Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 vs Xbox One GIF Comparison Shows Crisper PS4 Version

We also put the PC version in the mix.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Square Enix and Airtight Games’ Murdered: Soul Suspect is now available across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. As part of our usual testing process, we have selected the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions and compared the first few seconds of the opening scene of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

We have purposely avoided comparing cut scenes and have kept our focus on a short gameplay clip for this comparison. Our first impressions indicate that the PlayStation 4 version has a crisper image compared to the Xbox One version. We have also thrown in an equivalent PC footage to show how it compares with the console versions.

This is of course our initial impressions and we will have the complete analysis later this week. For more on Murdered Soul Suspect, check out our hub page here and stay tuned for more news and updates. Please note that the high quality GIFs below will take sometime for loading, so please be patient!

Xbox One



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  • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

    As usual. PC runs best. Looks best and will have more options to make it look even better.

    Flawless victory.

    PS. PS4 and xbone versions. 30FPS. PC version. 60FPS.

    • Jason Mounce

      I’m quite amazed when people literally have lives on the internet rather than real life. It’s unfortunate you don’t get paid to make a fool of yourself on Disqus comment sections on gaming websites.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      PC master race keeps on winning when the only argument against is trying to resort to personal insults.

      Here’s my card. You too can ascend to Ultra if you ditch the consoles holding you back :^)

    • Guest

      $0N¥ Paupers can’t afford that. Just look at Jason Mounce’s Facebook.

    • Jason Mounce

      Facebook equates to evidence of financial value – Legit.

    • Jason Mounce

      I do have a good PC that I built myself, not as if I needed to go to reddit for help either. I’d probably wager that my PC also was more intelligently designed than yours and whatever kind of laptop or PC you salvaged with moms credit card. Oh well.

      Only to a halfwit would someone think that because you own a Console-platform, there’s no way the person also can’t have a PC, even though PC/#Console duos are the majority.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      For someone who claims to be duo. You sure put a lot of time and buyers remorse into your 900PS4 potato defense.

      Sell it before it loses value or Sony goes out of business as the public realize what the true master race of gaming is.

    • Jason Mounce

      Because not being closed-minded has its benefits simply. Though I’m sure I don’t have to ask you where I’d ever imply I have buyers remorse. I’m quite happy I’ll be able to play PS4 exclusives or consoles exclusives whilst watching many of the so-called PC-Elitists who act snobby, while for acting or for their true personalities. Only to see them whine and cry for games like Dark Souls to go PC. Next up being MGS5. There’s going to be a ton of PC Elitists whining for it to go PC, you going to be one of them?

      Exaggerated and pompous pride that buckles at superior software lineups where clowns whine and beg with one hand then hold a one-dimensional list of cliched one-liners of why consoles suck in the other hand after the beggings end (Then pretend that none of you ever did such a thing and the Signatures and beggings never occurred)

    • Guest

      ^That’s coming from a no-life everyday $0N¥ Pauperposter. Yes, hypocrisy at its finest paupers.

    • Jason Mounce

      Coming from a person named: “$0N¥=abunchofpaupers”

      All your alternate accounts won’t save you.

  • scott

    The PS4 actually looks better then PC in this comparison. PC seems to have a blurry haze around the character more often… Before I looked at the comparison I had someone tape over which was which then looked at each objectively.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      PC version is at 60FPS. GIFs only show how much PC is being held back and why Webm is the format of the future.

    • scott

      I have no doubt that the PC will reign supreme, but my observations were only what was given us here , like i said out of the 3 clips above you have to admit that the PS4 does look better. It might not be representitrive but it is what it is.

    • DarthDiggler

      This is hardly a scientific test.

  • Solid Snake

    is it me or does the PS4 version look better than the PC version?

    • Guest

      Because PC is the master race. $0N¥ PauperStation Foul = plastic box with cheap hardware.

    • Chuck Green

      It might just be the capture but yes the ps4 version here is by far better than the pc version (in this test only).

    • JonCrow

      And would you look at that…for once, someone actually has their RGB set to full on the PS4 comparison. Bravo.

    • nate

      If you click on both the PC and PS4 Gifs, the PS4’s file size is larger, so the PC gif could just have more compression.

  • AmUnRA

    , he is A pcmasterrace fool. There are pcgamers who really dont like him.
    Xboxfans and Playstationfans dont like him, heck allmgamers dont like him.

    THE BEST is that everyone DONT react to EVERY comment from YOU ARE FLAT OUT PEASANT, then he will STOP.

  • ME3X12

    This is the worst comparison ever it’s so obvious the X1 version is much brighter they need to turn down the gamma a bit on the X1 version

  • Delsin Rowe


  • PS4 is the winner but the game sucks.

    So this comparison does not matter.

  • TJ

    game trash who cares

  • CervantesPR

    another multiplat looking and running better on PS4 compared to xbox one, damage control incoming.

    • HaveYouHeardTheGabeNews

      Having seen your post history. Hypocrisy is a cardinal sin of the console peasant. You still can be saved if you believe.

  • HaveYouHeardTheGabeNews

    Oh those poor console souls. Unable to see past the 30FPS barrier. But I am here to provide hope. You can be saved and finally ascend

    Join us

  • Arina Borina

    it is a gif guys we can’t judge a game’s graphics on a gif!!! this is stupid lol

  • Guest

    Wait for Digital Foundry imo.

  • sur0x

    ! Hey guys cheap Murdered on sale, only 25$

  • SiliconNooB

    I have no doubt that the PS4 port is better, but GIFs are not a valid basis for comparison.

  • Ruan G

    Looks like a great console port to PC, and reviews of the game says it sucks so will give it a skip

  • ElektroDragon

    We need Digital Foundry here because I rented the X1 version and bought the PS4 version and found that while both look crisp, the PS4 version had frame rate issues and cutscene stutter not found on the X1. Disappointed. Would like to know the reason. I think the PS4 version might have unlocked framerate but the X1 is locked.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Whoever’s idea it was to make graphic comparisons through GIFs is an absolute clown. GIFs are smaller and degrade the image, and thus it makes for poor comparisons. I can’t tell which is better in the three GIFs. How about doing an HD upload on YouTube to make the comparisons, like most normal people do?


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