Next Gears of War On Xbox One Needs To Be Special, Says Epic

It should be “bigger”.

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Microsoft surprised more than just a few of us when they announced that they had officially purchased the Gears of War IP and that it was now their to do with as they pleased. What’s more, they also announced that they’d be giving the franchise over to Black Tusks Studios. While no new project in the Gears mythos was announced, it’s basically a known fact that somewhere down the line, maybe a few years, there will be a new Gears game.

But in the absence of the talent that Epic boasted and still boasts of, what will Gears 4- or whatever the next Gears game will be called- need to do to even get close to the quality that the trilogy boasted of?

Well, according to Epic Games’ senior designer Jim Brown, the new Gears title will have to be “really big” and would have to be a “special” game.

“Every game you release, there’s an arms race,” Brown said. “The next one has to be bigger, has to have more, has to be special and has to have something the last one didn’t have.

“You have to prove that you are evolving and moving on. There’s pressure there.”

Do you guys think the Gears series can thrive without Epic’s guidance? Tell us in your comments.


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  • Will

    In my opinion, i don’t think it matter If black tusks or epic is part of making the next generation Of gears..what matter to Me is to keep gears unique and original .with that Said, , I mean let’s go back a few years to gears one, that was the best gears I had ever played and that’s the reason why I bought A 360 in the first place,, so what im trying to say is ya need to go back and find ya ROOTS again,, because there isn’t a game out there that can compare With gears of war,, And please don’t change gears to something that it’s not..

  • ZappyPenguin

    Yeah you are right dude. Nothing compared to gears 1. Titanfall is the closest FPS in terms of enjoyment post gears 1. However I would still rate gears 1 as best FPS on console to date. I hated that in gears 2 and 3 they took a more COD approach to the game play. Overpowering the lancer meant shotgun work was much harder and less enjoyable. Leave 64 players vs 64 players for battlefield. Gears was perfect 4v4. But 6v6 would also be tolerable. The most enjoyable thing about gears one, that no game has been able to replicate since is the ‘hero factor’. One guy had the realistic possibility of taking out all 4 other players.

    • Eric Foster

      Gears of War is not an FPS, it’s third person and any real Gears fan know Gears of War 2 was the best. A Gears fan know that Gears of was has always been a 5v5. A Gears fan also knows there is no way you can compare Gears to CoD. Two totally different games.

    • Brandon Fisher

      Any real gears of war fan would know that the first one was the best and it was 4v4, and war zone on gridlock or escalation was the best

    • Eric Foster

      Gears 1 was trash.

  • Exasperaties

    I feel like after gears 1 and 2 epic worked its way backwards. With the addition of quick match and rifle buffs, that killed a lot of the community, along with the popular opinion ‘Ranked is for tryhards that roll full squads’ which is not true. Judgment was just something that could have been a DLC, in terms of popularity, gears 1 and 2 were the best, I did love the hero factor and skill required in gears 1 and 2, in those, one guy could take out the whole team, you actually had to be skilled to be good at the game. Which when gears 3 came along, people just came out of no where and just picked up an active lancer and started playing like a Call of Duty and not a shotgun game which is what Gears was and should stay to be, thats what gives gears its unique touch. When you also look at the perspective of a competitive point of view, do you really want to watch some guys sit there for minutes on end just taking pop shots with lancers and just 4v1 lancer someone? Or would it be better to watch 1 guy take down a full team with just a shotgun and skill? That is what gears 3 lacked is the skill for 1 and 2.

    • guest

      Sorry but i think youre wrong about gears 3 being as COD. In my opinion, gears 3 is the most smoothest game in terms of cover based, shooting, wallbouncing (which you can still juke the lancer person, unless they are good in gears or more than one lancering obviously) and multiplayer Gameplay and lobby. Although of course the campaign in gears one is better but in shooting based gears takes it as the best 3rd person shooter. Note:If you are having trouble dodging the bullets from people lancering then practice more or maybe you should take time be calm and know there weaknesses thats what gears must be about. Hope you were talking about Judgement not gears 3.

    • Guest

      Exasperaties is completely right, the makers in an attempt to entice the cod players to play gears simply because they wanted to make as much money as possible switched the emphasis from a shotgun game to a long range rifle game like cod, and no even the best wallbouncers in the game cant bounce around 4 active lancers as the lancer was made far too powerful. Judgement was shocking which is why so many gears players left and there is noone that plays it…dead game!

    • om

      The COD thing is getting old, seriously. Just because they made rifles more useful, doesn’t mean gears is just a rifles game now nor does it mean they wanted more money, though every company wants more money regardless. In every single gears game, the gnasher has always been on top in terms of kills throughout the whole community. Honestly, making rifles better in gears 3 was a smart move.

      Gears was built around the gnasher, but after a while the game lacked diversity. Gears 3 was solid in vs. The gnasher still rapes, and crutching (4 v 1) is still possible even with the rifle buffs. I like shotguns as much as the next guy, but I also love diversity in games. If a game only sticks to one style and weapon choice, then it becomes stale. Gears 3 is my favorite of all because of the diversity. I can run a rifle, or shotgun without being guaranteed a lost just because I’m using a rifle. Judgment got rid of actives which was another good move (no more preactives and losing just cause you didn’t active)

      If you get killed by 4 guys with rifles, don’t blame them or call gears a rifle game. Gears is still a cover shooter and you do have a rifle yourself. Also, if you can kill rifle users with the new buffs to them, that makes you even better. IMHO gears should never go back to the one gun game it was. Diversity keeps a game alive and can bring in more people as well. More people = more money. Businesses and games need money to thrive. Also long as they don’t change it to where it’s obviously a rifle game, I’m not complaining. One thing judgment got right was weapon balancing.

  • Bub


  • RAAM

    They should get the code for the gears of war 3. Me and my friends think judgment is horrible and gears3 is a lot better. So d-pad instead of y and things like that


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