over the top on the gore.

  • The Eternal

    wht is wrong with you…….the wolf among us…underrated???????r u crazy or trying to act like it????
    check up “underrated” in a dictionary

    • Will

      Again, as compared to the rest on this list, it was a very underrated game, and better than about 80% of the games on this list quite frankly. So, I don’t really understand your dismay on that one.

  • comment95405

    wildstar was pure crap. It was worse than the original Xbox1 launch team. They listened solely to a super hardcore group of MMO’ers that comprise about 5% or less of the playerbase.

    Kinda like Bungie’s decisions on Destiny. Another gross misstep worthy of the Xbox1 launch team.

    Peeps want steady noticeable progression each time they play. (for that dopamine feedback loop addiction). Peeps want the game to be easy and fast when it degrades to endless repetition.

  • Augure

    This is the crappiest “underrated” list I’ve ever seen. These are literally all over-publicized if not over-rated games EVERYBODY knows about.

    I learn absolutely ZERO thing from this list when there are hundreds of actual underrated and under-promoted games that deserve attention out there…

  • Pete Mclowins

    Wasn’t wolfenstien one of the higher rated games of the year? to me it’s a bit overrated rather then underrated

  • Will

    I certainly agree with Wolf Among Us. Very good game, yet very little was heard about it. It’s the only one on this list that I would say was underrated. How Wolfeinstein, The Crew or Evil Within made this list is beyond me

  • Konstantinos

    I’ve only played The Evil Within from this list of “underrated games”. I can surely say that it’s the exact opposite: an overrated game, that I shouldn’t have bought on Day 1. Big mistake.

  • Robert Purdin

    Where’s Shadow Warrior?


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