New Arkhum City trailer leaked, Joker and Co-Op confirmed

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Well, this is the best leak of the year so far.

What possibly could be a new Batman: Arkhum City trailer looks simple out of this world.

This looks well on its way to take over the title of being the best superhero game ever made from it predecessor. The trailer shows Batman and the Joker fighting together to take out the bad guys, which is  a very strong indication that there might be co-op in the game.

Arkhum City releases later this year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

You can view the leaked trailer over here. Be quick, it’ll be taken off soon.

Update: Somebody has posted the trailer on youtube, so we have the video for you.

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  • This video seems like a mashup of Arkham Asylums characters in a neat video of what they’d like to see in Arkham City.. I’m skeptical that this is a video for Arkham City.

    Sure their seems to be new fighting positions and attacks, but it all looks like it was done in Arkham Asylums Engine.. Even Jokers Model is the same as the one in Asylum, and we know Joker is all fucked up in City.

  • batman and the joker side by side.
    Newest members of Coon and friends.

  • No way in hell this is a real Arkham City trailer. Looks like a fan made vid. They would completely destroy the character of Batman by co-oping with the Joker, and I have to believe they respect the license too much to do that based on Arkham Asylum.

    This smells like a pure fanboy creation and the article saying co-op confirmed is ridiculous. This confirms nothing.

  • Batman would never team up with the joker like that. I really hope this is not in the game

  • C

    Spelling Error: Arkham

    Not – Arkhum. It’s even spelled correctly for you in the picture haha.

  • i love that almost dismissove punch that batman threw at the thug.

    it made me laugh a little.

  • Tim

    Video is not a real trailer – no offense, but you look pretty stupid posting a fanmade video as important news or “out of this world” when it clearly uses assets from the original game.

  • If this is fan-made, it’s EXTREMELY well done, and I’m inclined to say it is, as all of the script is very familiar, and I’m sure it’s taken out of Arkham Asylum. However, the movements are very good and smooth.

    However, I think it’s more likely that it was some form of tech-demo originally created for Arkham Asylum, maybe if/when they were planning multiplayer. They may have started “experimenting” with multiplayer before the release of Arkham Asylum.

  • Def

    The script is from Arkham Asylum when Joker first has Batman fight one of the titan filled inmates. Not that hard to pick out. Joker doesn’t look effed up, it’s not legit. lol, such professional sites reporting easily discreditable information. wow.

  • AB

    hope the author of this news gets thrown out…. who is so incredible stupid…


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