New Foliage System In Unreal Engine 3 Will Blow You Away Visually

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Epic games have released a new image indicating what developers can achieve with Unreal Engine 3.

Senior PR manager for Epic Games, Dana Cowley tweeted a few moments ago about this amazing new foliage system in Unreal Engine 3.

Here’s a shot of our new foliage system in Unreal Engine 3. Shout out to our devs at Epic Games Korea!

I have to say Epic Games are really pulling up the visual bar. They did that with that amazing Samaritan demo at GDC earlier this year and now they have pulled off this stunning foilage system.

Sony and Microsoft its time you let those next generation consoles out already!

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  • Epic, if you could, show off a gameplay engine and or aaa games to go with it and they will most likely build the new consels.
    Just like we had learned from the past, gameplay engines were not ready for three years into the 360 and two years into the ps3.
    Trust me, I want astonishing visuals, but we want games with gameplay to go with them.

  • Looks more like concept art than anything else to me.

    • if you think that is concept art then you have low standards. That is clearly a real-time 3d generated frame, and not all that impressive either. I’ve seen better. But i’m sure when animated it will look better….i hope

  • Maybe you should just buy a P.C. since the price of an entry p.c. is going to be about $150 USD less then a next gen console, with the ability to upgrade, and all games look best on P.C. anyway.

    • Yea but the thing is pc would never have Gears Of War 3 the best trilogy ever

    • A typical PC fanboy statement. Good luck playing Uncharted or inFAMOUS on your PC. and if you want a decent gaming PC, you’ll need to spend at LEAST $1,000. And don’t forget you can’t sell, trade, or lend your games out.

    • Good luck playing BF3 or Skyrim on Ultra High on a console you fanboy.

  • They been doing pretty amazing foliage for sometime, it’s not the results peeps have been unhappy with, it’s the foliage pop-in that often happens.

    Now if this level of detail doesn’t require a $250 video card then I am impressed. Honestly these kind of technical achievements on the software follow the hardware very closely.

  • Cool, now let’s see that in a game Epic. Epic games’ is known for bullshots and tech demos where 90% of things shown are never in a game, i doubt this will be any different

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  • Besides, all the advantages that PC has, they do the best, to ruin the gaming industry, piracy supports to the gaming industry by no more than what I poop…

    • Guess you don’t realize that piracy on the 360 is a greater problem then on the PC.

  • BULLSHIT..that s just a painting…. Dumbasses.

  • I just want to say that I play unreal tournament 3 and I thought that the graphics and gameplay were quite decent on multiplayer omline.

    I just wanted to say congrats to the developers of this unreal engine.
    I really hope that you make another unreal tournament game with this
    engine. I LIKE UT3!

    these graphics are just to unbelievable. I think I need 3000p TV!

    • look guys I’ve been playing games since you guys were in diapers,

      games have changed alot during the years and trust me, the unreal
      engine was specifically built for shooter games, escpecially online.

      mike m

  • EPIC sucks! I hated how they treat the community. Still cannot find any matches for Gears 2. Lost interest in anything they do.

  • Wow, now developers can make even better FPS. (sarcasm)

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  • MrG

    I´m a graphic whore and I´m not impressed. Foliage on those trees looks rather cartoonish. And whats with the Unreal Engine that can´t have good realistic lighting. Epic show some love for Global Ilum. and Radiosity. Draw distance and texture quality could show some improvements aswell.

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